The Prologue to my story I've been trying to write!


So you probably learned about Greek Mythology in history class in college, maybe a literature class in high school, or just watched lots of SyFy, maybe you've just done alot reading, well everything you read about Greek Mythology, just throw it out of your head, because I'm gonna tell you the truth. How we came to be, how he hibernated and what the real truth of our origins, and before you start asking why you should throw away all knowledge you had of our so called myths, its because we forced hundreds of people to start making up new origins and stories so that way people would just pray to us,and some wouldn't believe in us, and your probably wondering why we would want this, I would implore you to keep reading. You've probably noticed that I just started refering to the Greek Gods as 'we' well if you haven't put two and two together, yes I'm one of those Greek Godlike Rulers you've read about, My name was Poseidon, you knew me as the god of the sea, horses, and earthquakes... well enough about me, this is about all of us, our story and our history, not just mine.

As you've also probably read, God created Adam in his own image, but wouldn't you think Gods image would be immortal, powerful, and divine, well some of us believe thats where we came from, but I can't say for sure because I've never had the chance to meet him. But as you know some of our history is unknown to us, the whole bit of Uranus and Gaia, I'm not even sure if that part was true, but I do know our father and the other titans were immortal, powerful, and wise. Our father Cronus wasn't exactly the greatest, but this was a time where no one did wrong, everyone did the right thing, some people called it the Golden Age I believe, but my father was paranoid that he would be defeated by one of his sons, and as soon as I was born I was imprisoned, yes I know some of you know about how he 'devoured' me, but that part was fiction he imprisoned me in a tomb guarded by the other titans at all times, and my mother never did a thing to save me, so you could probably think I felt pretty pissed off, I think thats the word you mortals use nowadays.

As the years passed, Cronus locked away another child into the tomb with me, his name was Hades and he was my brother, now your probably wondering what the hell happened to Demeter, Hera, and Hestia, my supposed sisters, well that was another work of fiction, but back to the story. Me and Hades became real close through our many years of imprisonment, he always talked about how much we hated Rhea, our mother for never freeing us and hating our father who imprisoned us, and if we ever got the chance we would murder our father and make him choke on his own Larynx, and one day we were freed by a younger but more powerful being and we realized right away who he was, our own brother, his name was Zeus, and he freed us from our imprisonment and he helped us escape to where he was raised, a cave in Crete. And he told us how he escaped from being imprisoned, our mother saved him, and now you could imagine we were pretty angry, that our mother would save Zeus and not us, but she appeared to us and begged for our forgiveness so we gave it to her.

For the next few decades Zeus told us about our abilities, which I and Hades didn't even know we had, we learned we could fly among the skies with the birds, we could sense emotions,read and manipulate a creatures thoughts, which we usually used on Mortals in order to get us food and water when we trying to hide out from the search missions Cronus tried having in order to find his now freed sons. We also learned we were far more stronger then any mortal and even stronger the titans, our skin could turn transparent when we felt like it, and we could heal people with a simple touch as long as they were still alive. We soon realized our skin was not as durable as the Titans, our skin could penetrated, but we healed at an accelerated rate, but that would prove a problem, the Titans who we were training to defeat, their skin was impervious to everything, but then three woman, who's names were Hestia, Demeter, and Hera gave us weapons made of pure silver which was prophesized to be able to kill even immortals like ourselves. Zeus was given a Lightning Bolt like blade, I was given a Trident, and much different from the myths you learned in books, Hades was not given a Helm, it was a double sided Axe that could be swung by the chain that laid in the staff handle of the weapon, and in appreciated Zeus gave them his blood in order to turn them in Immortals like us, and I think he personally did it because he fancied Hera.

We were then given new abilities by the witches of four elements, yeah four people you never heard of hah, told you there things you never could know, they were once Titans as well but brutalized by Cronus so they left and connected with nature you could say, and they gave us their lifeforce so we could stop the Titans once and for all, Zeus was given Thunder and Lightning (Air), I was given water and earth, Hades was given Fire, we given these abilities on one condition, to never use them against eachother, in turn they would disappear forever. And that was when we knew we strong enough to take down the titans.

Me and Hades led by Zeus fought against the Titans in a month long battle, yeah I know the stories said we fought for ages, but come on its a book can't believe everything you read. And we soon learned the weapons we were given could pierce their skin, and we able to injure them and we were able to incapasitate all of them, with some help from our new allies of Norse, which I won't explain to you now, because its not my story to tell. But they indeed helped us feat the Titans, but our father Cronus would not stand down so Hades tied one arm down with this silver chain, I stabbed his other arm down with my Trident and Zeus decapitated Cronus with Lightning Blade, killing our father, when we imprisoned the other Titans in a Silver Cage, and took them deep down into a cave that led to the core of the earth where they will forever be imprisoned, and we allowed our mother to retire to wherever she pleased, and then we burned the body of our father as the mortals saw the damage we created they started calling us Gods and praising us as such. To tell you the truth we liked it, and unlike the stories where I ruled the seas, Zeus the sky, and Hades the underworld, that was also some exaggerations, it was sort of a more regional kind of ruling, Zeus took the North, I the south and Hades the West, and in order to not start conflict with the Norse Immortals Zeus was kind enough to give them part of his own region, as long was they never tried to attack us or our regions we would always be on good terms.

