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Just as I was about to buy the series you guys give it a two? Anyone else reading teh series can tell me if it's good without spoilers?

I'd say the series has been great overall, while this issue is not without its flaws, I think Corey was a bit harsh with his score, I'd give it either a 3 or a 3.5. If you are reading the main series than this one is definitely worth picking up.

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I'm honestly fine with either result. I haven't been all that attached to the Ultimate Universe since the atrocity that was Ultimatum, its just hard to get invested in a universe after they let something like that go down. I'm not referring to the fact that characters died in the event(I think the fact that characters tend to stay dead in the Ultimate U is one of its strongest points), but rather the haphazard way it was handled by Loeb. Tons of characters acting out of character based on how they had been written up to that point. Also, the sheer number of characters they killed just numbed me to any sort of impact it was supposed to have. Those are just a few of the things that event did wrong. I've read some Ultimate stuff sporadically ever since(particularly Spider-Man), but the bad taste Ultimatum left in my mouth just refuses to go away.

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@noj said:

Its crazy how nearly all Marvel books are 4.99 now! I was thinking of giving this a shot but the price seriously turns me off. The same thing happened with the SHIELD comic the other week.

It was the last week of the year and my pull list was super small. I had also started watching SHIELD on netflix so I was a bit curious. It wouldve been the first Marvel issue I bought in at least a year but lo and behold the dang issue was 5 BUCKS!

I understand your frustration, but to be fair, all the titles that have been 5 bucks have been expanded issues with more than 25% additional content. But all the same, I'd prefer normal issues with the normal price point in most cases.

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Always felt Star Wars would jive better with DC. Oh well, this is still cool.

I don't think it really matters what publisher is handling it since it wont intersect with their main continuity anyhow. The main thing that matters is the writers, which most high profile writers switch back and forth between Marvel and DC at some point anyhow. Although I can see how you might want certain writers like Geoff Johns who are probably never going to switch publishers to take a crack at it.

Hey look, characters that actually look like their on screen counter parts! Marvel's already got a leg up on Dark Horse in that regard. Dark Horse jabs aside, I'm pumped for this series and the other two Star Wars comics to come. There's something special about knowing that every story told in these comics will be canon from here on out.

To be honest, that tended to vary from series to series with Dark Horse, depending on who was drawing the arc at the time. I have no doubt that some artists at Marvel will not hit the mark every time either when it comes to portraying the characters through the years.

I am tentatively excited to see where this all goes with the new continuity now that they EU has been relegated to the Star Wars Legends brand. I loved a lot of the EU, but there were some real stinkers in it as well, so hopefully they'll pull some of the good stuff for inspiration while forging ahead with a new continuity.

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It's called ratings. The story will last till peoiple get tired of it. For me that was 3 issues ago

Or ya know, until the story is scheduled to end in the solicits...

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I give this issue a 3 out of 5, I'm excited to see some of my favorite characters from the show brought to the 616 universe, but this issue just felt like they tried to cram to many things into it at once. Hopefully it will gel as the series goes on, I generally like most of Waid's previous work after all.

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@g_man Sorry, not trying to rat out my shop, I was just confused, I had figured comic sites would make a big deal out of the first issue of SHIELD(rather than skipping reviewing it altogether). Now it makes sense, I already let them know about the mistake.

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Hmm, looks like my comic book shop gave this issue to me a week early, I was wondering why none of the comic websites had reviewed it the other day. I'd say it was just ok, but there is potential for it to be really good. The art was ok, and it didn't really give me much of a feel for the other characters in the MCU yet, but it was only the first issue after all(hopefully it's not like the first season of SHIELD where it takes forever to get really good).

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I've seen both and love both, but Under The Red Hood slightly edges the win for me. I love the voice acting, story, animation etc. One of those rare cases where the adaption manages to be better than the source material.

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Issue #2 really sold me on this series. I'm not sure why I found it quite so funny, but the toxic mouse sequence really cracked me up. "Clap for me. Clap for M.O.D.O.K.!"

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