Original and Marvel characters meet the plot of my novel

For now, i'm just going to leave you the link!  from here out, like with the other three stories remaining in my arc, 
I'll put up some of it here, too....the story I've just finished tonight goes up on integr8dfix.blogspot.com, "Spell of the Wolf".   It precedes the Fantastic Four story on  
there already, "The Vanishing Wave."  My present story "Wolf" also features Mr. Sinister behind the scenes; he's going to pop up in the X-Men story following the Avengers story.   There's also another one, set in Sin City, but it's part of a longer arc, related to my novel, also: "Basin City Blues" is where you find that one.  Anyone want to feature some art there?  It's got Marv from Sin City, then Sasquatch and Aurora from Alpha Flight (classic), Starfire (from the Titans), Suprema (from the Alan Moore SUPREME) and Solar, Man of the Atom (from Valiant).  It's a special mixed-universe pastiche.  So there you go!  Hope you watch along and see the art develop; all these comics-related stories will be adapted later this year for our novel...without the cool, but licensed, characters, of course.  Take care! MaRC

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