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Posted by Katie24

They didn't really change Jonah Hex in the relaunch so you wouldn't be lost if you picked up a trade from pre-52. I would recommend Jonah Hex: No Way Back.

Posted by Aeroman

@Katie24: No way back got it, So it's okay to get the trade from what you're saying?

Posted by Katie24

@Aeroman: Yeah, hope you enjoy it! :) The writing team, Justin Grey and Jimmy P.....something Italian-sounding who are writing All-Star Western have been writing Jonah Hex for a long time, well before the New 52 and their work is solid and they wrote No Way Back.

Posted by Aeroman

@Katie24: thank you so much

Posted by theborderhounds

If any of you are into the earlier Jonah Hex books... Vicente Alcazar, one of the original artists is currently working on a series called M3 being published by Hound Comics, Inc. - The series is already on Issue 4; however will be available in comic shops on May 30th starting with a re-release of Issue 1 via Diamond. Not a Western style book - actually completely different spectrum; female spy; but a REALLY good storyline!

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Pick up the new All Star Western series. It's one of the best series in the New 52. Start from the first issue and work your way toward now if you can.

As for anything else, pretty much every Jonah Hex issue is self contained. Meaning every issue is a different story. So you could pretty much pick up any issue and not be lost. That's the beauty of the previous series. You don't have to worry about stepping into a story mid arc, you can just pick it up anytime or completely out of order and it still works.