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@pyrogram: Hey I was just looking at that gif a minute ago xD

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Gary Oldman by a distance. Travolta has just as many bad roles if not more than he has good.

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I swear my sleep patterns are a perfect representation of my brain sometimes

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@joshmightbe: Unfortunately we live in a world where those lone idiotic voices are given more exposure than those with rationale and sane viewpoints. And thus it leads to false representation and quick reactionary judgements from all sides. We as a society need to take a step back and look at these things much deeper before we come to a final conclusion. One day idiots will be quiet and intelligent people can have a voice.

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@joshmightbe: I really don't want to get into a huge debate, and I'll admit it may be better to delve deeper into this thread in order to get a better understanding and more respectful understanding of your opinions. But when I bring up Sansa, I do it half jokingly. Yes people should move past something that is not worth blowing up about, especially when you delve deeper into that world. But I used the term people in a general sense, and not once did I refer to feminists. Of course there are feminists that overreact to minor things, but you can say that for any movement. I highly doubt all feminists are represented by the acts of what probably is just a select few in the grand scheme of things. Again you could select any movement and pick out the bad apples and use them to represent a false ideology of what that movement actually represents. Yes some women may see men as inferior and use propaganda to claim they are fighting for their gender, but come on not all women and feminists follow that viewpoint. In school I was taught to look at something from all angles before coming to a conclusion. So yeah there are some bad feminists but i would like to believe a movement that fights for equality and progressive positive movement has way more good than bad.

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Some of the off topic threads here heart my brain.

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@pyrogram: You could say those people know nothing :p

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@pyrogram said:

@dextersinister said:
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If those MRA guys really want to attack sexism against men they should go after those commercials where the wife leaves her husband alone with the kids for the weekend. The women are always shown as normal, rational adults while the man they entrust their kids to gives every indication that he shouldn't be allowed outside without a helmet.

Many people do actually point out the hypocrisy but it's not so much because of what's being done to the man but the idea that feminists go nuts if something negative happens to a woman.

Perfect example Sansa from GOT, they went apesh*t despite the fact that to say Theon has had it worse from the same character would be an understatement.

I actually spoke out against anyone who said the Sansa scene was stupid, people got so pissy about that and forget like thousands of unsullied got mutilated xP

Are people still going on about Sansa? Move on people :p

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Bingo can be quite enjoyable with the right people.