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Stupid Blondie 0

I'm blond so I'm allowed to say that. A moderatly good read because I'm exciting at the return of Carol but once again disappointed at her for causing so much destruction during her encounter with her counter-part. Once again, she is supposed to be a hero, striving to be the best and once again failing miserably. She doesn't really think sometimes. So Typical Blond! lol ARRGH!...

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Ew! 0

Frik'n Ew ew ew ew ew! I mean gross! lol  A very interesting way to handle it indeed but still very gross.  Solving this mystery in the special way only Wolverine can.  I typically attempt to put myself in the shoes of our heroes. In the case of this particular comic I really tried to avoid it. I don't want to spoil it. Read it. You'll remember this one.  Ew...

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Arno Stark, the failure... 0

I remember reading this comic very vividly. I'm sure we all have that particular story or issue which may have effected or touched us in different ways. This was one for me. Truly a tragic story and when I read it, I was just a kid traveling in the back of the family vehicle on a road trip to Florida. My Mom was kind enough to let me purchase several comics for the road. Comics were comics. Funny, exciting and silly. But this one was shear tragedy. From what I know of time travel in the MU now. ...

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