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A good warrior.

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Now, that I took Adhene out of the closet, I want to do more with him.

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@pyrogram: He also blew up some places in venezuela if I recall correctly. That was my first rpg :)

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@pyrogram: Then you killed him!! Though he had a cool run. Being a cool terroist and all that.

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@pyrogram: It's a lil bit nostalgic to see Pyro with that look.

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  • Just got in and sent a warning to all.
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50 years ago, now;

After a long time I had found myself hungry for a new adventure once again. In this new lifestyle I chose as an ordinary psychiatrist, in this old body, I see the world from a different angle. I grew a fear of death even though I know I can't. The thoughts I think are of an old man that didn't live the life at it's limits. Maybe in the end I am attached to a body that makes me feel like myself.

So I went to the first place my subconciousness took me to. That place was the Gothic City unlike the one I got used to. Chaos could be the sole definition to the there and then. I had checked around with looking through one mind to another. I could here the thoughts about a message. The starting point in that situation from a man I once knew. I've seen the slaughter. I witnessed the desperation. I wanted to help the weak. I wanted to fight for what was right. But I was so convinced to the lie I made that I was just an old man who lived his life. I didn't even move my hand.

Amidst chaos there was a whisper in my head. Whenever I closed my eyes There was fire that lit the darkness. The feel of death and life. There I've seen the bird with all its might and then I've seen the woman it possessed. I wasn't ready to act there but I could look into this by getting close to her. I knew what I should do. Take my place in her circle as the black bishop. My place wasn't there So I left it all behind without a second guess...

10 Years Ago, Now;

'Helloooo! New woooorld!'' My voice gone louder with all the excitement I had. Finally I was free of all that absurd time spent with the aristocrat idiocity within the cage of the 'black bishop'ness. I was happy and ready for my journey as a free man but everything went downfall with just a one glimpse. I was in The Gothic City as the big sign said lying on the street, broken. I had a deja vu. But this time for real. I had been in this instant before. The somewhat freedom fight for the mutants... No, our rights. I'd held myself for far too long. The time had come to act. There were goons around fighting for whatever cause, there were some humans trying to escape. There were even the celebrities like The grumpy vengeance. He passed by me with a young man possibly to the prison.

The psionic blades let loose by me passing through my arms. My body strecthed for the inevitable fight. This could've been the big stand in the mutant history. A breaking point in time for countless timelines. But unkown to me that was not my time. I threw the car with sheer telekinetic might towards the armed humans. My body went with all it's speed but in the blink of an eye there were no more armed men nor a city in chaos although one might consider a city full of cowboys and sinister criminals a chaos too...

Today, Now;

I felt the call in my guts. This was the time for my arrival. My head clear with only my thoughts in charge. No faces with different opinions. I've been here before and I took my time to consider. So, this is my answer. As a figure soaring on the sky, I send a message to all the minds surrounding the area. ''There is no point in fighting. This city is allready lost to humans but all humans who surrender will be under my protection. Any mutant who even tries to hurt them will meet their ends along with the humans that refuses to yield.''

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I'll be joining tomorrow. :)

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