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Wow. 0

This issue- so much to say, yet all the room in the world will not do this issue justice; please go read it, you owe it to yourself. Bendis, already the proven master of the Ultimate Universe, has seriously just gotten better. Seriously. And David Marquez? I'm afraid to read another comic, for fear that the experience will be diminished. This artwork should be hung on gallery walls, it's just so damn beautiful. Overall, this might just be the best issue of the current volume of Ultimate Spider-M...

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Hard to Articulate 0

A few hours after seeing this movie, it's still difficult to come to a comprehensive verdict. I know it was amazing, but to articulate all the ways it was would lead to an excessively long review. I'll keep it spoiler free and try to summarise as best as possible.I'll start with the cast. It says a lot that many cast members are absent for a large part of the film, as it jumps from character to character, yet each actor, particularly Gary Oldman and Michael Caine, created such an impact, and lef...

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The Best Spider-Man Clone 0

So many things I loved in this issue. The first being the insanely cool cover-it might just be one of my favourite covers ever. The rest of the issue held up pretty nicely as well, though it definitely felt like the beginning of a new story arc; that is, a lot of build up, and a cliffhanger ending. Yost still managed to pile on the action though, and as with all prior issues of Scarlet Spider, it was an almost seamless blend of action and storytelling. Khoi Pham also came on for his first issue ...

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Sacrelicious 0

I was kind of opposed to the Before Watchmen line when it was announced. I knew I would read every damn book, just to find out whether I loved or hated it, but I felt that some stories were better left untold. Since its commencement though, I've found myself enjoying almost all of the new additions, save for the Comedian. Going into this issue, with Ozymandias being my favourite character from the original Watchmen, I was expecting big things. BIG things. In my opinion, no character's series wou...

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This issue felt like the culmination of the entire series up until this point. Ever since Uncle Aaron discovered Miles' secret identity, we've been waiting for the big pay off. While we've been treated to an interesting team-up and some tense character dynamics between uncle and nephew, hero and villian, this issue finally brought that to a close. If the comparisons between Norman Osborn and Uncle Aaron are anything to judge by however, we will be seeing the Prowler further down the road.Bendis ...

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Superdouche 0

Mark Millar, what are you doing? Like many of you, he's become a writer I've grown to love for his humourous, yet sympathetic stories. He seems to have forgotten that the comic comes before the movie, and the script of this issue in particular seems to be prime for one-liner cultivation and the such. If that were my only problem, however, I wouldn't have thought twice about how bad this issue was.To be blunt, the writing is absolutely terrible. Every single one of the main characters is beyond a...

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Impudent Whelp! 0

It's not secret that I'm a hardcore Spidey fan. It's also no secret that this is a good year to be so. Regardless, I find myself repeating that fact every time I read a great Spider-Man story. Today was another such occasion. Ends of the Earth has been a highlight every fortnight, and the sense of escalation continues in this issue, with the story reaching a natural climax, and preparing us for what should be, a knockout finale.Dan Slott has once again proved himself a star Spider-Scribe. While ...

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Short Way From the Top 0

'Where does the Mandarin's plan start and Tony's begin?'So says the introductory catch-up, and so say I after reading this issue. Despite having read this series from the beginning of Fraction's run, I can predict this story no more than I can alter it. After paying down some groundwork in the prior 2 issues, Fraction ignites the fuse and puts the story in motion. From what I've seen, it's shaping up to be a monster.Nothing can be said of Matt Fraction that hasn't been said before; the man made ...

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The Nickelback of Spider-Man Stories 0

It's Spider-Man's 50th birthday this year, and accordingly, Marvel is celebrating in style. Ends of the Earth, Spider-Men, The upcoming film, and now this graphic novel. While a few might be coincidental, it's still a pretty awesome year to be a Spidey fan, something you'd know if you've been following EOTE. If your familiar with the idea behind the Season One line, then you know that this is a retelling of Spider-Man's origin story, though brought into the modern world. However, the 'modern' as...

