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I'm digging the retro vibe, it looks like it could be super fun. I'm up for it

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I don't know, I just find the new change of direction, however temporary, to be refreshing- something new. Rather than make an anniversary issue that focuses on the characters past, its good to see one that finally shows us why we love this character by changing things up.

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@Jekylhyde14 said:

They should give it to Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. Unfortunately, they'll have to track through some of the ground already worn by the Affleck picture, but if they give it to those two then it should be worth it. This will probably never happen, though. It's hard for me to actually see Rodriguez/Miller working with Disney and getting the freedom that they had with Sin City. In truth, I think Daredevil will be a very tough film for Marvel Studios to get right so they shouldn't pursue it at all.

I did dig that '70's sizzle reel, though...

Rodriguez never even occured to me, but thats such a goddamn perfect idea that it seems perfect now. Too bad he's doing Machete Kills and then Sin City 2. Ah well, looks like we'll have to settle for a Marvel Daredevil picture.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

@k4tzm4n said:

Obviously I think Marvel Studios would do a stellar job with a Daredevil film (if given the chance to make it) - their track record is great so far - but the real question for me is how would it connect to their greater picture? It's clear they're going for a heavily intertwined universe, so it's tough to imagine how they'll find a way to throw Murdock into the mix of powerhouses and such.

I don't think Marvel can make a dark or serious enough film for DD to be good

Exactly, got it in a nut shell. Look at the tone of Marvel's other movies, and then picture: Millar, Bendis, Brubacker, Smith. I can't see a dark enough Daredevil film; while a Waid style reboot would be great, I'm personally a bigger fan of darker work done on the character.

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Grgh! You way you said it made me think Dr Evil was wearing the cowl

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@Twentyfive said:

@KMART4455 said:

@warpgirl said:

I've been away from x-titles too long... who knocked up Kitty?

Prof. X

NO! Really? Really? NO!!!!!!!!!!!

What has happened to my childhood?

It turned out he was another clone of Magneto

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Rulk looked almost like he was laughing. That made me laugh.

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favourite and least favourite part of the movie? I read your review but about the death of a major character i couldnt decide if you meant Bane or Miranda. I'm leaning towards Bane though

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joe kelly and ed mcguiness' run on the character was so awesome, yet everybody seems to have overlooked it

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just read scarlet spider and the letters section confirmed that it was scarlet spider and venom who will be in the minimum carnage event

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