possible future for the cinematic universe?

i have a theory about what's going to happen in the marvel cinematic universe, hoping you guys might have a look and say what you think? so here goes:

Sebastian Stan has got a contract worth something like 7-9 movies I heard. now, considering cap 1 and cap 2 are two of them taken i theorise that at the end of avengers 2, Steve Rogers will die. now if he dies in avengers 2, they could also explain why there will be no more iron man movies. how? well if Ultron is going to be Tony Starks creation, it killing captain america in the movie would mean Tony feels so much guilt, that he gives everything up and hits the bottle (referencing the demon in a bottle storyline) However, knowing that the world needs captain america, nick fury gives Bucky the shield, and hey presto, you can have more cap movies, and avengers 3, with Bucky wielding the shield! then have Steve coming back for cap 3 (or 4), taking over Nick Furys job after he takes too much of a risk or something (possibly secret war...) thoughts guys?


who is the leader?!?!?!?!

quick question because it's been bugging me for ages!

Now I have always considered Captain America to be the absolute leader of the Avengers with Iron Man and Thor being his second in commands, though both being able to give orders and make plans themselves. however, for clarification, am i right? also, in the movie, i think Cap was and should have been the leader, however, my friend argues that as Iron Man called the shots a bit, and before Cap said his plan, Iron Man said 'call it captain', that Iron Man was the leader and he just gave cap the duty of coming up with the plan

anyone want to help me out?!


Uncanny Avengers

Basically, i thought that the Uncanny Avengers, while a good idea, Cap went about it in the wrong way. i think he chose the wrong heroes. so here it is. if you could choose 4 avengers and 4 x men, who would it be?

mine would be:


Captain America



Scarlet Witch

X Men





Cap and Storm would share leadership roles in this team so what are your thoughts?


fed up.

Iceman. Omega level mutant. one of the original x men. considered to be one of the most powerful mutants on the planet. so why is he being treated like a joke at Marvel!? he could be one of their best characters, hes popular with the readers, hes got so much potential. picture iceman at the top of his game, full mastery of his powers! what if he found new ideas to use his powers or expand on them?!?!? i know hes learnt how to do the whole clone copies thing recently but he needs to unleash his full omega level qualities! hes treated as a joke compared to the other Omega level mutants (Franklin Richards, Jean Grey, Rachel Grey, Legion)



who has lead the avengers???

basically as it says in the title. was wondering who has lead the avengers? im including EVERY line up and EVERY team, including new avengers, mighty avengers, avengers west coast, dark avengers (even though technically i dont count them as proper avengers) etc. i can think of these;

captain america, iron man, wasp, hawkeye, ms marvel, photon, captain marvel (the original), hank pym, luke cage, norman osborn, black knight. theres probably laods more but right now these are all i can think of. so thoughts?


it might work.....

if you could choose 10 marvel heroes to form a kind of council that would preside over all the other heroes in the Marvel Universe who would you choose? I know it sounds like the Illuminati but its not meant to. There are rules for this; no celestial beings, no galactus, no mystical avatars. this includes no characters such as odin, zeus, mephisto, eternity, death etc and no OAA!!!

.mine would be:

1) Captain America

2) Cyclops

3) Dr Strange

4) Black Bolt

5) Iron Man

6) Thor

7) Mister Fantastic (even though i dislike him on principal)

8) Black Panther

9) Namor

10) Luke Cage

then id have like a secondary council which would consist of; Emma Frost, Hank Pym, Medusa, Balder, Invisible Woman, Ms Marvel, Hawkeye, Vision, Scarlet Witch (if shes not crazy), Professor Xavier and Storm.



Who is the most powerful Marvel Character???

the debate will, lets be honest, go on forever. But right now, who do you think are the 5 MOST POWERFUL character (heros and villains) in the Marvel Universe?

my top 5 are:

1) Thor

2) Hulk (if he gets mad enough. i read somewhere he has potentially limitless strength so....)

