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Real Name: Munashe

Codename: Adhene

Age: 28 (Last seen as 18)

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue

Affiliations: The Republic Of Venezuela, Champions of Peace

Family: Xenon (Adoptive Father)

Occupations: Venezuelan Royalty, Spirit Herder, Goddess Of Spirits

Species: Mutant


Munashe is a mutant clairvoyant though her true strenghts lies on her spiritual abilities. Born with a strong connection to the spiritual energies, Munashe possess great connection with all the spirits. From the moment she was born her training over these abstract abilities had started. Being the first one over a decade she didn't have any teacher on earth, instead she was trained in a spritiual realm by different spirits for different areas but as her training still in an ongoing state, she doesn't have all the abilities she can have like her lack of knowledge over her mystic powers.

- She left the physical world in the midst of a battle to the spiritual plane. She spent ten years studying and mastering the core of her abilities strengthening her connection to the spirits to the point where she acquired her awaiting title of the goddess of spirits. Leaving her earthly desires to achieve spiritual perfection, she has returned to the earth to make some changes with new limits.

Clairvoyant (X-Gene): Her only mutant ability is to locate any being with pin point accuracy with a little glimpse of what that person is doing at the time. She can use this power at will with just thinking of the individuals as well as using it subconciously to locate any unseen threats around her. This ability is now further amplified with her spiritual connections.

Control Of The Elements: Her mostly used abilites comes from her mastery over elements. Being a natural at bending the elements to her will, She mastered all four elements in her long time training. Along with the four known elements she can also generate and manipulate lightning with the same proficiency.

Spiritual Flames: Munashe mostly uses the spiritual flames when fighting. These blue flames of the spiritual energy is unlike the known flames is harder to stop by external forces and said to burn the unkkillable hurt the unhurtable. Being one of the few elements that can stop and even get the better of hell fire, these flames hurts the demonic - unholly beings as well as the holy beings. The flames also hurts the soul of a being and heals slower than any injury.

Spiritual Healing: In her absence from the realm of men she mastered this ability eve to the limits where she can heal from near dead.

Psychometry: She can percieve the history of an object through tracking and listening the abstract energies with a touch.

Mental Capabilities: She can communicate with any being through telepathy and project herself in astral form. Though she doesn't have any offensive mental abilities she has a decent amount of mental defense. Her senses are extended to a degree she can see the unseen and sense the things that are beyond percievable.

Physicality: To be able to master her abilities she had to train her body to peak conditions to pass the extensive needs of her spiritual powers. Although she's considered in peak condition her agility and speed is a little above the peak human levels and could be altered to even more with her mastery over the element air. She mastered different styles of martial arts to be proficient with her elemental prowess and her people thought her to use various types of bladed weapons. All her senses are in an enhanced state through training and natural capabilities. Her reaction time is enhance because of her faster awareness of her surroundings through her connection to the outworldy energies and the direct connection to the air and the earth. In her last trainings she acquired more strength from touching many kinds of spirits. Still not as strong or durable as most super humans, she is now a little above from peak human in speed, durability and strength.

The Limits: Her limits in her current state isn't known since she acquired the ability to call forth the strengths of different spirits to enhance her current abilities. Every time she calls forth a spirits strength her eyes glove in white and her voice echoes the voice of the spirits own. Even though this ability is usefull in a emotinally unstable state she may lose control and let a devastating force to unleash.


Panther Armour: Even though she rarely wears, she has battle armour specifically crafted for the princess of Venezuela

Vibranium Spear:


Naehbur is a powerfull but young spirit companion of Munashe. He can turn visible or invisible at will. In their first years they've crated a bond between them. Naehbur rarely speaks out loud and chose to speak with Munashe through their bond that leads people who sees him to believe he is just an ordinary animal with odd markings. He has all the instincts of any animal alive. Even if he has the ability to shift into any animal he mostly states in his big black tiger form. His animal looks are mostly bigger than their earthly counterparts and possess greater abilities such as being stronger or faster. As a sipirit Naehbur has a powerfull telepathic abilities, from communicating to mental attacks of some degree. Ever since they bonded with one another, Naehbur rarely leaves Mun alone and he would gladly give his life to save hers if needs be.