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@ritchieb: IMO he made a great Batman and was a great Dynamic Duo with Damian

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@degraaf: yea but he did it and he even said it didn't really change anything, since Dick was already his son.

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@2cool4fun: the DC editors have no idea what they're dong. At first the original teen titans existed then that is is the first team ever. Now it's implied from RHATO that they weren't titans but still had adventures. I can tell you one thing erasing the titans rich history and the awesome Wolfman/Perez era was a huge mistake. It ruined a lot of character development for many characters and destroyed a great universe, the horribly written current titans book is nothing to what the new teen titans was.

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There's nothing wrong with her as Batgirl. She's still tech savy and brilliant now she can do both on the field and oracle duties. I'd like her to be Batwoman tbh. Even before the new 52 there were teasers and hints shed walk again.

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@crazyscarecrow: cus Babs may be the more known Batgirl but she isn't the first. The first Batgirl pre Crisis was Bette Kane. Bette isn't as popular or as known so that's why Babs is thought to be the first Batgirl. Post Crisis maybe she was but the original Batgirl, Bette Kane, was in fact created by Bob Kane and Bill Fringer, just like Batman and Robin. Because Babs is the more iconic Batgirl many don't know about Bette. And for Nightwong Bob Kane and Bill Fringer may have created Dick Grayson, but Perez and Wolfman created his current persona of Nightwing, that's why. Kane and Fringer created Robin.

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@ritchieb: in the old DCU it was implied he would've been the permanent Batman for Gotham while Bruce went global with Batman Inc. but reboot ruined that

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@degraaf: they did in Gotham Knights 21 pre new 52 Bruce officially adopted Dick. Now that's thrown out, way to go DC.

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@nathaniel_christopher: I think Ive seen your thread on them actually! And while my favorite couple is Dick and Kori and I like him with Babs, I've always wanted his relationship with Donna to be explored. I mean there have always been hints at being more like once in NTT Dick stated he could have easily fallen in love with her, and Donna during her return claimed her platonic love for him that who wouldn't fall for that smile. There had been an idea of them hooking up but never went anywhere. If the DCU ever goes back pre flashpoint or Donna ever comes back I'd love them to get together for a bit. He didn't work with Kori or Babs. Maybe a new direction with a woman who knows and loves him just as much as they did.

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@ritchieb: he already has been Batman pre this crap reboot he was Batman, and even in the new 52 it's still canon that he was the Bat for a while.