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@vivide: Seriously Theon cannot catch a break xP

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@pyrogram: I'm sure I can remember reading/watching somwhere that Obama wanted to implement new and improved training methods. Not sure if it's true or how muvh development has been made

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@pyrogram: I was actually gonna get into that in my post, but I got lazy lol. So I'm glad you brought it up.

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@pyrogram said:

@outside_85: Sometimes an unarmed individual killing is justified, just because they were unarmed it doesn't mean the officer knew they were unarmed, and it doesn't mean they aren't life threatening.

I can understand where your coming from, that if an officer truly believes his life is in danger. Instinct can often takeover and it can lead to quick sometimes regrettable situations in which both individuals can lose their lives for different reasons. I can imagine individuals in the services having shot someone because fear and basic instincts led them to that act. But that should often be a last resort. Yes you can justify in certain situations the shooting of an unarmed individual, but not taking the necessary procedures to ensure whether an individual is a threat or not, or is indeed carrying is wrong. You see it quite a bit these days of going straight from 1-100, which I do understand but such rash impulsive decision makings do lead to deaths that could have been avoided. I know the bad seeds in American law enforcement are likely just a small minority, but it doesn't fill you with trust when you witness how those select few act, especially against minorities like Blacks specifically. Things like that can lead to mistrust and tension between the police and the community which has the potential to escalate. Of course I'm a small town English lad so it doesn't really affect me :p

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Supergirl looks so genuinely awful, it could be brilliant.

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Tell her how you feel but don't get your hopes up.

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I honestly can't remember although I was very injury prone as a kid.

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@legendary_starhero: Id argue one of the best in the entire series. And for me the joint best tv episode of 2015 so far. Even without that final scene it's great television

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Take a bow Game of Thrones

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And that ladies and gentleman is why change can be a good thing. Sensational episode.