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I've seen both and love both, but Under The Red Hood slightly edges the win for me. I love the voice acting, story, animation etc. One of those rare cases where the adaption manages to be better than the source material.

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Issue #2 really sold me on this series. I'm not sure why I found it quite so funny, but the toxic mouse sequence really cracked me up. "Clap for me. Clap for M.O.D.O.K.!"

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I'm very interested to see how this turns out. I think Cap 2 is now my favorite Marvel movie now, seriously epic stuff. It will have to have a big impact on this show. I think the show has been getting better as the season progresses, kinda like the first season of Arrow, hopefully it will hit its stride in the second season just like Arrow has.

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After seeing the new Spidey suit in action I am pleased, I liked the first one, however the suit design was kinda distracting at times. This one has a definite ultimate feel and it is great in motion.

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@mia26: For real? Smallville sucked hardcore man, Arrow is way better than Smallville ever thought about being. Smallville had wayyy more CW crap than Arrow as well.

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@novemberx2: However it must be noted that it has already been acknowledged that the two universes exist side by side. And lets face it, the Ultimate universe lost its ways when they let Loeb take the reins for a bit. We shall see how this event turns out, I am betting on this signalling the end of the Ultimate Universe, which I am fine with. As awesome as the Ultimate line was at the beginning, it is a pale reflection of what it once was, and it no longer presents simple continuity light tales like its original mission.

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@smart_dork_dude said:

@novemberx2: First of all Galactus is an EXTREMELY powerful cosmic entity. He's on the level of Cthulhu like that. I mean you describe Cthulhu. Giant octopus headed man with dragon wings. Not that scary is it? See him in action and what he does and then things get terrifying. That's what Galactus is. Mock him all you want, but Galactus is by far one of Marvel's most powerful characters and is feared with good reason.

Also the Gah Lak Tus? Yeah it's basically any other evil machine thing and could be swapped out with anything. Also the Ultimate Universe HAD potential to begin with, but after the first Ultimates series, everything else kinda went downhill very fast except for Ultimate Spider-Man.

Really I blame people like you for the lack of fun in comics. Part of the charm of mainstream superhero comics is that you should be able to open one up and see something monumentally ridiculous........... Yet still awesome and it completely WORK within the story. Superheroes as a medium have always been a touch ridiculous and that's the point. It's escapism.

And the point of the Ultimate Universe is to avoid some of the cheese of mainstream Marvel. So what you see as "Fun" some people see a dilution of the Ultimate Universe which was harsher and more realistic than Marvel. You would likely be unhappy if evil Reed Richards from the Ultimate Universe invaded mainstream Marvel and started screwing up continuity so you have to understand that this is the same thing.

@novemberx2 said:

This isn't the ultimates, this is the final insult from marvel.

can you imagine the ultimates from Mark Millar and Bryan hitch's "The Ultimates vol 1/2 fighting a giant purple man with a weird hat. judging by all the errors in Hunger im guessing the real ultimate universe ceased to exist and weird parallel joke universe started.

Warren Ellis knew Galactus was one of many stupid elements of marvel's main universe, so he went out of his way to make it a believable threat rather than a joke.

I Honestly don't know what's worse this or ultimatum

I completely agree with you. One of the attractions of the Ultimate Universe for me was a harder look at the Marvel Universe without some of the cheesier elements. And don't let the insults get you down, its easy to see the style someone likes when they have a Dr. Who picture for their icon. I have never been a Galactus fan but understood his place in the main Marvel Universe. Crossing a giant cosmic douche in a dress into a Universe based on a harsher reality just makes everything silly.

Although I somewhat agree with some of your points, picking on someone else because they like Doctor Who is beside the point and adds nothing to the conversation when you are defending someone else.

I understand as someone who used to love the Ultimate Universe that realism was kinda the point. But lets be honest, the Ultimate Universe became a joke when they let Jeph Loeb screw things up with Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum, bringing in some of the more comic bookey elements, and frankly treading all over established characterization for simple shock value. I can understand why someone might not like Cataclysm, but have you seen the Ultimate Universe lately? And there is no way at this point that Cataclysm approaches the awfulness of Ultimatum, it could get worse with more issues, but I highly doubt it will hit Ultimatum suckiness.

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@g_man: hey Tony! You said on a podcast a while back, that there is not much great Batman stuff before Morrison and Snyder. I just wanted to tell you that you definately should check out Batman City of Crime by David Lapham, if you don't know it yet! One of the best batman stories ever, in my opinion. Also, the whole Dini Detective/Streets of Gotham run and Brian Azzarellos Broken City.

There is definitely a lot of great Batman stuff before Morrison. Hush, Long Halloween, Dark Victory, YEAR ONE! I loved No Man's Land, its biggest flaw was how overblown it was, frankly Batman books tended to go from one overblown event to another for most of the era surrounding Knightfall, so it would be hard for a Batman fan to not get sick of all the events in that period. I agree with everything you listed except Broken City, ugh, what a terrible story, which I wasn't expecting from Azzarello. He has written and is writing some great stuff, but the man did not have a good handle on the characterization of Batman.

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At least this comes before Azrael's awful costume change that happened soon after. *Facepalm*

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I for one don't particularly care about the fate of the Ultimate Universe as a whole. The Ultimate Universe is no longer a fresh starting point, nor is it free of weird continuity at this point. As to whether this could be the end of the Ultimate Universe, that depends entirely on sales figures(I would be interested to see the sales figures of the Ultimate books other than Spider-Man). I don't think they would do away with everything, particularly Miles Morales, but I could see them doing away with most of it.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the early Ultimate Universe, and Ultimate Spider-Man has kept up a consistently excellent tone and quality overall. But Ultimatum killed my interest in the Ultimate Universe. It wasn't the fact that a lot of well known characters were killed(to be honest that opened up some interesting story possibilities), but the callous way that it was done. I still don't understand how Jeph Loeb can write such excellent stories at one moment and then turn around and write absolutely horrible stories within the next breath.

I do think some good stories have been written since Ultimatum, but the universe just feels tainted and pointless to me as a whole at this point. Rather than see more Ultimate Comics, I would love to see Marvel do more stories like what DC has done with the Elseworlds stories and more recent Earth One stories. That way they can still do things they can't in the normal 616 Universe, but not tied down by years of Ultimate continuity.

All of that said, I do feel for those of you who are interested in current story arcs and don't want to see them cut short.

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