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So, in anticipation for DoFP, i've been going over in my head all the continuity errors in the films and how they could be addressed. First i'll list the error's I know of:

1.) In X 1, Charles say's he met Eric when he was 17. First Class clearly shows he didn't.

2.) In X 1, Charles doesn't know about Eric's helmet. First Class clearly shows he does.

3.) In X 1, both Charles and Eric act like they haven't met Logan before. They meet him, albeit briefly, in First Class

4.) Moira McTaggert is practically the same age in X 3 and in First Class

5.) The apparent Emma Frost Character in Origins

6.) The young Storm and Cyclops shown in First Class when Cerebro gets up and going, meaning they'd be very old by X 1

7.) Charles is walking in the end of Origins, but is paralyzed in First Class

8.) Hank is not blue in X-2, but is in first Class

9.) Charles says Eric helps him build Cerebro in X 1, but it was already built in First Class

10.) According to the Trask website, sentinels have been hunting mutants for years, yet they are never mentioned in the original trilogy.

So, as everyone knows, there is a lot of f*&% ups right?

But then I started thinking about the time travel aspect of DoFP. So if Logan is getting sent "back" in time, that will create a paradox in that timeline. Meaning the timeline will be altered. Which means, the movie could go for a concurrent timeline aspect, meaning that the future affects the past as much as the past affects the future. So, heres my pitch.

Sentinels emerge in the Original Trilogy Continuity (O.T.C from here on), and begin hunting mutants. Jump a few years, and everything has gone to shit in a mutant/sentinel war. They send Logan back a\to stop shit from happening, but in doing so changes the time-stream, making the First Class Continuity (F.C.C from here on) a DIFFERENT timeline from the O.T.C. Which would explain how they met each other at different times, or there two versions of characters. Doing this would allow them to essentially reboot and recast, without actuall doing a technical reboot. Now, a few problems arise.

1.) If they are different timelines, the O.T.C Logan going back in time will not help his timeline at all.

Solution-How could he know that? They send him back thinking he will help that timeline, but he cant. So, he remains to stop Trask in the F.C.C,because he pissed at the little prick

2.) It's gonna be hard to carry it off as a film.

Solution-True, but if they are dedicated, as Singer seems to be, they can make it work. Star Trek, Looper and some other new films have all done it, so it is possible.

So yea thats my idea, tell me what you think.

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@z3ro180: It wasnt sarcasm haha. After rereading i can see how it would read that way, apologies.

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@z3ro180: Really? I spose not being dead is a major difference (ive been told she died in Spawn).

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I have no idea how strong/powerful she is, please help?

(images would be helpful)

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Young X-Men
Space X-Men
Alpha Flight

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Looks really cool

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1-Depending on who he attacks first, and morals. If no morals i can see Tony repulsor blasting him to death, but otherwise win.


3-IMO batman, purley for the body armors sake.

4-I actually think Big-Daddy could win this, but unsure.

5-This is tough, because i believe Daredevil would beat Bat's, however, i think this could go to Kingpin if they begin in close range. Far apart goes to bats.

6-Bats loses IMO. piercing objects do go through kevlar i believe.

7-Black Widow takes this candily i believe.

8-Bats loses

9-Bats loses

bonus-Bats loses