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So I know this forum is mostly for the wiki but there was no where this was more appropriate.

Whenever I make a post with pictures in it for some reason the text formatting is very different from when I was editing, for the most part the text seems to want to clump together as much as it can in instances when it would typographically look better more spread out like in an article with a photo.

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Men, women and Jews

This made me chuckle.

Anyways, first let Storm, Nightcrawler, Magneto, and Cyclops have there run. I see no need to flood the market with a bunch of X-Men related characters having their own solo series. Once their run is done, I say let Pryde get one of dems. (+)

Wow I just looked that up, I had no idea they were getting their own runs, that's one of the coolest things I've heard from Marvel in a long time, I mean outside the films.

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I've been noticing over the past few years Marvels been trying to diversify their characters with people like Miles Morals (who I like).

and with the new Thor....


Who I hope will be better than I fear

Now all these alternate versions are entertaining and can create a clear perspective on what these characters are about, however if they want to create successful female characters then they have to use original characters.

Honestly none of the female characters that I like are knock offs from male characters ( Except X-23 but she's the exception).

Take Kitty Pryde for instance, I can't believe she's one of the premiere X-men now but she really deserves it, what I think she deserves more though is her own series.She as a lesser character has actually already accrued almost everything she needs; Ninja abilities to make sure she can kick *** in any situation, she has a dragon sidekick, and is a genius when it comes to computers. She already has a ton of character development, she is attractive but not in an unrealistic way - she could be written in a way that appeals to a wide demographic ( Men, women and Jews).She has everything a title character needs - almost, the two things she lacks is a cast of characters (outside the X-men) and in my opinion adequate superpowers, she just doesn't have good enough powers to keep up with the title characters who all have a wide range of super abilities.This is OK though as it would only take a little creativity of writing to give her a good supporting cast, and as for her powers I would pimp her powers out, make her a little more like her ultimate counterpart, because you know what? The ultimate universe has a lot of good ideas.

The only other thing she needs is a cool costume that isn't too reminiscent of the X-men, you know what I think I remember her having this great costume back in the day...

Yeah this is the one, all it needs is some detail...and the panties on the outside look has to go, its cliched and we're trying to make her look respectable.

Anyway I think its a great idea for a series, if only......

Anyway are there any female characters in Marvel you would like to star in a title?

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Ok let's take a look at how this fight looks when you narrow it down to the real players.

Arrow, BA as he is on his show barely even qualifies as a Super-hero, I've seen better fighters in real life, he'll get taken out fast, the best thing he can do is help Batman.

Batman is only a little more relevant, his gadgets and car will keep him alive longer but the only thing significant I see him doing is using an EMP on Iron-man other than that his combat feats are only a little better than arrows.

Hugh Jackmans Wolverine is I'm sorry to say, weak sauce, as he can be stopped by a single medium caliber pistol. That being said even if this was comic Wolverine he wouldn't be able to do much against anyone except the characters listed above. The best thing Jackman could possibly do is defeat Batman, which I think he could if he got in close.

These three can only have a minimal effect on the fight and not worth debating unless the fight ends up being extremely close.

So in reality it is.

Superman ( The heavy hitter)

Green Lantern ( Useful and very relevant combatant)

Flash ( The newb)


Thor ( The Power house)

Hulk ( The heavy hitter)

Iron man ( Very useful and relevant combatant)

Spider-man ( The wild card )

Quicksilver ( The speedster)

Ok so Flash is almost irrelevant here, not because he's not powerful or anything but because at this point he really dosn't know alot about his powers, Quicksilver however has mastery over his powers and can do anything Flash can, Flash had trouble with that dopple ganger guy so I'm saying that either Quicksilver or Spider-man take him, let's say Quicksilver takes him down just for the sake of easier argument.

So while Quicksilver begins to make sort work of Flash let's see what happens with Super-man.

Super-man is without a doubt JLs ace in the hole here, he's faster than both Thor and Hulk, I see them fighting for a while but Superman taking them down due to his combat speed and superior durability.

Ok what about the mid tier then.

Could Iron man and Spider-man beat Green Lantern? I'd say no if it wasn't for the movie Green lanterns inconsistent feats which in-universe could only be explained by low imagination. When Hal Jordan is in a planet he fights at slow speeds and seems to be vunerable to most things a normal person would be, throw a car at him and he gets knocked back, if he gets hit by a bullet he's dead. But when he's in space he can fly near the sun and survive insanely low temperatures, his inconsistent feats can only be accounted for by low will power and imaginative ability; in short GL doesn't lose because he's not capable but because he falls short.

Basically it just comes down to Super-man here, the rest of the characters serve as distractions so he can take down Marvels heavy hitters first, after that it's easy, except for quicksilver, he'll be a challenge to catch but his damage is low enough that he'll just be annoying.

So In the end, after taking some time to consider it, this stubborn Marvelite agrees, Superman wins.

I don't think he could solo, but it is possible.

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Kang The Conquerer , with his temporal knowledge , and the powers of time and space , against the fastest tag team , Quicksilver & The Flash , current versions for all three , Kang is bloodlusted on with morals off , QS & Flash are bloodlusted on with morals on . Fight takes place in the Egyptian Desert .

I ask that the OP elaborate on the moral condition of The Flash and Quicksilver, how can they be bloodlusted and have morals on?

