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Beware, my comic book knowledge isn't extensive, but something that's always sorta confused me is Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers relationship. I mean, at one point in New Avengers, Steve refers to Tony as 'brother'... They just seem to be complete opposites, but it's quite strange how close they seem to be. What's your opinion on their relationship? Could you perhaps recommend me some stories where perhaps their friendship has blossomed over?

ALSO! Do y'all like pie? (No π jokes Tony )

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I thought it was Emma. Magik looks freaking scary though. I thought that Sword was in Magneto's hands at first glance. That would certainly be something to fear! xD

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So, my question is particularly about Snyder's new character Harper Row. I saw a question on the previous page about her, but it was a little more specific, this is more, opinions and speculation. I absolutely love the direction of her character, and how she was slowly introduced. She somewhat strikes me as a very similar character to Tim Drake. Being, Batman goes into turmoil, and isn't the same after a certain event, and Tim/Harper pull him out of it. The examples being Tim helping Batman after he realises he's not the same after Jason Todd's death, and accordingly to summary of #18(?) Harper helps Batman deal with the events after Death of the Family. Now, seeing the way she's being introduced slowly, I'm almost sure she's being lined up into the Bat-family. What's your opinion on Harper Row? Do you think Harper Row will be a new addition to the Bat-Family? If so, what mantle will she take on? Perhaps a completely new guise? I feel like if a character does indeed die in the Death of the Family story, I feel like it would open up some sort of position, as mean as that sounds, but then I'm not sure a position could be filled like that in such a short amount of time. (But if you take into account the 5 year space between the Robins, BUT THAT'S A WHOLE DIFFERENT TOPIC)

On a more fun note, (hopefully this hasn't been asked), but do any of you guys have have ships/OTPs? YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT I MEAN! I love the dynamic between Harley and Poison Ivy. Hmm.... RIGHT NOW ON THE SPOT THINK OF THE MOST WHACKY PAIRING EVER!

This question is particularly about The Joker and Harley's relationship. Do you really think the Joker loves her? My particular view is that he uses and abuses her, whilst she he hopelessly in love with her. I think the back issue of Batman #13 really showed this. I remember my friend told me about a some fan art she saw where he Joker asks Harley to wear a Batman mask whilst in bed. XD

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Well, I've only just jumped into Ultimateverse with Ultimate Spider-Man and Miles, but I'm certainly enjoying it. It's a very different perspective on characters, which is great, and seeing as it's less restricted to continuity than Earth-616, there's that freedom for Writers to write a compelling story. I'm really intrigued by some of the new stories, and the anti-government Hydra, and Captain America, PRESIDENT!?

I'm definitely thinking about jumping into the other books, such as Ultimate X-Men, so yeah, I'm all for the Ultimateverse....

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I'm pretty big on the Batman Beyond costume! There's something more threatening about it, or more wild and untamed. As for what I'm more happy with Bruce Wayne wearing, I think he he pulls off the Black and Grey suits the best. The better examples of them are the current New 52 costume, and his Arkham Asylum/City costume.

If we're going off from just Batman, and other members of the Bat-Family. I must admit I'm a big fan of Barbara Gordon's current costume, I just really like the fashion her hair comes out of her helmet, and the purple underbelly of her cape looks really cool. Another example of the hair flowing from behind the helmet would be Batwoman's costume, and I absolutely LOVE her red hair.