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I am kind of irked because this show is getting tons of coverage and publicity, even moreso than Young Justice did when it was actually airing. And the early morning slot is perfect for the show. I don't want the show to fail, but CN really needs to learn from its blunders and market its shows properly, in the proper time zone, etc. YJ seemed doomed to fail what with the lackluster amount of advertising they gave it, the less than stellar time slot and the constant hiatuses.

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I agree. Her powers are really interesting and her death was only used as a plot point. Such bs. But I think she's not high on the priority list for Marvel since she's a C to B-lister at best. It sucks. :/

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I actually didn't mind her that much, looking back now. I remember being pretty disappointed and angry when they announced she was in the movie.

People disliked her in that film because either

  • she seemed like the least interesting/developed/sympathetic of the characters introduced in that movie
  • with such a limited cast of characters, she takes the place of a potentially more interesting/well-known mutant
  • her powers are pretty bland in comparison to the others
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Nope, it's Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes from the Robert Downey Jr. movie.
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That is a really great collection of costumes.

The only ones I didn't care for were the Team Fortress 2 cosplay. It's been done so many times over the past few years to the point of exhaustion.

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If it's anything like X-Men Legends, I'm getting it. And so far, we have Colossus, Gambit, Surge, and the two original characters so far, but it sounds like you're only going to be able to pick one per game.

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Dormammu kind of filled the role of Blackheart in this game, what with being able to use hellfire and meteor showers. And I think having Dormammu in the line up kind of makes having Ghost Rider redundant since they both fight using hellfire. 

That being said, you can't please everybody. There's always going to be someone who is unhappy with the roster one way or another.

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Grey DeLisle's voice is great for Catwoman. (Azula for you Avatar: The Last Airbender fans)

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Okay, so Angel Salvadore's in X-Men: First Class... at least in name only. The movie character looks nothing like Angel Salvadore does, and honestly, she seems and looks a lot more like Pixie. Not to mention she has a connection to the Hellfire Club (Pixie's father is Jason Wyngarde aka Mastermind of the Inner Circle). Although Mastermind isn't in the movie, it's possible that there could still be a connection. Still, Pixie or Angel being a stripper for the Hellfire Club is a little disturbing, since they should only be like teenagers. What do you guys think?

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If The Last Airbender movie has taught us anything, it's that you should never, ever trust a movie's trailer regardless of how cool or awesome it looks.

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