What I'm asking is how much will the "blood lust" effect The Flash, will he now be willing to kill Kang? Will he forget about innocent bystanders? (I know it's a desert but due to planet busting powers the question is relevant).

Is Flash simply extremely angry? What moral boundary is he willing to cross?

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Yes that is actually the character Iron man, at some point in this "event" he will get the infinity gauntlet, I personally don't mind the artist but don't think Iron man could plausibly gather all the infinity gems.

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Gah, I'm sick of Marvel publishing gimmicky summer events, they have no lasting impact of the universe, the content from these events always spills over into the other series, ruining whatever coherent story-lines the other writers may have managed to put together

.I would prefer if Marvel stopped trying to "change it up" and focused more on giving us quality stories and stop forcing the characters to inter-cross with each other, the writers aren't letting the characters grow in a natural way and are instead stifling their potential with enough events, move tie ins, and other fluff to make the fans want to vomit it all up and use fanon to pretend the past 12 months never happened (I'm looking at you "Superior Spider-man.")

A little off topic but these comics are WAY too expensive, even with inflation these books shouldn't cost more than a dollar, but the modern comic book costs at least $4 a pop, and with page count shrinking per magazine these past couple of years I find myself closing a lot of books feeling a bit cheated. Fortunately Marvel does have a very generous digital subscription program which I am grateful for.

I'll admit however that the one thing that I think hasn't really ever been better is the writing, for the most part, basically I've found that when I open a Marvel book It's either going to be great or confusing as hell.

For the most part if an issue isn't a part of some drawn out story arc or "event" it's going to be okay, take All New X-men for example, (now I know a lot of people are disgusted of even the idea of the original x-men being here and that the series is the result of the same kind of forced changes I've been complaining about, unfortunately nearly every major title is corrupted by these "events", that being said I find All new X-men to be a silver lining in the cloud of mediocrity, a hidden gem if you will, a blemished flawed gem, but a gem nevertheless ) for the most part we have the story of several misplaced teenagers trying to find their way, rejecting the path set before them by the adults around them.

They being to question everything and develop very differently than the X-men we once knew, each issue is generally enjoyable, they even manage to pull of a tie in with the guardians of the galaxy without it feeling too forced.

But then you have the god awful "Battle of the atom" in which the writers create two or three paradoxes too many by having people from different timelines in the future interfere with what was a comfortable level of confusion by taking it up to 11 and making sure that no one knows what's going on and anyone who does can point out a dozen plot holes.

In "Battle of the atom" the writers are completely ignorant of the fact that time travel was just a Duse ex machina used to get the classic X-men in modern comic books, instead they had to complicate the plot with another "event" and make us all wish that the All new X-men were never created.

Fortunately you can mostly just ignore the Battle of the atom event because the plot was so convoluted and irrelevant, not to mention confusing, that there's almost no danger of anyone referring back to it (much).

But not all events are like this, and plots like this can overtake entire series for months or even years, take Superior Spider-man, we are forced to endure that pain of a completely clichéd and overused trope of supervillan mind switch that would typically not be used as anything other than a filler issue.

The only difference between one of those filler issues and Superior Spider-man is that Superior Spider-man lasted 30 issues.

I'll admit that I was a little entertained by the novelty of it all as I was well aware that Marvel didn't have the guts to actually kill of one of their main characters ( or at least contemporary Marvel dosn't, RIP Gwen Stacy unlike your twenty something clones) but it doesn't excuse the fact that the only thing the entire series amounted to was putting some dirt of Spider-mans street cred, meanwhile robbing us of what could've been some interesting stories about Spider-man.And then after only 3 or 4 issues with our beloved hero back Original Sin comes along and I just sort of die on the inside, I know his new romance interest won't last and decided to just wait until the story arc ends.

This problem of bad events and over the top story arcs can be annoying to well established series, but they can destroy relatively new ones, for instance, Uncanny Avengers;a series with an unlikely but interesting mix of characters, true it was the fallout of the obnoxious AvX event, but I start to see some potential as they deal with Cap trying to overcome his admittedly understandable prejudice against mutants.

This is an undertone of the series for the first few issues but the writers fail to take advantage of the opportunity and instead move on to a lengthy story arc dealing with the celestial's and apocalypse which reads like something from the sermons from a suicide cult, I actually suspect whoever wrote that story arc was either sacrilegious or on crack.

Essentially any series I even start to enjoy is ripped to shreds by executive decisions or and inconsistent writing staff .The only mags I can consistently enjoy are the ones outside the mainstream, if it doesn't have a film adaption then its safe, for this reason I've taken a special liking to Nova, other than a minor appearance in the Guardians films the Nova’s haven’t gotten a lot of mainstream attention, and Thor for a time was left relatively isolated in the comics despite being very well known, but now the character who once boasted the best written mag in marvel is being replaced by his long lost sister.

Given these issues I've decided to start looking for other magazines outside the mainstream because their safe from the problems I've been talking about.

You see what you did Marvel? You turned me into a hipster.

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Well it should be noted that the proportions of most heroines fluctuate depending on who's writing and drawing, but I agree that ideally they should be the size that their generally shown to be in the comics, although some women have unrealistic sizes and its completely acceptable to use smaller actresses for those roles.