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@Teerack: Yeah i see what you mean, id say hawkeye and captain marvel have become a level underneath iron man and thor, though cap is still the absolute leader, the way it should be i think

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they get extra sway in decisions concerning the team i think, but generally, Cap makes all the big decisions with Iron Man and Thor as pretty much 'second-in-commands'.

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her not to come back. end of. she died. it was over. dont bring her back, dont make her fight with emma or get into a relationship with anyone. just leave her dead

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black panther needs his own movie before he ever appears in the avengers!!!! ms marvel would be so easy to add in to avengers 2, without the need for her own movie, as can vision. just have tony build him, or as the an ant man movie is being made, have ultron as the bad guy in avengers 2!! but i think falcon isnt the best character to add

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hulk with the juggernaut powers, while having the power cosmic and in possession of the infinity gauntlet.......

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abilities: 8/10 apart from the super soldier serum its his first class leadership abilities, tactical might and fighting skills which really makes him stand out.

sense of humor: 4/10. not really one to make jokes, but when he does are sometimes okay.

personality: 8/10. leader of the avengers etc, nothing else really to say. knows what he wants and will do anything to do what he feels is right (avengers vs x men, civil war)

the embodiment of the avengers, for me, the best leader, and overall avenger ever. has held the team together and without cap, i feel like the avengers are never 'right'. if the avengers could be summed up in one hero, it would be captain america. 9/10

Avengers Alliance
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oh no.... all im going to say...

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@skaarason: i've not heard anything about this is there a link to a webpage or something you can point me to?!?!?! Spidey doing something that will change the Marvel Universe and every other writer must follow this?!?!?! sounds interesting

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@Hareil0079: they wont kill Cap because of the Avengers movie and the new cartoon and the new games they're bringing out, plus, it just wouldnt be that good. killing wolverine would have a bigger imapct on cyclops and the X men i think, making almost all of them, apart from a few completely rejecting cyclops, thus, bringing the X men together again. then, cyclops will either realise what hes done, OR go all old magneto and say he was only trying to save the mutant race and he'll form a new Brotherhood of mutants. THEN, jean will come back and completely reject cyclops for what hes done.

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im just going to say it.... Gwen Stacey

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