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@UltimateHero0406: The second video is stylish, though the first is outside the game canon. I'm not saying that Sonic and Shadow do not have some measure of durability and strength, it just is nowhere near X and Zero's level and not close enough to make a difference here. Heck, by feats, Mega Man and Bass outclass Sonic and Shadow in durability, firepower, and strength (surviving 12,000 degree C heat, temps near Absolute Zero, lifting giant robots and fortresses, and so forth).

One of the reasons Sonic can dodge Eggman's robots and his projectiles is because they do not have sufficient speed and reaction time to track him. X and Zero do not share this problem. I've outlined their speed and reflexes and the supersonic threats they've conquered earlier in the thread and will do so again if necessary. Sonic is not going to be able to evade threats that can react and target him at his level of speed. That's a problem, because speed is the source of his primary defense and offense.

Not to mention one of X's base forms is capable of launching hails of large plasma blasts that track their targets regardless of evasion and strike with 100% accuracy (Mega Man X:Command Mission).

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This thread looks like it could use more information. X takes this battle pretty simply based on his durability and firepower, though Astro Boy has him beat in sheer physical strength. Historically, Astro has been thought to have 100,000 horsepower strength (not 200,000) though one source suggests 1,000,000 horsepower strength. Judging by feats, I think the 100,000 hp historic figure might be the accurate one. By comparison, the original Mega Man possessed 1500 horsepower strength at his inception and X is many times more advanced, however there isn't really a rationale from the games to suggest that X's lifting or punching strength is the equivalent of Astro's, so I doubt X would be winning a fist fight with the boy android.

On the other hand, Astro doesn't soak damage anywhere near as well as X does. What was missing above was the inclusion of X's "Titanium X" body skin and skeletal system, which allow him to reduce physical, ballistic, and directed energy impact damage by 93%. In other threads I've posted X's feats of surviving a multi-kiloton nuclear explosions without a scratch as well as falling hundreds (perhaps thousands) of feet without injury.

Then you have energy output. Astro has offensive weaponry, but his more powerful attacks leave his energies exhausted. X does not have this problem. He can continue to fire his X-Buster and Charge Shots perpetually, even call upon his X Drive (a manifestation of his limitless potential) for even more power if necessary. X's predecessor, Mega Man was able to destroy boulders with his Mega Buster blasts and punch through steel plate. One uncharged shot could put a 5 foot diameter hole through solid rock. X's Buster is many times more powerful and able to vaporize armored crates, shatter security doors, and tunnel easily through bedrock.

In speed, I think both androids are equal. Astro has an advantage in mobility, since he can fly, while X holds an advantage in straight up agility, since his Dash Accelerator allows him to reach maximum speed almost instantly and allows for rapid changes in direction with no loss of speed.

While it isn't a big deal in this battle, both X2 and X:Command Mission show that X possesses radar that allows him to located enemies and items. His primary sensor active sensor field covers the area before his eyes in a wide angle. He also sends out a 360 radar pulse every couple seconds and can link up with satellites scans of the area for more information regarding terrain and building structures.

Last, but not least, we must consider experience. Astro Boy has been defending the earth for a while, but in his own continuity, this would be less than two decades. X winds up fighting an uncountable number of powerful war machines and leading other Hunters in battle for over a century. I think it safe to assume that X's battle skills would be superior to Astro's, given his experience.

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@Death Certificate: @Death Certificate: @Death Certificate said:

^sure it does, perfect chaos transformed and destroyed a whole city

Eggman's weapons can't harm it, considering that eggman had a nuke

The only time I remember X and zero surviving nukes,was X5 and that depended on which scenario was picked during a playthrough(although it's has been ages since I played that game.)

Some things to clean up here. The power of Eggman's weapons are in question, since the Egg Carrier's primary beam, while large, failed to destroy the Tornado, Tail's biplane. In addition, Eggman had no nuclear weapons in Sonic Adventure, nor has Chaos ever been struck by one. The Egg Carrier 2 never even got the chance to fire on him. Chaos's durability remains in question, especially since (according to Sonic Generations), Sonic was able to defeat him without his Super Form by striking him in his weak spot.

There were no nuclear warheads in X5. Zero survived the destruction of the enormous lunar colony Eurasia and the fall back to Earth in part of an old space shuttle, but that's it. Not a bad durability feat, but not a nuclear one.

X survived a nuke in X2 when Overdrive Ostrich fired it toward a Hunter Base. X leaped onto the missile and not only detonated it in midair, but survived the explosion and drop to the desert hundreds if not thousands of feet down. Zero survived the detonation of an enormous nuclear missile with Omega as its warhead in Mega Man Zero 3. Vent and Aile, both humans, were able to survive Protectus's nuclear missile with the help of X's DNA. Sonic has nothing near that kind of durability, and as stated earlier, his speed won't provide the necessary defense, since X can move and react fast enough to counter him. Then you have X's physical strength and firepower and the size of his Buster blasts (the charged variety are huge). Its just too much for Sonic.

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^This is pretty standard fare for both X and Zero, though. And we really have no information on Chaos's actual durability. It doesn't really have feats. X and Zero, on the other hand, have both survived nuclear detonations at ground zero in their base forms. Heck, humans given X's DNA were then able to withstand a megaton nuclear explosion.

