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@rdclip said:
  • Kind and mature, but with a short temper.
  • A great, compassionate leader willing to help out the younger generation and learn from the older heroes
  • She has few friends, but she is extremely loyal to those she does have
  • Quick witted
  • Strong willed and confident in her strengths
  • Slightly stubborn
  • Doesn't flaunt her beauty nor obsess over it
  • Not sex crazy (die, Levitz version of her)
  • The only survivor of a dead universe making her a stranger in her new home
  • Uneasy around this universe version of Superman and Supergirl

Ah yes, I would add these too. I personally think she's unconscious of her own beauty, save for the P/G/ and Connor series, (including the Harley Quinn books). Though she is aware of the breast size in those cases where it's an issue, she doesn't seem to care much. And she's worked with Superman and Supergirl a fair amount. She seems fine with Kal, but a bit exasperated with Supergirl, and looks down a bit on Matrix Supergirl.

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@gwhh said:

What Your Idea Power Girl Like?

What her superhero outfit like, how is she personality wise, does she have a day job, where she live at, etc? anything you can think of about her.

My idea power girl is a sissy girl who does not take any guff from anyone but is soft hearted but knows when she needs to do the hard things.

She got a nice day job running her own company and a loyal group of friends who some know her secret ID but some don't. I see her living in a nice pad.

Dressing in very nice clothes while in disguise but a practical outfit for her other job!!

A combination of the different eras of PG. The chip on the shoulder ready to challenge anyone from Darkseid to Superman to Batman if she think she's right, (or if it's Darkseid---just on general principles). Combined with the often butt of the joke from the Giffen era. And later the leader version of Power Girl from PARTS of the JSA run. By no means all, since Johns wrote her all over the map, from weepy and useless, to kick-ass. Some of the Palmiotti/Gray/Connor run, but it was one-note, got inconsequensial real fast, and just had nothing to say. Parts of the Winick/Sturges run, the bits that weren't ruined by the crossover with JLI, the abandonment of her suporting cast, and the PC story. And finally bits of World's End, especially the fight with Darkseid.

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@gwhh: Some nice posts in this thread. Some of them are from Warlord, issues which are very hard to find these days. I should also point out that some of these aren't Power Girl at all, but a parody character created for another company, called IIRC "Good Girl" in a book called "Chix". The gag was that her power increased with her breast size, but her intelligence decreased at the same time. And yes, Jimmy Palmiotti was involved. There was also a Brave and the Bold one and done issue with Wonder Woman, and two issues of Wonder Woman by Gail Simone. In addition to a bunch of old All-Star Comics issues.

I think her greatest feat to date was her just concluded fight with Darkseid, wherein she managed to hurt him worse than I've ever seen him get hurt, except by Doomsday, by gouging out one of his eyes, (which miraculously and without any explanation reappeared in the next issue). She went toe to toe with him, even pushing through his Omega beams to get to him. Only of course to get beaten down between panels when she finally gets help from other heroes, (Val-Zod seemed to be useless against Darkseid, as did Dr. Fate, and almost everyone else). So she gets to look good, briefly, before losing inexplicably to Darkseid in order to advance the story of Earth 2 being useless. In other words, the internal continuity of the story was just abandoned. Apart from the eye thing, (wonder why Superman never thought of gouging out Darkseid's eyes), she's first shown as being able to go toe to toe with Darkseid, then not so much, (though she does outrun his Omega beams at one point).

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@vitalius said:


First the artist did a good job with this picture, if it was you congratulations for this picture. It depends actually. I personally i dont mind if she had Power Girl version of the New 52 SupergirlĀ“s costume without Kryptonean Symbol and dont think boob window is really necessary anymore it isnt like she uses breats to distract her opponents or uses her looks as weapon. But the costume above looks good. Power Girl is often not taken serious because her boob window by lot of readers.

Pretty good job. As the two button cape-stay, and hf son "S" ,shield---ought to be blue, and you've got it. It's one of those things that immediately stands out, and just work well.

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@mraugen: Well, this is typical DC. Get your hopes up, than dash them. Don't get me wrong, PG does get some decent offense in, in the form of ripping out Darkseid's eye, but this does seem to phase him even as much as the typical hangnail would to a human.

And a great solo fight with a top DC villain, someone she could reasonably be expected to lose to, only to make a comeback win, is something she needs. I get the feeling that SG in this same fight would have hurt Darkseid quite a bit more. But now we have the Kryptonians marginalized in favor of the multiverse GL Alan who will be the top dog on whatever they manage for Earth 2.1, since Alan can suddenly feel all his multiverse counterparts. Why can't Kara and Val-Zod?

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Okay---a good issue overall. A great issue for Power Girl fans. Does the cover scene appear in the book? No, not as such, though something like it might in the next issue. It really IS a solo fight between PG and Darkseid, thus giving her the single biggest solo fight in her publishing history. And....

In spite of expectations, PG's off to a great start, seeming to actually hurt and surprise Darkseid with one punch. But that's where this issue ends, leaving the next issue titled "Power".

Who is this world's Superman? Power Girl, that's who! At least according to her...

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Takes place if the solicit and very fine painted cover are to be believed in this week's World's End. It's one of those "hero in peril" covers with PG standing in front of a huge Darkseid who looks about ready to put some serious hurt on her. This cover, however, really conveys the concept of even a Power Girl type being in peril really well, and it was nice to see them take the time to have a painted cover.

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So, to sum it up, PG's got two limited series coming up, and one ongoing, Earth 2: Society. She may or may not have more also coming up. From the interview, PG seems to take on the role of Superman in Society, retaining the "S" and becoming more like her cousin, while Val-Zod remains kind of the way he is. It's implied that they use their powers differently. I'm pretty sure Huntress survives---where she winds up I don't know. Indeed, where Society is set is unknown, save that it's on a new world, with the few survivors, and is more sunny in tone than the bloodbath that Earth 2 has been.

The Harley limited series features Vartox...

The Convergence one features PG fighting evil Wonder Woman.

There was also some talk of PG fighting Darkseid in the main World's End series, but I haven't seen all the issues yet, and it may be yet to come.

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Thanks Achilles. When will this series be on sale?

It's part of Convergence, so, summer. After which she's part of the Society, basically the new Justice Society book. Exactly where that's set is unknown.