Changes to my pull list

Were now into the fourth month of the New 52 and I’ve finally settled into a rhythm. I’ve picked up a few new comics, i’ve dropped some, i’ve even picked up some, read their first three issues and dropped them again.

So lets start with what’s been dropped since my first week.

Green Lantern #2: I mentioned in the first issue how Sinestro was the best part of Green Lantern, and that was still the case in this issue. Sinestro’s inventive use of his ring, is just another way of showing how awesome he is. However just as in the first issue Hal ruins thing’s for me. I just can’t get in to his character, which is possibly made worse by the fact that i know there’s a history that I am missing out on. The art is slightly improved in this issue, but in retrospect in comparison to New Guardians it falls flat

Rating 3/5 I just can’t enjoy Hal as a character and see myself supporting this title without Sinestro. Dropped.

All Star Western #3: This was a title I was hesitant about going in. However the highlight of the first issue for me (Arkham’s analysis of Hex) steadily disappeared over the course of #2 and #3. While the art remained as inconsistent to my eye as ever. Now a lack of stellar art or characterisation isn’t always cause for dropping a title however the story hasn’t caught my eye either. An evil secret society, composing of the rich and powerful is so generic, you’d think it would cease to surprise or annoy; but in this case i was left desperate for something more satisfying. I wanted to like this book after #1 but it simply hasn’t done enough to keep me invested.

Rating 2/5 Generic story. Inconsistent art and the loss of what appealed to me most in the title. Dropped.


Static Shock: I was waiting to read reviews of #1 and #2 before I picked this up, but the reviews I read, didn’t exactly fill me with confidence, so I gave this a miss. However once i heard about it’s change in creative team, i decided I would give it a shot before the change, and if it wasn’t too bad i’d keep up with it until the creative change. So I did and I liked it. What appealed to me most was Statics dialogue, his jokes and stream of consciousness missed the mark at times, but overall it was positive. While the story has only just got going it’s left just enough to the imagination to pique my interest. The biggest draw though is the mystery surrounding Sharon, it’s not mentioned in #1 but by #4 the thing what I am looking forward to most are the little snippets of information we’re getting about Sharon and... well Sharon. Not every plot point needs to be explained and resolved within a few issues, sometimes the right move is to let it burn slowly in the background gaining momentum each issue. I feel that’s what is being done with Sharon’s story and for me it’s working.

This isn’t to say that everything is hunky dory with this book. At times the writer seems to just throw information at us in order to get it out of the way and I don’t believe that the Slate gang have been introduced particularly well. Not to mention the jarring jumping around #4 seems to undergo, introducing new characters with absolutely no explanation.

Yet despite this I think McDaniel and Rozum (who is leaving) have done enough to keep me until Marc Bernardin joins the creative team.

Rating 3/5 Static is fun and the Sharon’s leave plenty of space for a stimulating plot. Their are problems but nothing that ruins the book.

Shade: My only interaction with Shade before this was the JLU cartoon, so I essentially entered this book blind not knowing what to expect; and honestly i’m still not quite sure how to feel about this. Shade is sophisticated and suave in that false gentleman vein that can be so appealing. While the art is smooth and fits the story perfectly. These are honestly the only reasons I’m reading this book, i have no idea where the story is going, no villain or antagonist has been introduced and Shade’s love interest will likely no longer be a part of the book. But honestly i don’t care. The characterization of Shade and his attitude are enough to keep me reading. While Von Hammer is still a work in progress who i don’t quite understand yet, besides the work for hire angle.

Rating 3.5/5 I can’t quite put my finger exactly on what works about this book for me, but whatever it is I know i’ll be coming back for me.

Wonder Woman: Jeff Chiang. The art by this man fits perfectly with the tone and direction this book appears to be heading in. It’s filled with hard lined and angular set pieces that usually wouldn’t appeal to me, but somehow he makes it work. Brian Azzarello from what i’ve learnt seems to be leaning more heavily on Wonder Woman’s Greek heritage and mythology than a lot of WWs past writers. He’s incorporated Zeus into Diana’s origins (a controversial move for some) without relying on the clichéd portrayal of Zeus as a ultra misogynistic rapist. He’s created something akin to love and respect; as much as you can without dismissing his past, and he’s morphed the Amazons into a more aggressive, tribalistic and honestly...Greek society. I’m enjoying Diana’s portrayal so far, she’s still the strong, proud, Amazonian princess of old. But Azzarello is showing that she is still very much a warrior and beneath that a human who can still be effected and hurt by the lies and acts of her parents. While BA and Chiang have presented the Gods in an updated but recognisable from, with Apollo and his creation of Oracles chief among these changes.

Whichever way you look at it Azzarello with the aid of Chiang’s brilliantly fitting art has created a great portrayal of Diana with an updated twist.

Rating 4.5/5 If it weren’t for the very slight pacing problems it would be a prefect start.

I'll be back at the end of the month, to post my views on the months comics.

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