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@John Valentine said:
" Shatterstar himself claimed that even  though he was fully capable physically, he had never felt any sexual stirrings or romantic love—indicating a form of asexuality - and has long felt "lacking", even in his native dimension )X-Force Volume 1 #42)/It seems quite clear that this is no longer the case given the kisses he has shared with Rictor and Boom Boom recently (X-Factor Volume 3 #45 and Nation X- X-Factor #1). "
Kissing someone does not mean you are sexually attracted to them.  
Furthermore, the kisses with both Rictor and Boom Boom are looking more and more like experiments for Shatterstar. My guess, he's finally got to the point where sexual feelings are awakening and he doesn't have a set preference for anyone person, no matter if they are  male or female. He's very similar to Longshot in the 80's. Dazzler believed the two was mutually exclusive but he would often kiss or flirt with Rogue because there was attraction there. Also, Shatterstar did grow up with the values most Western cultures grow up with - he's an alien just like Longshot and while Longshot was naive socially it looks like Shatterstar is naive sexually. I ultimately hope he chooses Rictor - even though Rictor is obviously bisexual (he's had sex with at least Rahne and I assume others), he'd understand Shatterstar sexual desires more than say Boom Boom who is exclusive to the disco stick.
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@jordama said:
" @xerox-kitty: Actually i did not mean bisexual. I did not state reproduce asexually. People can be asexual, meaning having any sexual feeling toward either sex. They can still have romantic feelings, aka Heteroromantic, homoromantic, or even biromantic. "
Actually being asexual means they "AREN'T" sexually attracted to either and in which case they would only have platonic feelings for men and women - not romantic love. Also biromantic is not a word.  
Wikipedia and Google are your friend - Asexuality 
But to answer your questions, the only person who has stated that Shatterstar was exclusively asexual was Rob Liefeld after Peter David outed Shatty.
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" i stand by my original stance. he's greedy. i know the term isnt used technically but it should be. greedy people dont really have a sexuality persay, they just like the sex itself and grab whatever they can get their hands on. Hercules is also greedy. "
Greedy? How is being sexually attracted to boys and girls greedy? Do you believe that someone who is bisexual should just choose one and stick with it?  
Also HI! Are you still skinning? :)
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Why does Cloak look like Exodus?

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While I know a few people said Linda's in hell. If you read the conclusion of Reign in Hell, you would know she is no longer in Hell and she was reference as a "Supergirl" throughout the series. I know it is a longshot but DC would redeem its self to me if it turned out to be Linda Danvers (even though she doesn't have heat vision).

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Uhmmm Raven's powers don't work that way.

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What is your deal?

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I didn't think there was, I was just responding as I saw errors.

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It was a Superman/Batman issue (unsure of the number) she and Superboy were trapped in a sphere and k-radiation was effecting them.

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