Transformers comics to read

To any transformers fan do any of you know of any good transformers series it can be an ongoing or a mini. Because I want to get bayformers out of my head soon so any info is appreciated


Wally West's true speed

I wanna know something. In the young justice cartoon Wally is slower than Barry and Bart. I wanna know when Wally was Kid Flash how fast was he in the comics?


Cheetara or Pumyra

In 2011 thundercats series Lion-O got hurt by Cheetara and Pumyra. I want to know who do you think hurt him the most and if you want you can rage about it


Ultimate Thing and Sue

I was just wondering does anyone have a scanned image of Ultimate Ben Grimm and Sue Storm confessing that they liked each other and even talked about marriage so if anyone has it please upload. thank you

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