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the latest issue's extra pages are all previews and a little bit of behind the scenes material for the rest of the Superman family of titles.  DC's charging you an extra buck for this issue so you can enjoy some COMMERCIALS.

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Eh... I think dwelling on all things Apocalypse will rob issue 4's climax of its power

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Rom is a glaring omission from the Marvel universe.  A full run of his series would be a welcome 3-book addition to the Marvel Essentials line, and generic space knights began showing up throughout the marvel universe a few years back in Annihilation: Conquest.  I don't see why Rom is forbidden but the space knights in general, based on Rom's armor, and their Galador homeworld (ALL of which I assume come from the same source material) are ok.
It's just really disheartening that this character who had his own book for some 75 issues is essentially forbidden, not having reared his head since his title ended except for in a 2-3 panel out-of-armor cameo appearance some 15 years ago.  In "Annihilators", with a Space Knight on the team who refers to herself as the "2nd best space knight", it seems they dare not even utter Rom's name.  Is this really such a big issue for a toy line that has been defunct for 20+ years?  Would the people who run Mattel or whatever toy company created him NOW even know Rom WAS their property?  Probably a bunch of young whippersnappers in stuffed suits running the company who'd have no idea!

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Being stuck in literary limbo not being quite bad enough, during Warlock's absense (most recent appearance being Dan Slott's She-Hulk vol. 1 #8), not one but BOTH of his sidekicks (Pip the Troll AND Gamora) have been appearing multiple times elsewhere without him. In fact, EVERY other member of the Infinity Watch (minus Maxam, who's been gone from all publication since Infinity Watch was cancelled) has been popping up either in Annihilation or in She-Hulk. Pip the Troll was in the 2 issue stint Warlock was in and then showed up again in Slott's She-Hulk vol. 2 during the Trial of Starfox storyline. Sheesh. Some mention would be nice...