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@andres_knightfall: He is amazing on his day no denying that. I think you know my love for Oscar :) That boy will become one of the most complete midfielders in the world one day. Stupid Messi :p I personally wanna see Ribery win it.

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@andres_knightfall: It was the same thing for the Premier League team of the year. Hazard got in, and i'm not being biased but Cazorla deserved it more. Ok maybe a little biased :p I think Heynckes is a definite for manager, at least I would like to believe he is.

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LOL the fck is Hazard's name doing on the Ballon d'Or shortlist

And to think he got in ahead of Reus ffs. It's moments like this that makes me question humanity's overall intelligence.

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@andres_knightfall: Wasn't to difficult haha. I still think if he's allowed time he can make a good squad. I mean Ferguson was what made that squad great. Even playing badly he still got them titles. Thanks, but we all know we'll choke in the quarters. I'm calling the last 4 as Spain, Brazil, Belgium/Netherlands and Germany

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@acer_: Complimenting our fiercest rivals? :P Honestly I think they'll do very well. I'm predicting a disaster for Man U though.

Well they need all the praise they can get, because they'll never be as good as us :p Wait your telling me the disaster hasn't already hit them :p

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@andres_knightfall: I called that before the league even began son ;) I reckon Spurs will get top 3 as well. As much as I hate to say it. They have an amazing squad

that's ma crazy side :p

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@andres_knightfall: The way we've been playing lately, it excites me to think what we can do at full strength.

I shall kill her God Of War style :p

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@andres_knightfall: I was glued to the tele on deadline day haha. I can't wait for him and Cazorla to start playing together.

That bitch always meddling :p

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@andres_knightfall: I still can't believe we got him. Arsenal have been killing it, especially Ramsey.

Would love to, but I use my PS3 to go online, and this new text box wont allow me to post on here from there. I'm only on now because Im using my dad's laptop.

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@andres_knightfall: You hear that Ronaldo, I'm more magnificent than you xP

Ive been good man. Thought id do one of my random vine visits lol