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We Have a Hulk... 0

Standing in the cinema at 11:30pm, I was briefly unsure if i was in the right cinema. The local comic shop had booked out the cinema, and I couldn't see much of the fanboy hype I'd been expecting. Then Iron Man walked into the room. Then Captain America. I took a closer look at the people around me, and picking up on a dozen Spider-Man t-shirts and just as many Batman shirts, I realised I was in the right place. These were the people I would be watching this movie with, and by the end of the nig...

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Supercrooks who? 0

Judging from most of the stuff I read when Supercrooks came out, I'd say a lot of people weren't impressed. Maybe it's because we've come to expect a certain quality from Mr Millar, with his trademark humour and style. To be honest, despite the disappointment I've had with a few of his recent issues, I was still excited to read this book, however late I got it. I think if you give The Secret Service a try, you might like what you find.For a first issue, Millar has done a good job at establishing...

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We <3 Jean 0

As someone completely new to the Season One line of Marvel graphic novels, and as someone who was also mostly unaware of the X-Men origin story, I decided to give this book a go. Armed with only a Wikipedia knowledge of the early X-Men, and a certain skepticism that this book would prove to be a New 52-type disappointing re-telling of a classic story, I am happy to admit that this book immediately proved my fears to be irrational. A few pages in I was always smitten with Jean Grey, and swept up ...

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Signs of Things to Come 0

This issue sees Bendis begin to properly address the plot threads of the last few issues regarding Uncle Aaron and Miles. And while this issue felt like more of an introduction to the next, it still did a good job of giving us a bit more insight into the character dynamics that exist between Miles and Aaron, and Spider-Man and the Prowler. How this will play out is anyones guess, but despite the Norman Osborn-y feel that this relationship has, it works well with the book, and still feels fresh. ...

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You Want It, You Got It 0

Kaine is not Peter Parker. Scarlet Spider is NOT Spider-Man. If you need clearance on that, read this book. It's been off to a rolling start, with Yost already doing a good job of establishing the supporting cast and tone of the book, while also building up characters and relationships that continue to become more interesting the further this series progresses.First of all, what caught my attention straight away in this issue, was the pacing. You'll rarely read such a fast and rewarding issue-it...

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Exactly. 0

This is how superhero comics should be done. A great story, made up of several strong and developed characters. Brilliant conflict, not stemming solely from a big bad guy. Intrigue, with much of the drama being derived from the interactions between characters and their motives. And awesome artwork, which places equal emphasis on facial and physical nuance as it does on delivering action scenes that convey energy and a sense of direction. Needless to say, Invincible fills this criteria with ease,...

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Finally! 0

Coming into this issue as a big fan of Nightwing, and having put down Batman #7 just a few seconds earlier, I really wanted to like this book. I'd read all the previous issues from the beginning, and was expecting a big pay-off to a great premise, and a story that had a lot of potential. I'm very glad to say that I was not disappointed. At all.This issue completely did it. I don't know what 'it' is, but after putting the issue down, I felt good. I felt satisfied. The character and plot work was ...

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And So It Begins... 0

I read this issue twice in a row, feeling incredibly mixed emotions after the first reading, then again after the second. I don't know, it just didn't have the kick i was looking for. Spider-Man, my favourite hero, was sidelined as little more than a humorless quipping sidekick, and Wolverine really did nothing else except spout cliched dialogue while flexing and slashing his claws. That's just my feelings towards those characters. Their treatment was just a minor gripe compared to what happened...

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A Fitting Conclusion 0

So, if you're reading this then you might be familiar with the other books in this limited series. If you are, then you're in for a treat, as well as one of the best indie comics out there. If your not familiar with it, then I can't recommend this book more highly: go buy it. With that in mind, the review.I think its safe to say that this issue is spectacular. The writing, the art, the finale. While it may take some time for the reader to acclimatize to the abrupt opening that picks up right fro...

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