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8/10 to team Marvel

Captain America is equal to Batman, and Captain America has taken down Daredevil before--no question Bats can also bring he Man Without Fear down--but I still think team marvel wins this one.

Bats will beat Daredevil but I think it would be a decently long and hard fight.

On the other hand, Elektra can easily beat Damien--and Elektra isn't the type of fighter who arrogantly underestimates her opponents. She will go all out like the cold blooded assassin she is, and she will annihilate Damien pretty quickly imho.

So the real question is: Can a weakened Daredevil and a healthy Elektra beat an enraged Bruce? I think the answer has to be a clear yes, based on Daredevil and Elektra's supreme agility and teamwork. Bats wont go down easily, but he wont use a killing blow, and with killing he has no way to win this one.

Sorry Batman: you don't always win

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@bigl said:

I don't mind Magneto not being their parent as much as I do mind they are being retconned to become Inhumans for the cinematic universe, if that ends up being the case

exactly. as long as they are still mutants im fine with it

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Prefer text to video.

if we had a video g-man would have sung the carnage song... that would have been priceless

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Personally I like the video more, but this is still one of my favorite regular comicvine posts


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This is my first post on a battle on this site and I have found it to be one of the most difficult, being both a star lord and batman fan. (Blaming both the comics and movies here) But I'd have to give it to Star Lord, (Batgod preserve lol) Wayne has the advantage here in H2H, advantage taking Star Lord almost 7/10- 8/10 in this but I think the big advantage here would be the tech and maneuverability and even Star Lords unique "unorthodox genius lack of discipline." Quills tech, even with standard gear, is something I think batman would never see coming from a mile away. His element gun, boot jets and any other little trick he has stored in his bag can return whatever Batman has I'd be interested to see the tactics employed by both, since they're thoughts on killing seem to be the polar opposite. If Bat's gets close here, its a wrap for Quill even with his skill, the tech here would be the thing to watch, I feel like Peter would just have a leg up just because hes so much more used to fighting on a grander scale than bats.

Peter wins here in one of the toughest fights of his life. 6/10

If Peter knew Batman is just some dude in a batsuit, Quill would way underestimate bats ability and lose. As soon as Peter goes H2H, this fight is over. That said, Peter is used to cosmic-level threats and opponents--and while he may never have a plan, he still isn't going to start by trying to punch batman in the face. Starlord is far more likely to keep this fight a long range battle, and his alien tech should be enough to keep batman down.

Basically, I think this battle comes down to Batman's primarily street level threat experience vs. Peter's galactic level threat experience. While Batman has the much better strategy, H2H, etc. he just is not going to be able to keep up with the element gun--especially since Peter is going to be much less worried about collateral damage.

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Moonknight vs Kaine?

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I don't think I've read something of Yost's I havent enjoyed.