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@acer51: Someone made a point on a daredevil thread earlier that the thugs in the Daredevil show are just tougher than other thugs. They were still fighting after getting thrown through a door and having a microwave hit them in the face. They might just be tougher than those guys, who went down easy

Valid point.

Natasha however fights at this skill level consistently, be it equally dangerous mobsters or alien invaders.

You may take my word for it these feats are consistent or if you wish I can provide proof.

That being said Natasha is considerably more skilled than Daredevil and there is no logical way around this.

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The only recluse I can see for Miles Morales would be within his venom blast, but granted 616 Spider-man has it in every other category I would give it to Spider-man 9.5/10

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@acer51: What enemies has she defeated that would take Matt more than a minute to?

And not that the flashiness of moves matter, but she isn't doing backflips and spinning kicks like Matt does. She's not quite as acrobatic

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Notice how it never takes her more than five second to defeat a single opponent, and somewhere close to that to take three at a time. She is able to quickly incapacitate her opponent whereas Daredevil usually has to hit his opponent multiple times, this is due to her intimate knowledge of nerve endings and weak spots which Daredevil as shown (SPOILER ALERT) with her conversation which Clair lacks knowledge of.

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This fight takes about a minute, during which Daredevil takes roughly a minute to defeat four opponents, granted that one of them had a pistol and that cost him a little bit of time, look how, despite being a master combatant he struggles in grapples and is unable to take down opponents as cleanly as BlackWidow, usually needing multiple hits to incapacitate an opponent.

The difference between a minute to take down four opponents and the max of 6-7 seconds which Natasha needs to take down just as many is going to become obvious in a fight between the two, as it shows that Black Widow is significantly the more skilled combatant.

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@acer51: The Batman team is far from slow. They may not be as agile as Matt (sticks was particularly agile either) They are fast enough to keep up. Batman Begins is actually how fast they are in a fight. When they were speed blitzing opponents that's how they really are, the other two movies just slowed down the fight scenes so we can see the moves.

One could say the same thing about Daredevil, that he's much faster in reality and they slow him down. However that claim is purely fanon, logical fanon? Perhaps, however if we are going to debate characters fighting we must argue their abilities as they are presented and not as we wish them to be.

If you can find some sort official statement or something stating your claim is true than I will take your work for it.

With the above statement only existing as a disclaimer in the case of ludicrous claims of what the "actual" speed is by others I accept the statement of combat speeds at the level of Batman Begins due to me not believing the combat speeds are vastly different in those movies.

That being said, I retain that Daredevil and Stick are not only faster and more agile than Batman and Ra's al Ghoul but also consistently better combatants.

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Daredevil and Stick are faster, more agile and their extraordinary senses give them the edge over Batmans team which although good fighters are relatively slow. Though Batmans team may have the slight edge in gadgets as well as intelligence that is not enough against opponents who can dodge most of your blows and tag you relatively easily.

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Round 1: Daredevil. Way tougher, very hard to keep down without killing, faster, stronger, and pretty much all around better. More skilled too. She struggled with Hawkeye, Daredevil would destroy her.

Round 2: Still Daredevil. Her gadgets shouldn't be enough to beat Daredevil still. They beat fodder who were knocked out just by falling on the ground. None of that is going to faze Matt.

I agree that Daredevil has more potential than Black Widow and that gadgets aren't a deciding factor.

However what Daredevil has in ability and strength Black Widow makes up for in experience and agility, Black Widow is capable of defeating enemies in a few seconds that would take Daredevil close to a minute to defeat. I hope and pray that this does not remain the case for long but for the time being Black Widow is much better at what she does than Daredevil is, this is not to say that Daredevil is not a challenge for Black Widow but she just has more and better moves than him.

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Fisk fairly easily, Diggle only ever took out a thug or so.

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In order to make the big-time Night Wing needs to strike out on his own, get his own distinct style and make us forget he was Robin.

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Lets put it this way: He can't use his eyes.

The seeing world on fire thing was a visual representation of him sensing heat which he had to learn through concentration and training.

Everything he "sees" isn't him using his eyes but his hyper-developed senses, he knows foggy flipped him the bird because he can feel the body heat of his finger, the movement of air around it, its smell and can probably even hear the blood rushing through his indexes veins if he concentrates.

