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Powers & Abilities

Advanced Mindset
Acer for all intents and purposes is a genius, while he has rarley shown academic knowledge in his career this does not mean he is not of high inteligence. Acer has never found reason to put his intelligence to good use, as he has often found himself on a team with someone who excells in many of those area's, but Acer has gathered a life times worth of knowledge and information, in science, history, business ect. His main form of inelect however is a more tactical and strategic one. Acer even as a child was able to process information far quicker than any normal man could, as he has gotten older this mindset has further increased to the point Acer can constantly utilize more than 90% of his brain power. Acer can do multiple things at once, take down entire teams single handedly. He can even follow a speedsters movement with apparent ease.  
Excalibur Serum
After his fight with Tenjin and being unable to save his clan Acer realized even with his advanced knowledge in the martial arts, he would still be faced with opponents whose physical capabilities would trump his skills. It was through this that Acer stole a sample of the super soldier serum and began to improve it through various tests and trials. After 2 and a half months Acer was able to create a serum that would improve on the original but not add so much that it would have serious consequences on the mind and body of the user. This Excalibur Serum increases the users muscles, veins body tissue, and improves the body greatly. Acer can now lift upwards of 5 tons, he can run upwards of up to 240mph. It has also increased agility and reflexes, which when combined with his tactical mind has allowed Acer to dodge bullets even from point blank range. His body immedietly cancels out any toxins or diseases, and his body heals at a much faster rate.
Ninja Training

Weapons & Equipment