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Hey Tony, Corey, and Matt I really enjoy listening to the podcast each week. I don't really know any other comic fans and my wife can only take so much, so it's nice to be able to hear you guys talk about them.

My question is regarding Invincible. I haven't read the series too much, but I constantly hear high praise. With the scene in issue #110 though, I started feeling like there was a bit of a double standard regarding Invincible and other superhero comics. I'm trying not to say anything spoilery so I won't refer to it specifically, but I feel that the level of violence in Invincible is no more subtle than that of stories like Infinite Crisis and Identity Crisis. I enjoyed both of those stories, but often see the same people criticize their violence and yet praise Invincible's. Do any of you feel this is a legitimate point or is the violence in Invincible somehow more valid.

Also I would like to ask if anyone has read James Robinson's Starman. It is a really great story about family and legacy. I suggest it. Matt might even like it because Jack Knight also hates superheroes.

Also the guy from the past podcast said "Which BRITISH superheroes should be adapted to the screen" in his audio recording.

Thanks guys and keep it up.

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I hope this is awesome. it seemed that it was building somewhere.

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it would be sweet if flash had two books. not saying id rather see that over other charcters but he deserves it.

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oh my gosh. this storyline has been so epic ever since issue 6. who knew manapul could write. it would be sweet if it was wally but i bet it will be his dad.