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@mtharman: So anyone who disagrees with you makes them a troll right? Now I have to ask, are you the one that is upset? Because the other guy clearly said he wasn't gonna comment anymore but yet you felt the need to reply to him. Sooo why waste the time of making such a long comment. Do you not have anything else to do with your life?

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@The Stegman:You don't really think the zombies get plenty of time do you. Since the second half of this season started which I believe is 4 episodes now, altogether the zombie action equals out to less than 10 minutes... tell me how thats plenty of time. Im not saying I don't care about the characters.. I do, i really, but last sundays episode was incredibly boring. They could of gotten the point across in a short conversation but they cheaped out and focused most of the episode on talking, I thought that was what The Talking Dead was about afterwards? The show has definately started going downhill since they extended the seasons from 6, to 13, now to 16. They should of kept it down to 6, season 1 was amazingly good for being so short and thats what made it so good. Even though it was only 6 episodes, you felt like you got a lot more. But now they just add a bunch of drama drama drama. I can't help too think they're doing it to sell out to the networks saying, "We need more drama in this, lets draw out this kid being shot for as long as we want.. oh yeah lets also draw out sophias search until people are basically over it... oh by the way, how about limit the zombies on a ZOMBIE show." Whats next a Batman movies, where Bruce Wayne won't show up until the 10 minutes or only be in the first 10 minutes.. or how about Star Wars Episode VII not have any Jedi's?

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Sentinels... thats all I want... sentinels

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I honestly think characters death should be permanent for way longer than they usually are. What sucks most is that they make me fall in love with the replacements. Such as Bucky as Cap and Dick as Bats, freaking loved those stories, but then they took them away from me..

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@Cafeterialoca said:

I hate this. You know why?

Whenever it's permeant, they just kill smaller cult favorites. But when they kill someone major like Thor or Wolverine? Undone instantly.

So we're stuck retelling stories over and over with these heroes who have been around for decades and are getting stale as hell, but new characters, they must stay dead because that must be impact, but the older characters who always been there must always come back.

Permanent death would only enforce an obnoxious status quo where the same heroes must be at the top and all the new and exciting characters killed meaninglessly. Hell, there's a book celebrating that they're killing off new characters with potential. It's called Avengers Arena. But I guess that book should be praised while we have 8 other books praising Wolverine for being the most overexposed hero in the history of comics.

Yeah, I'm mad. VERY mad that all my favorites day and stay dead while these boring characters must always be prominent. Bet you people who want permanent death would freak out and whine if the Punisher died for good.

Whoa bro... calm down, they're just comic books, they're not real people.

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@BiteMe-Fanboy: @BiteMe-Fanboy said:

@The Stegman said:

@TheNameIsWayne said:

@BiteMe-Fanboy: Last week's episode was note worthy. This is more about acting and character development than just mindless zombie killing...

This, I don't understand how people keep saying that the show is boring, zombie shows should be about the people, not the dead, I frankly enjoy that they have time to sit and develop plotlines and characters, not every episode has to be them fighting hordes of zombies.

Never said that a good episode must contain mindless zombie killing. Yes, the past two episodes are really getting in depth with character development, but they are dragging it out and IMO, it's getting boring.

Would it be too much to ask for zombies to get more than 10 minutes screen time.. I mean Idk bout you guys, I could care less about the characters, I just want zombie action which is why I watch the show. They draw out every bit of drama to the point where I have no want to watch the next weeks episode. Like when Carl was shot and in bed and 3 episodes surrounded that I stopped watching it until that part of the season was over.

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@BiteMe-Fanboy: @BiteMe-Fanboy said:

Boring episode, same as last weeks.

Whoa! Its still called Walking Dead.. I thought they'd rename it to boring conversations featuring zombies every now and then.... but really, the show has fallen from grace in my opinion. This zombie apocaclypse seems fairly easy to survive.

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Hmm Batmans new origin... Im gonna go on a wild guess and say... his parents die in front of him... he runs away learns 120 forms of combat in less than 10 years and then becomes batman... just guessing here.

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@serpent222 said:

Admittedly, I know less about Jason than the other two, I see it like this: As noted, Tim seems to be Jason's in guy. I think Tim can better understand Jason's point of view on things. The Red Robin series showed that Tim was often struggling with the idea of having to kill someone if necessary, and the idea has been brought up again with the Culling in Teen Titans. While Tim ended up on the better side of it, he can see where Jason comes from with it. With Jason and Dick, I think they generally respect one another, but Dick is much more like Bruce in his mentality, and finds it hard to look past Jason's methods. Jason knows this, so it creates a sort of friction between the two of them.

Yeah extremely good point, but also Jason is still self conscious when comes to the comparison to Dick. For example when he stumbled onto all the Nightwing suits in RHATO, he has the flashback of accusing Batman that "if it was Dick, Joker killed, you would of cross the line." So I think Jason respects Dick as a fighter, but as a brother he just sees him as the guy he was always compared to and could never surpass.

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I loved the Nolan films and I do believe they should stay seperate from the canon of DC, I'm ready for a new Batman story, with Robin already in the mix.. possible Tim Drake because my fanboy brain already wants Nightwing and Red Hood around.