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Okay, cool, but then what makes him better than any of the insane criminals out there? Both are just doing whatever they think is right, not following any law. What gives him the right to kill people and not them? And you can't say they're "the bad guys" doing "bad stuff" if there's nothing to define bad. That's really just my point. If he was a hero, it would be for following something that's actually right, and the best way to follow the only code he's ever even seemed to acknowledge is to kill himself. So he can't be a living hero either way. Now if you like him as a villain, that's another story. The fact that he takes out people that might do or have done "bad" things almost all the time he kills is simply convenient for the real heroes.

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Preventing someone's first crime by killing them is no better than killing anyone else, because you never really know if someone's going to decide at the last minute to not go through with it. If the law can fail, and he doesn't a hundred percent go by it, then what DOES he go by? And if he doesn't a hundred percent go by it, shouldn't he shoot himself just like he's shot all those other people for not going a hundred percent by the law? Those are the questions I've always asked, and the reason I can never consider Punisher a hero. If he goes by whatever the heck he decides is right, he's absolutely no better than the people he kills, who are just going by whatever they decide helps them. Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it. As someone who can't claim to be an EXPERT on Punisher, it's nice to see a reasonable fan perspective.

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Here's what I've always thought about the Punisher in general, please tell me if it's not logical for any reason:

What does the Punisher use to determine what's right and wrong? He uses the law, right? If it was his conscience, or some higher authority, he would have had a lot of problems with what he did already, so I don't think that's the case. So he decided to end those who do bad enough things to have their lives ended according to the law, and to some extent, that's understandable. But how does he end those people? He ends them whenever he feels like it with whatever means he can. He does not use due process or really any trial whatsoever, he just KILLS THEM. Now some of these people he sees doing really bad things could have thought to themselves when they were doing said things that they were perfectly right for doing them for a whole host of reasons. But Punisher doesn't care WHY they thought they were doing things outside of the law, he only cares THAT they were doing things outside of the law. Hold on, I'm almost done here. If one were to take Punisher's line of thinking to its natural conclusion, who would be the person who killed the most people outside of the law (or at least ONE of the people who killed the most outside of the law). Well, of course, it would be the Punisher himself.
Conclusion: The Punisher should have shot himself already, because the law considers the people he has killed to be innocent (until proven guilty).