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@blooddiamond: No one's ever done something like that for me. I love you! lol

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I ws just thinking about making a lantern character. Interesting! :)

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Awesome stuff! I'm hyped now >.>

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@strigidae_23: Good choice then cause I love my knee :D

@pyrogram: I was fighting with Brahma Bull now I'll fight with Ivana too. It's fun! :D

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@strigidae_23: Thanks :) The arrow to the heart isn't how you show you like someone though.

@shinigami_: Now I'm interested in what would happen if she were to die lol

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Posted :)

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@blooddiamond: @brahma_bull:

''Ironic! You call yourself a messiah and try to shove 'your' idea of natural order as the truth? I don't know but it sounds like hubris and wasn't hubris the reason Icarus fell?'' A smile took over her face. This felt strange to her, since she was also scared by the behemoth that's called Brahma Bull. Looking into his crimson eyes, the fury incarnate. She was certainly scared but somehow she felt brave at the same time.

Being face to face with The notorious Brahma Bull, Munashe knew that a tiny mistake would surely be her last. That was the reason for her instinctive movements coordinated with the movements of The Bull. As the grenades left the hands of her adversary, Mun took a step forward. Moving the spear that she held parallel to her body in a triangular stance, towards one of the grenades to send it to the Bull's minions that she threw out of the field before, with a wind attack. Another spear move to another greenade to hit the other minions and then a backflip. As she got readied herself for her next move the plane crashed on to the Bull. In the last second she tried to stop the grenades but the explosion that met with the strong gust she created broke her balance, throwing her in a way and her spear to another one.

She heard cracking sound with an immense pain back ribs as her back crashed onto the ground and smell of burnt flesh came out of her left hand. The explosions followed another one and in the end, the furious flames that came out from the crashed plane, moved without mercy to take Munashe with it. Instincetively moving her legs in a chopter like movements she got up somewhat ine spinning motion. The flames obeying her commands, moved with her body movements to create an orb shaped safe place for her. Trying to disregard the pain that comes out from her ribs, she moved her hands up and slowly lowered while exhaled with the same speed. The flames around her lowered down showing the princess at the bottom of a fiery pit.

Her gaze on the injured Brahma Bull, she inhaled a deep breath. The flames first took a somewhat a darker hue but with her exhale of the breath she took the flames started to burn itself. Growing bigger and fierce, the flames changed colours from red to a brighter blue as they turned into Munashe's speciality the spiritual flames. Her grip on the ground and connection with the earth giving her a clear feel of Brahma Bull's body. Feeling his heart rate, seeing her body and scanning her newly acquired scars, Mun changed her stance. Another breath in and out. The spiritual flames took shape of a dome around her with only a little openning to give her a clear vision. She readied her body.

With the arrival of another COP, Munashe waited for the vampires move. As the vampire started moving Munashe too started hers. First a few jabs to throw out fireballs that's carefully coordinated with the vampires movements for trying to render The Bull unable to avoid one of the attacks. The fireballs thrown at The Bull would seek his weaker spots that were opened by the recent explosions through Munashe's complete control over them for a stronger impact. After the first few jabs she would create the fiery whips out of the dome and move them to whip The Bull's body rapidly while specifically targeting the weakest points and scarred parts.

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I'll post later today.

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@la_espada: I love your posts o.O Still I'm cool I got The Bull angry >:P