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The newest Captain America volume


doesn't appear in the Captain America Appearances bar on his page.

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I hate that kid
i refuse to watch anything he is in
not that i really wanted to see the last indy movie
in my world it ended with Sean Connery and Harrison Ford riding off into the sunset.

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awesome show!
I love the dork humor!

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Isn't this just a helicarrier? or is this more grandiose and headquartery? 

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optic blast is super lame
baraka blades super lame
mouth shut super lame.
teleportation is super lame too.
the Teleportation has been apart of deadpool for a while just not as a mutant power. He's had it at least since cable & deadpool and i'm pretty sure in the deadpool volume before C&D.
so if they get rid of the optic blasts, blades, and reopen his mouth, we might get Wade how Wade should be.

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Paragon said:
"I think when it was first thought up, it was supposed to be Chicago (I remember from those crappy Canadian History Minutes, one of the guys was going there)
I TOTALLY remember that Canadian history minute thing. HAHAHA
maybe that's where i got it from.
and Chicago is on the coast of lake Michigan, so the coastal idea still kinda fits.

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Ms. Invisible said:
"I always saw Metropolis as Boston."
i never saw it as boston, cause Smallville is pretty close to Metropolis, and that always seemed like the midwest with farms and stuff, which fits with the Chicago, or even Cleveland  scenarios
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pixelized said:
"are you sure you didn't just answer all the questions that were attached to that one character?"
yea i was thinking maybe it was something like that too, but i'm sure someone like captain america has more then two questions.
hopefully they can bring it back. it was a good way of learning back stories
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is it possible to get the trivia to stick to one subject again, like it did a couple weeks ago?
It's more then a little annoying, especially since i mostly read marvel stuff and then have to answer a question about some obscure dc or indy character that i couldn't pick out of a lineup or a multiple choice question for that matter.
so yea
can we get character focused trivia back?

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is it possible to change the name of the team to "Nazis" since Nazism is more of a concept.