If you could create a tv series

Ok, i came up with all of this on the train journey home, so forgive me if its not as detailed as it could be. But anyway while on the way home, i started thinking about how expensive Boardwalk Empire must be and this morphed into a musing on what show i'd create with its budget. And so i arrived at a tv series based around the Question (Vic Sage) 
So without further ado i present my brief outline for The Question. 
Vic Sage
Jeffrey Combs - Voice
Professor Rodor
Renee Montoya (Hub City Police Officer)


Wesley Fermin (Mayor of Hub City)


Myra Fermin (News Anchor/Board Member of KBEL


Vincent Luciano (Mob boss)


Jimmy Kessler (2nd in Command)


Lady Shiva

My series would be dark and focus on the corruption and mob rule that's devouring Hub City. The city itself would essentially be Gotham but worse (like in Batman Begins and TDK) While the question himself would be slightly off and paranoid.

Vic Sage-Hugh Laurie              Professor Rodor-Matt Frewer        Renee Montoya-Erica Cerra 
Myra Fermin-Lauren Holly       Wesley Fermin-Tom Wilkinson     Vincent Luciano-Tom Selleck 
Ben Kessler-Jackie Earle Haley 
Thats my dream cast so to speak. But if you had a multi million dollar budget, what tv series would you create? Who would star in it? What would it be about? 
Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.