As for Perfect Chaos laying waste to a city, even Bass and the Robot Masters have done this on their own, practically at the beginning of every Mega Man story (specifically, 1, 5, IV, 7, and 10).

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If Eggman could make something of X's caliber that would make him Dr. Wily. But Eggman isn't Wily and must instead rely on mystic artifacts and stolen technology to compete.

As I posted it earlier, Shadow and Sonic have no way to effectively fight X and Zero. Zero is a bit less mobile than X, but not by much. Shadow's Chaos Control powers are nothing special for the Maverick Hunters. X and Zero have fought many foes who use giant, exotic, energy blasts and time manipulation abilities. The Hunters are on a different level above Sonic and Shadow and as I said earlier, X and Zero have decades worth of experience fighting as a team. They're one of the best fighting duos out there, in fact, with their skill sets complimenting each other near perfectly. Sonic and Shadow... well, they often don't get along very well. Sonic and Shadow vs Mega Man and Bass would be more interesting.

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Would class 100 strength help? Mega Man has it. He knocks three story robots over with punches and has lifted a portion of Dr. Wily's fortress to save his creator. He's also lifted and tossed Wily's Supermechasaurus. Rock's durability and firepower aren't too shabby either. His uncharged shots can bust boulders and puncture steel. He's resisted 500,000 volts of electricity, temperatures near absolute zero, 12,000 degree C heat, lightning strikes, and numerous ballistics.

I dunno if that changes anything, since I'm really not that familiar with the current version of the Blue Beetle. I can state that the Beetle has a huge advantage in intellect. While the original Mega Man has a lot of fighting experience and an unwavering desire to protect innocents, he possesses the AI personality of a ten year old.

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With morals on, there's no way X would ever fight the X-Men in the first place, even recognizing them as mutants. Therefore, they'd destroy him.

But... assuming he did fight them for some reason, X actually would bust this team with the abilities given him here. His Command Mission armor gives him a charge shot that sends a literal hail of large plasma blasts to track and strike targets with 100% accuracy. In other words, they could not be evaded by any of the X-Men listed in this match. X's Buster blasts are able to vaporize boulders and punch holes through armor plate much more durable than steel, so one attack like this is really all it would take. X is a durability monster and has walked through much worse than what the X-Men can offer offensively, including concussive blasts, explosives, elemental attacks of every variety, and black holes that have swallowed entire city blocks. X's less durable peer, Zero, has even been sliced with blades sharpened at the molecular level. It should be mentioned that Rogue would have no way to take his powers, since he's an advanced android and not an organic life form.

This version of X also has faster mobility and reflexes than this version of the X-team. The extra weapons and armors X was given here are really icing on the cake. I'm not seeing much X-Men can do to him, unless Rogue has been granted some new, heavy duty powers.

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My apologies. I fear I may be on a bit of a Mega Man apologetic roll.

In there base forms, Mario has no way to hurt Mega Man. Rock's durability, agility, firepower, and physical strength far dwarf the diminutive plumber. I will give Mario the edge in jumping ability, but that really is no counter for what Mega Man can bring. Mega Man is used to taking missiles to the face. A stomp isn't going to harm him at all.

If power ups are given, Mega Man's victory becomes even easier. Not only can he stop time, hit Mario with 20x gravity and then antigravity, black holes, tornadoes, lightning, acid rain, and astroids (and so much more), but he has the perfect answer to Mario's Star power. Beat Shield provides complete invulnerability for over a minute. This is way longer than Mario's invincibility lasts.

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No. Neither is X a Neo Nazi. :)

X. Having proven his reflexes against speedsters with a good deal more power than Sonic, I'm not really seeing a way for Sonic to stalemate X with speed, let alone actually beat him. Thus far, the official statistics for Sonic place his running speed (without outside help) between Mach 1 to a little over Mach 3, and even then it takes him time to accelerate to Mach 3.

Speed isn't enough. He's got nothing to overcome X's durability, reflexes, agility, physical strength, and firepower. Sonic is cool. But he's not the one with limitless potential here.

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@soduh2 said:

Game play, Sonic supposedly approached lightspeed in his base form on Sonic Colors for the DS. After Omega let him know about how fast he was going Sonic bragged that light speed "is too slow".

When was that quote again? I was looking for it, but can't seem to find it. You bump into Omega during the Asteroid Coaster missions, but I don't think Omega tells Sonic that he's approaching lightspeed at that time. Perhaps it happens somewhere else?

The wisps in Sonic Colors added quite a bit of upgrades to Sonic's powers, including the ability to travel in light (laser) form, but they're the ones who held that power, not Sonic. I'm not familiar with any other official material that states that Sonic can reach lightspeed on his own. The Lightspeed Attack was the result of an upgrade and required quite a bit of charge time standing still then limited Sonic's speed before he used the move. The Lightspeed Dash required a trail of rings. Both were stylish, but rather limited in their versatility.

In any case, none of this really alters Sonic's odds against X, IMO. X has too many advantages for the Blue Blur to overcome.

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