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yea i'll do that
thanks for the advice!

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I know they're not sequential and I think that's why they're all numbered as one shots.
However, they all deal with the same theme, Cap's time during the war, 
They  all share "Theater of War" title already, and that leads me to believe that if they ever make a TPB of it, they'll bind them under that Title 
Also from an organizational stand point, i think it would be easier to find them if they were all under the same umbrella, and thus prevent dupes. 

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can we combine all of these into a single Volume?

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i saw one episode, not bad, not great.
I noticed a lack of Cap in the show, not only in the episode i saw but in the opening sequence too.
Personally I love cap, and am surprised they aren't trying to use him more.  
After all who's a better role model for kids?

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I don't see how you can call Barkley lazy, the man was at least three inches shorter, if not more, then most power forwards, and he still managed to out rebound and out score almost all of them in that era except Karl Malone, but this is a discussion for another thread.

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actually , the idea that Wilt was a giant playing among pygmy's is pretty overblown,
He was 7-1 but there were a lot of guys in the league that were at least 6-10 and able to match his height and reach, was it easier back then maybe, but it was no cakewalk.
that said Jordan could dribble the ball up the court and control the tempo of the game single-handedly.
But Jordan did have a lot better a supporting cast then Wilt.
In the end it depends on the playing style you want your team to play, and having been a fan of the mid 90's Phoenix Suns (the Charles Barkley years) that kept losing to teams with elite centers I would go with Wilt. A great center can make any team instantly better.
and come on 8th or 9th? the man averaged 30pts-20rebounds.

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this is the best battle ever!
very fun to read

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we're up in value!

Website Worth: $230,720.88

Daily Pageviews: 105,352

Daily Ads Revenue: $316.06

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What about Matt Damon?
or you think he's too short?
in that case He should be Bucky!