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Okay---a good issue overall. A great issue for Power Girl fans. Does the cover scene appear in the book? No, not as such, though something like it might in the next issue. It really IS a solo fight between PG and Darkseid, thus giving her the single biggest solo fight in her publishing history. And....

In spite of expectations, PG's off to a great start, seeming to actually hurt and surprise Darkseid with one punch. But that's where this issue ends, leaving the next issue titled "Power".

Who is this world's Superman? Power Girl, that's who! At least according to her...

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Takes place if the solicit and very fine painted cover are to be believed in this week's World's End. It's one of those "hero in peril" covers with PG standing in front of a huge Darkseid who looks about ready to put some serious hurt on her. This cover, however, really conveys the concept of even a Power Girl type being in peril really well, and it was nice to see them take the time to have a painted cover.

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So, to sum it up, PG's got two limited series coming up, and one ongoing, Earth 2: Society. She may or may not have more also coming up. From the interview, PG seems to take on the role of Superman in Society, retaining the "S" and becoming more like her cousin, while Val-Zod remains kind of the way he is. It's implied that they use their powers differently. I'm pretty sure Huntress survives---where she winds up I don't know. Indeed, where Society is set is unknown, save that it's on a new world, with the few survivors, and is more sunny in tone than the bloodbath that Earth 2 has been.

The Harley limited series features Vartox...

The Convergence one features PG fighting evil Wonder Woman.

There was also some talk of PG fighting Darkseid in the main World's End series, but I haven't seen all the issues yet, and it may be yet to come.

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Thanks Achilles. When will this series be on sale?

It's part of Convergence, so, summer. After which she's part of the Society, basically the new Justice Society book. Exactly where that's set is unknown.

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There's an interview up on the Rama with writer Justin Gray today about the Convergence Action Comics series. Nice interview with some sweet Connor/Mounts covers. Turns out the series pits Bronze Age Superman of Earth Two and his cousin Power Girl from the same era against Red Son Superman and Wonder Woman. Issue two evidently features the big fight between evil WW and PG, who amazingly enough seems to be the main character of the mini, according to Gray. Well, perhaps not that amazing, considering this is his second crack at writing the character. But this is the first and probably last serious re-team of Kal-L and Kara Zor-L in all their (looks like end of Bronze Age) glory, so it's probably a must buy for real PG fans.

It's also of course the second of the shots at writing Power Girl, (and covers too), for members of the original team on the first run of her solo title.

There is also of course upcoming the Harley Quinn/Power Girl re-team, but that doesn't appear to be a Convergence event.

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OTOH, its nice that PG gets comic roles. She has almost from the start, and certainly after COIE. And she's also has more serious roles---but almost NEVER as a solo character. Always as a team character. Whereas Supergirl gets few comic roles and many, many serious SOLO roles.

I wish they could mix it up for both characters. I think SG could do a pretty good comic turn, and I know PG could have a fine dramatic turn.

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The last Harley/PG arc was actually real fun. I just hope she gets her boob window back, I don't know why artists always have to doctor around with costumes. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

Well, in this mini she certainly will have it. She doesn't get the "S" until she's on Earth 2, and didn't have it in the first Harley/PG arc. Can't recall if she sported the "S" in Future's End. Don't think so though.

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As or the Harley Quinn arc, it apparently covers the missing two weeks that happened in between panels in the first Harley/PG arc. The one where PG evidently gets married and never wants to talk about it again. Vartox obviously, given P and C's past. But those two appear to be the only titles PG even has a shot at; an arc of another tile, and possibly a part in a team book. No solo, even while the Supergirl solo is gone.

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Another stab at it from Palmiotti, Gray, and Connor coming up, meanwhile, Supergirl seems to have been pulled, and an Earth 2: Society series is popping up as an ongoing---maybe PG will show there as well.

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I mean one on one, not in some group thing. I can think of very few bad guys of note. Sure, a few Sinestro Corps members. That useless purple android. Equally useless Ultra-Humanite. Mongol's useless sister. Deathstroke---but he wasn't even close to her power league. Random Kryptonian male. But that's about it AFAIK for semi-big league bad guys. Sure, Gail Simone nicely had her hold her own with Wonder Woman for a while, but really, has she actually beaten anyone of note? AFAIK she's never fought Lobo on her own. She's never even met Doomsday, unlike Supergirl and almost every other DCU hero. We know she's going to lose to Darkseid big-time, so who has she actually taken down on her own?