Now I could give you every single event that happened in the next 100 years, and then tell which part was fictional, which part was true, but that would take up just far too much time, let me tell you one thing though, we had lots of lovers, lots of children, and yes we lived in a Mountain so high a human could never reach it. To answer your other question, no we never slept with siblings or nieces or nephews, maybe some of us did force themselves on others, yeah that happened, did me and Medusa have a thing, no that was Apollo not me. But it is true that me and Athena never got along it was just one of those things that you can't explain you just don't like them. But let me get to the reason why we had to go into hibernation for the next several millenia, it all had to do with Ares and Aphrodite's stupid flirting, Aphrodite was a goddess/immortal who was adopted I guess you would say by Zeus and Hera who was sort of a wench, one day she thought it would be fun to make my nephew Ares who had a big thing with violence which got him the moniker God of War, he also had a fascination with Aphrodite. Back to the tale, Aphrodite thought it would be funny to make him jealous so she went down to a kingdom that for the life of me, I could not remember the name of, she slept with the 16 year old princess and when the King found out he decided to renounce his loyalty to the gods and he attacked Aphrodite who was a god and of course stood no chance.

But a Warrior who was promised the princess' hand in marriage drew his sword and pierced it through Aphrodite's heart, and was concidently was made of silver killing her in a matter of moments, and Ares swore revenge and me and Zeus tried to stop him but it was too late he flew down to the kingdom and destroyed in one night, killing everyone there whether they were old, healthy, sick, rich, poor, man, woman, child. And Ares renounced humanity wanting them all dead, and Zeus would not allow it and either would any of us no matter what they did to Aphrodite which hit us all hard, but she did in fact deserve it, Ares still wanting revenge decided to head to Argo a city that had already bothered us in the past, who's new Queen was said to be more beautiful then Aphrodite Ares went to have his vengeance and the people had heard about his warpath in the other kingdom were fearful and begged Hades, I, and Zeus to protect them so we sent the only other person Ares really got along with, Apollo, there god of light and sun which he earned the nickname because he was probably the kindest of us all.

As Apollo tried to reason with Ares, it had actually worked, Apollo got Ares to stop but the worse was about to happen, a surviving Knight from the city Ares had just destroyed returned with a silver knife and stabbed Ares in the spine killing him instantly and Apollo ran, and when the people finally realized there was a way to kill us they all felt brave and were ready to defeat us, and Zeus now apalled that his son was murdered and it struck all of us hard, Ares was one of my favorite nephews and usually hung out with my son Tridon, but Zeus was so angry he destroyed Argos by manipulated the thoughts of wolves in the nearby forest to ravage the humans and tear them apart one by one, and with then struck the city andi ts survivors with millions of lightning bolts utterly destroying the city into nothing but Ruins, this horrified all of us but it was a good thing Zeus got it out of his system but we were wrong..... far from wrong. He was gonna destroy all of humanity he wanted them all dead and only we deserved the earth. This I could not allow, and we argued about it for weeks, but Zeus basically gave us the ultimatum, with him or against him and his plan was crazy he was gonna manipulate every creature both animals and humans to tear each other apart.

I would not allow this to happen so I challenged him hoping my family would join with me, they were mostly scared of Zeus and sided with him, hell even my wife Amphitrite sided with him, but I had my favorite brother, Hades and my son at my side and I challenged him for the right to rule so we fought with our Silver Weapons, hacking, slashing, stabbing, impaling over and over again until we blooded and tired, and then we fought with our hands punching, kicking, throwing, grabbing, we probably hurled ourselves through 4 cities, two mountains and a mile of the underwater ground, in the process our anger and love for battle rose casuing eathquakes, lightning storms, tidal waves.. And when Zeus realized we could not defeat each other he hurled a lightning bolt at my own son Triton, I had never felt so much rage in my immortality I then broke the rules of our powers and caused a huge earthquake to break the ground around us and devour Zeus' body as I had him trapped I brought about a Silver Coffin and grabbed Hades weapon and chained Zeus up and trapped him in the box before breaking my Trident Blades off of the stafe and stabbing them in the perfect spots of Zeus' body where it wouldn't kill him just hurt like hell.

And before me and Hades and Zeus would lose our elemental abilities I caused a huge fissure to open and I trapped Zeus underneath it as deep as I could before closing it. The other Gods mad at what I did, and before we knew it me and Hades no longer could control our own elements. And as we looked on the destruction me and Zeus caused, I made the decision we are to never involve ourselves in a mortals life ever again, and that we must stay up in Mount Olympus or go into hibernation. And with Zeus' Lightning like Sword I swung as far as I could into the sky. And we manipulated those who had seen us before to believe they had never seen us, and those who wrote our stories to change it up in anyway they could think of, which was where the whole incest, devouring of children, rape of medusa, Odysseus, Heracles, Perseus, etc etc came along. And while some of us chose to stay in our own temples and to make sure to never be seen again, I chose to hibernate in the sea until I needed to come up, and thats the real story of our kind, we weren't gods, just powerful immortals, who let power go to our heads and I've been sleeping for the last few thousand of years to only find myself the need to awake..... until now.