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I thought her portrayal was pretty awesome in all the films she's been in. The only thing I want is for her to use her Russian accent, it makes sense for her to talk American in America. But at some point I'd like to see her revert to her normal accent. I'm not sure if she's capable of pulling that off though, thus my one disappointment with the character.

Other than that I think she's sexy, mysterious, and dangerous just like in the comics.

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Enchantress, but Magneto could win like, 1 maybe 2/10.

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Movie versions?

Winter solider, easily.

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Spider-man has all the qualities of a great leader.

He does not however have any experiance being a leader.

Before he can become the leader of something huge (S.H.I.E.L.D, a super-corporation the Avengers etc..) I think he nee to do these things.

1) Train a successful side kick or "partner character" ( ala bucky/Falcon).

2) Stop being a loner, there's a reason why Wolverine isn't leader of the X-men anymore, and never will be permanently. He's a lone wolf and does his own thing. So does Spider-man and while he's been on teams, he's always been more about his own adventures.

3) Look at the big picture, Spider-man has been a street level hero, even though he's more powerful than a street leveler. He needs to look beyond the neighborhoods he protects and start thinking about the country or the world as a whole.

4) Overcome his petty problems, someone has intelligent as Parker shouldn't have to worry about the rent or anything equally minuscule.

Unfortunately all of this deviates too much from Spider-mans core character. Spider-mans almost definitively a loner, he will never have a long lasting side kick, and it's not Spider-man if he's not having trouble paying the rent. The writers don't want to deviate much from the status quo Spider-man is set in. A few years back (most of you remember) Spider-man was beginning to really evolve as a character. He was married to MJ and trying to have kids, he was looking to have success in his civilian job and most importantly his identity was revealed. It was all erased, and now the most definitively different from the status quo about Spider-man is he is the owner of a company which will probably tank very soon. And he now has a doctorate (thanks to Otto Gunther Octavious). But that's not much difference, the company may be gone soon and hopefully he'll do something with the degree.

Anyway, the point is Marvel wouldn't be willing to make Spider-man the leader of anything except his own problems.

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She's out of the spotlight, but the character isn't being ignored. She's likley going to have her story told between the pages of Cable and X-force until some major event brings her back out into the open.

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@dondave said:

@acer51 He used his Misdirection on Charles Xavier and Jean Grey, IIRC

If you show scans of this then Fantomex's ability to wreak havoc on virtually every member of the ninjas will be undeniable.

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@shenkuei said:

@dondave is probably referring to Fantomex's ability to throw the whole opposing team into an elaborate illusion with his misdirection. Fantomex frequently can and has done this and can even have the members of the other team kill each other for him. Or just shoot them while they are distracted. On the other hand, Prince of Orphans having mystical senses may see through it and if he goes into his mist form nobody on here can hurt him anyway.

@dondave said:

Ah, but they have telepathy on their side through Psylocke and as shenkuei pointed out Prince of Orphans is probably immune.

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OK I don't know alot about Hawk-man. But after researching him more than I have in the past (which is only a little). I'm going to argue for Wolverine here and see if Hawk-mans fans can prove me wrong.