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@ritchieb: we already know he'll be forced to tell the world his identity.

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@mega_spidey01: agreed. But u never know she and Roy broke up, Jason's off on his League thing. Dick and Starfire have yet to interact and its been hinted there are still feelings between them any things possible

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This is great! Really captures why I love YJ nightwing deff do more :) damn it YJ needs more seasons

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@thetimestreamer: they went on dates, he called her his girl, she apparently had feelings for him she told her sister that, and it's all dramatic as is breaking them up.

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I don't see Dick as a slut. He had sex with Starfire and Barbara Gordon, but he was in love with them both at separate and different times of his life. They were his serious relationships and he was even engaged to them both. He had sex with Kori a few times after the break up but once was cus they were cast with a spell or something of lust by Trigons sons and the others well the connection between them never truly died even Kori tells him that. Liu was his college girlfriend and his first time, before even Kori he was a kid. Raven and he kissed in NTT but she was using her powers to make him love her and they never went farther as far as I know he had dreams but never acted. He and Donna Troy never did anything were always just friends. Tarantula raped him so not really being a slut. The one night stand with Huntress was a one time thing, Babs wasn't even talking to him, and even then she meant something to him, his landlady was like a 5 minute date. Any others weren't much, Mirage disguised herself as Starfire so he slept with her thinking it was his girlfriend. Even when Dick is with someone for a short time he's committed. And everyone says he's a slut but he's one f the most committed guys and has had some of the longest relationships in the DCU. He had the longest romance of the Titans, he and Kori were together for years. He even went to Tamaran to get her back, they lived together, even almost got married he was committed. He dated Babs, didn't care about the chair, didn't give up when she pushed him away, even proposed after they broke up. He loves and is committed. Bruce never was able to stay committed to Selina nor Talia. Dick doesn't purposely try bring a playboy that Bruce is. He tries to stay committed. People usually blow his love life out of proportion.

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@nathaniel_christopher: agreed its a stupid idea, DC just wants to further ruin a great character. I officially cancel all ties between DC and myself once this crap goes down. Ill get his annual in October then I'm done.

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@ritchieb: see my thread about what's revealed they also have him reveal his identity to the world

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@nathaniel_christopher: read the article it talks about the comparison to that it won't be like it it'll stick to his character,