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In the Avengers, Captain America 2 and agents of shield show Cobie Smulders plays Maria hill as a charming, beautiful, competent shield agent, and this is exactly why she's wrong for the part.

In the comics Maria hill is an obnoxious, only vaguely attractive ***** who runs shield into the ground, I hated her with a burning passion so believe me when I say Smulders is WRONG for this role.

I know most people only care when a character they like is made unlikable but it is equally wrong to make an unlikable character lovable.

I like Smulders, but she can't play a total ***** and that's what Maria Hill is.

I know this will never happen but I'd want her replaced with a significantly more annoying actress, someone who I can hate.

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@eyedcyou said:

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@spidey_jackson: ouch...I'm simply expressing a concern that I hav for dc comic book films and their lack of drawing in audiences. Most of them hav been let downs like Jonah hex, green lantern and catwoman and I don't want shazam to be the same. No need to say that I am asinine.

Mentioning those DC movies is the same as mentioning Fantastic 4 (1,2), Daredevil, Elektra, Howard the Duck, and Ghost Rider for Marvel. DC's cinematic Universe is controlled by Legendary pictures. That studio has only made the Dark Knight Trilogy and Man of Steel (when it comes to DC films.) Just like how Marvel Studios has made all the films in their cinematic universe, and all the other films (like the ones I listed earlier) are done by different studios. Legendary is running Shazam!, so if you'd like to talk about DC films bringing in audiences, you should only mention the films produced by Legendary. (All 4 were smash hits.)

DC's cinematic "universe" currently consists of one film, and while I liked Man of Steel there's no getting around the fact that "dawn of justice" is a hasty attempt to catch up with Marvel when they should be developing their characters more, as for Shazam, I don't know how that'll go, if its successful it'll definitely help things,

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I don't think punisher and spawn count as heroes, I dunno maybe Punisher.

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Well in that case I say he can clear it, Batman is shown being little more than a good detective in his early appearances, Wonder woman is definitely street level in her first issues analogous to Captain America and not decisively more powerful.

As for Superman he isn't portrayed lifting anything heavier than a car so Spider-man is at least as strong as him, he isn't faster because I don't think Spiderman could keep up with a train at least not for very long. However Superman isn't shown having any of his other powers (heat vision, super breath etc.) So he's basically just strong and fast with a super-jump.

If Spider-man can beat captain jupiter then Scarlet can beat issue #1ish Superman.

And I can't find anything on Captain Marvels first appearances so i can't say much about that.

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So we can only use feats from the first issue of that character then?

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Someone with ALOT of personality, because he has none.

Lois, Wonderwoman, lana? their all uninteresting boring and two dimensional which is probably why Superman is attracted to them, he needs someone with alot of spark so maybe some will rub off.

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Both, he's underrated by the common man and overpowered by the writers.

What people don't get is how much Spider-man holds back, when you piss him off he can accomplish just about anything.

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If I had a choice I would give Mary Jane back to Peter Parker as he deserves some measure of happiness.

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Marvel is raising the bar pretty high for Thanos, he's probably going to be the bad guy of Avengers 3 and that's going to be the climax of the the MCU so it's easy to view scenes like the guardians of the galaxy as disappointing just because they aren't by definition awesome.

I thin they did waste a bit of an opportunity to build Thanos up by showing how powerful and intimidating he is but they didn't bring him down either. Personally though I prefer Thanos with a rough British accent like he had in the Silver Surfer cartoon. Also I didn't really like the armor but I don't think that's going to be a recurring problem for future films as they'll probably give him a better suit.

Another thing worth mentioning that most people didn't notice is how Loki's motivation in Thor: The dark world is related to the Avengers. As the OP mentioned Loki was told that if he failed that "you will wish for something as sweet as pain". This is what spurs him to use the Malekith situation as leverage to take the throne. Loki knows that Thanos is coming for him and so he's made sure everyone thinks he's dead and that he has a country of gods ready to defend him.

I sincerely doubt Thanos could be so easily tricked and that in Avengers 3 Loki will pay the price for failure.

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I like her, maybe not as a person but as an interesting character, I really like how she unlocked that psionic power.