who is the leader?!?!?!?!

quick question because it's been bugging me for ages!

Now I have always considered Captain America to be the absolute leader of the Avengers with Iron Man and Thor being his second in commands, though both being able to give orders and make plans themselves. however, for clarification, am i right? also, in the movie, i think Cap was and should have been the leader, however, my friend argues that as Iron Man called the shots a bit, and before Cap said his plan, Iron Man said 'call it captain', that Iron Man was the leader and he just gave cap the duty of coming up with the plan

anyone want to help me out?!

Posted by Moonchilde

Captain America is the leader of the Avengers, and almost always is. Iron Man was briefly leader way back when the team first formed (technically before Cap. joined), but Cap took over shortly after he joined and has been leader of most incarnations of the Avengers since.

As for the movie. There was definitely bickering between the two, but it seemed clear to me that by the end of the movie that Cap had taken charge.

Posted by Jnr6Lil

The form of leadership in Avengers with Cap, Iron Man & Thor is basically how it is with the JL (Superman, Batman, MM)

Posted by Dabee

Usually Captain America is thought to be the main leader, even thought he didn't join until the original issue four.

As for the current avengers books, I know Black Panther leads the New Avengers (Illuminati), and Havok leads the Uncanny Avengers, for an example. Captain America still holds a pretty prevalent role in each, however.

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Cap is usually the leader for the comic book avengers but in other media like movies or shows, ironman is the leader for some reason. Probably so it works well with the movies and his ego.

Posted by danhimself

I never thought of the Avengers of having just one main leader...I've always considered Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor to have equal leadership positions