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You have to just kill them.

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@joshmightbe: This is one of the reasons im sceptical whether he can win round one,

but with round two he's extra deadly and i belive he will cream Aqua-man in this round. but i think namor should be able to overcome his ego in round one, especially with team mates to worry about.

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@joshmightbe said:

@acer51: Namor is also an arrogant bastard who has a tendency to underestimate people which has caused him to lose to people he should have been able to stomp

If you take a look at my proof above and did a little research your self you would find that Namor is actually supurior to Aqua-man in evrey thing besides telepathy and strength.

But yes your right namor is a bit arogant but he'll realize Aqua-mans a chalenge and quickly up his game, has Namor is a very adaptive fighter.

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@Erik: :P

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Here is my ABC Logic. (It's actually a bad idea to HAVE ABC logic, because it usually depends on the writer, but i will utilize it anyway, because i often nerdrage about how underestimated Spider Man is)

Spider Man beat Fire Lord, the herald of Galactus

Therefore he can defeat Iron Man

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@joshmightbe said:

I like Namor better than Aquaman, I think Namor is a better character than Aquaman, that being said Aquaman would beat Namor's ass

The following statment are based of comicvine stats and comicbooks.

Aquaman has a little more strength, is a better empath and has water magic, Namor however has double the agility and flight which will be a huge advantage because there in New york,

Namor is also better at hand to hand combat he has power over electricity which will help during this rain storm, He's also a better swordsman and weapon master. also even though Aqua- man is a little stronger Namor has a beserker strength which is a quick rush of strength for a few minutes. the Sub-mariner also has more stamina. now to make this hurt more Namor is also a little smarter then Aquaman.

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Round one t's really close but i think Namor wins round one because of his darker morals

Round 2 way to close to call.

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Riddick can kill a predator.

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@venomoushatred1001 said:

Red Hulk. He could just absorb his ionic energy.
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This battles a bit biased in favor of Magneto, who wil no doubt set an elaborate trap. After fighting past traps Captain Nazi will be exausted and will have to fight Magneto at his full fury,

Captain Nazi is a formidable opponent but with these advantages i have go with Magnus