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Last night I finished watching Daredevil, and after watching it I realized I have just so much to say about this series that I decided to come on here and add my two cents. Now I've been reading Daredevil comics since I was a little kid, I wouldn't say I'm a hardcore fan, I've had some over a hundred Daredevil comics and read plenty more digitally, but I don't know everything there is to know about Daredevil but I know how he's supposed to act, I know what his skill level is and I know his cast pretty well.

That being said I have to say that this was a great series, and I believe respects Daredevils origins to an extent that I wouldn't have believed imaginable. Charlie Cox does an excellent job portraying Daredevil, and an even better job portraying Matt Murdock, especially when supported by his charming co-workers. Foggy Nelson and Karan Page do an excellent job of offering relief from the otherwise depressing tone of the series, but its done believably. Nothing in this show is ever played just for the laughs, if a joke is funny its because of the humanity of it and wasn't made for the sake of the audience, if there are references to the attack of New York or any of The Avengers they aren't made for the sake of fan service, not once is there one of those "Oh he mentioned Ironman!" moments that seem to plague Marvels Agents of Shield or the Carter show.

Another thing this show is intelligent, for the first several episodes Matts powers remain something of an enigma, though anyone in the comics can easily understand what is going on I would gladly trade places with someone who has never heard of Daredevil for the awesome mystery of watching this show. There is no hand holding and nothing was intentionally made to be cheap, there are mistakes in this show I grant, but the few mistakes...a combinations of lack of budget and lack of creativity in certain areas do little to hold back a show which in my opinion holds within itself the soul of Daredevil.

Moments like Matt walking in on Karen and Foggy in the middle of a light hearted argument to say something completely disarming are right out of the panels, everything about Daredevils background is respected, from his relationships with people growing up to his religious background. One thing I've always found surprisingly consistent throughout the MCU is a respect for the individual characters beliefs, talks with Daredevils priests could have quickly turned into a shoddy attack against Catholicism or Christianity in general, but no comments on pedophilia or rants against God were ever made, just Daredevils struggles with right and wrong, questions of morality.

There are often long periods without combat, and I'm usually okay with this, the characters and the story are interesting enough that most of the time I'll be more interested in hearing more background than seeing another fight. I'm not sure how they did it, but somehow they managed to crate villains that in all fairness SHOULD be completely egomaniacal, two dimensional villains, but somehow that I do not understand they have managed to create COMPLETELY egomaniacal three dimensional villains. They genuinely get me to feel bad for the villains, or at least see that their people. I wouldn't be surprised if a few tears were shed by a decent percentage of the audience over these villains, but this isn't done by in any way putting the villains in a different light or sugar coating what they did its just done by showing that their people.

Now I began this series with a healthy amount of skepticism, upon seeing the trailer I had two primary concerns.

1) That Daredevil would not be shown to be as tough and/or skilled as he is in the comics.

2) That Vincent D'Onofrio would make a poor Kingpin.

I concede the second point, I was wrong.

Now as far as Daredevils skill in combat I wasn't completely disappointed, his combat skills are ok, and true the excuse can be made that this was just an origin story and that he will get better over-time. I remember when I began watching the ARROW series I had the same concerns and hopes that "he was just starting out and will get better"......but he didn't Oliver Queen only ever got marginally got better and still loses to cheap two-bit thugs.True he definitely could get better but his combat skills are already lacking and the way their handling things I don't see a DareDevil who will ever be able to keep pace with Spider-man, DareDevils skill level in the comics. Although true he JUST got his real costume in the last episode and doesn't even have his whip yet I still regret that he was never able to go roof top to roof top like he does in his comic. And as long as I'm speaking on a negative note I didn't particularly care for his costume, I hope that it'll be changed to be more like the original with the body armor aspects of it being toned down in favor of the sleek look which the creators of this show were keen to put on the opening credits but neglected to put in the actual show.

In any case the series is incredible and proves that there is REAL potential for these stories to be told on the small screen, I will doubtless re-watch favorite scenes and episodes from this many time and look forward with interest at AKA Jessica Jones.