3) Sentry

4) Phoenix

5) Galactus



How powerful?

surely with Iceman's potential he could be one of the Marvel Universes major powerhouses? as he's considered an Omega Level Mutant i want to see him unleash his full powers! with the right training, anyone think he could maybe rival characters such as Iron Man, Ms Marvel and POSSIBLY Thor.....


Issues and Grievances-Cyclops and Emma Frost

Issues and grievances

I do get why

Marvel Comics does what it does. They

make every characters life as hard as possible, give them a little hope,

something to hold on to before snatching it away and giving them a death, or a

defeat or something along those lines. I

get it, I really do. But what really

annoys me is the direction Marvel has taken the relationship with Cyclops and

Emma Frost.

When Emma first came onto the scene,

she was portrayed as an evil woman, working for the villainous Hellfire Club. As the years went on, she has evolved into

one of, in my opinion, the central X men, maybe even into one of the Top 5 (the

others being Cyclops himself, Professor Xavier, Wolverine and Jean Grey, with

Beast, Storm and possibly Iceman just missing out). Currently she is the second-in-command to the

X men who stayed on Utopia with Cyclops in the frankly awful Schism event. After many hurdles, not least being the Dark

X men saga, Emma and Cyclops have turned into one of the Marvel Universes top

couples. And now Marvel does the obvious

and throws a problem into the mix. Albeit, a rather large, very powerful, very arrogant problem. Namor.

Now the signs have been there for a

while and I know I’m a little late to the scene but I’ve got to ask why? There is always going to be the Cyclops-Jean

fans and the Cyclops-Emma fans. You

might have guessed but I’m on the latter. And I think all those on the Cyclops-Jean side should grow up and

realise times change. She’s dead. Yes, she’s coming and most certainly always

will come back, but she and Cyclops are gone. There’s always going to be ‘something’ there but don’t forget it was her

who pushed Cyclops into entering a relationship with Emma. And now they’re both happy. But then Mr “I’m king of Atlantis and because

I’ve decided I like you, ‘one-eye’ here should get out of the way” comes into

the mix. Sorry mate, jog on. I do like Namor, I think he’s a great

character with lot of potential but all this going after other bloke’s girls is

getting old. First Sue Storm and now

Emma. When is it going to end?

Now the kiss that happened in Fear

Itself after Namor stopped Emma from suffocating Hope was just ridiculous. The whole thing of her ‘thinking he was

Cyclops’ was pure and utter rubbish. Cyclops has got red eyes hat amazingly glow in the dark and are pretty

hard to miss considering he wears a giant visor on the front of his head! All I ask is why Marvel? Just to keep sales up? Really? I’ve got to say that there are many people who read comics because we

love them, not because we want to know if Emma NS Cyclops stay together.

In my opinion Cyclops has become a

great character as his relationship with Emma has progressed. He’s not just the two-dimensional guy who

always fell for the red headed telepaths and blindly followed every order

Charles Xavier gave him. With Emma he

has become the second greatest leader in the whole of the Marvel Universe

(Steve Rogers being the other) and has been shown to have to deal with some extremely

difficult situations, not least being the Mutant Messiah, Hope Summers and

being the representative of every Mutant on the planet. His team has been torn apart by Wolverine,

someone he thought he could trust. Many say

Wolverine was right in Schism. I don’t think

he was. Look back through history. Wolverine has put many children in danger,

Kitty Pryde, Jubilee and many more. To throw

a hissy-fit and say Cyclops is using them as soldiers is him being the biggest


So I ask Marvel now to leave Cyclops

and Emma alone. Maybe give them the wedding

and the ‘happy ever after’ they deserve? By all means, throw in a couple of fights, betrayals, team ups and

deaths for the X men but leave them be. It

might turn out better that you think. Maybe

a story involving Cyclops having to choose between the X men and Emma and their possible children……