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No debate in this... Flash in every sense the most important... Booster as is place but look at all the Flashes in DC history and their importance in all timelines and events.

Theres eveen a "flashfobia"... flashpoint, crisis, jay garrick, bart allen, the importance of kid flash as wally west in teen titans, the lightning saga and the legio of 3 worlds... Flash is part of the multiverse continuum That Bbooster Gold helps to protect.

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@rogueshadow said:

@allstarsuperman: Best episode far, even if it wasn't as good as the comics. I knew Hershel was a goner, that was some sad sh*t. Can't wait for the hunters, Abraham, Morgan and all the good stuff that follows. Damn, that's a lot of feels to process. Hershel was my favourite character as well. I can't really articulate everything I feel about the episode because there is just too darn much. But I will say that it's the best episode thus far.

Oh and Daryl... Daryl took down a tank.

tottaly agree with you... Me point of view also.

Best moment: 5 seconds of camara into the eyes of Hershel... Smiling to Rick, prior to "liar" from the gov.

And Daryl really took down a tank.

And if i counted right there's 6 groups now, or 7?

One more thing.. .Did anyone see the shoot that putdown the gov.? I didnt!... He's he dead?

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second chances to everyone part of the cast in kevin's smith mallrats...

nuff said!

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