who has lead the avengers???

basically as it says in the title. was wondering who has lead the avengers? im including EVERY line up and EVERY team, including new avengers, mighty avengers, avengers west coast, dark avengers (even though technically i dont count them as proper avengers) etc. i can think of these;

captain america, iron man, wasp, hawkeye, ms marvel, photon, captain marvel (the original), hank pym, luke cage, norman osborn, black knight. theres probably laods more but right now these are all i can think of. so thoughts?

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@Acestar101: US Agent was appointed leader for the West Coast team for about 20 issues in West Coast Avengers. I remember one of his big concerns was the avengers weren't eating enough big breakfasts and having a healthy diet haha. He wasn't a very good leader and most the team looked to Hank Pym for leadership instead. :)

Also Scarlet Witch became the leader of the West Coast team towards the end.

Uhm, Thor led the team a few times momentarily.. Black Panther and Black Widow did too. Vision was thier leader/chairman around the time the West Coast team first formed. Sorry, that's all I really remember.

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Also, there was that story where terminatrix infiltrated the main group and became their leader overnight. or something like that.