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@elayem98: Perhaps, but it's a pretty huge one at that. I'd usually consider easter eggs to be hidden in a panel or two. This was more like a full-on guest appearance so secret and subtle that most didn't even notice! Not unless, y'know, they're huge damn nerds like me. :)
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@entropy_aegis: Really? Is it so hard to imagine that I might like a character but not the actual story he's in? Besides, Loeb isn't the be-all, end-all of Two-Face writers. 
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@entropy_aegis: So I take it then that I'm not the only person here who isn't a fan of Loeb's Batman work?
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I’ve heard that Jeph Loeb had planned a follow-up to Hush which would have focused on Harvey Dent after his face and psyche were healed. This would have continued the big Harvey Dent story that Loeb had been telling since The Long Halloween. As such, there was an embargo from DC from actually using Dent or Two-Face until Loeb told his own story, which never happened. This would explain why there were no canon appearances of Harvey Dent from Hush in 2003 to Face the Face in 2006, because no one was allowed to use him! 

Does anyone know if this is true? And if so, is there any info on what Loeb's story might have entailed?

(Note: there actually were two appearances of Dent during this period, although both are of questionable canon. One was in an issue of Gotham Central, where he looked just like he did in Hush, but was written as still being crazy and obsessed with Renee Montoya. Thus, this was a screw-up and should not be counted. The other big appearance was the mini-series, Batman: Jekyll & Hyde, but the less said about that hot mess, the better.)

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I wanted to make a list of "The Twenty-Two Greatest Two-Face Comics of All Time," but I quickly discovered that I was unable to make lists of individual issues. I could make lists of characters, objects, locations, and series, but no individual issues. Why not? Honestly, if I were able to do that, I'd be making TONS of lists, as I care more about individual stories than anything else!

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@Primmaster64: No, the Joker's area is to be the worst enemy of BATMAN.
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Absolutely! He was the trial by fire for all three of the first Robins, the villain they had to face and endure to prove themselves as Boy Wonders. I like to think of Two-Face as the "Wacky Uncle" to the Robins in the Batfamily. It's a shame that Steph and Damian broke the pattern, and never faced against Harvey as well. 

It's worth noting that the Robins also have a history of particular antagonism against Two-Face, mainly stemming out of a lack of sympathy when it comes to the way Bruce gives him special treatment. In the Bronze Age, the episode "Second Chance," and in "Face the Face," the Robins simply don't understand or like that Batman keeps holding out hope for Harvey.
They only see the monster of Two-Face, whereas Bruce is always looking for the Harvey Dent within. 

Batman and Harvey have a complicated relationship of failure, disappointment, redemption, and betrayal. Two-Face and the Robins just have hatred, a special kind of bitter hatred that only comes from him being there at the moment they earned their wings.  
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I'm trying to figure out at what point people started LOSING respect for this great character. He was always one of my very favorites, especially around the late 80's, early 90's, when he rocked the white power suit. That ruthless, magnificent bastard is still my favorite take on Otto, and I have to wonder why no one seems to remember that version. The closest we've come in terms of characterization is, what, "Negative Exposure" by BKV?

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Stan looks like a grinning overlord from hell in that photo. Honestly, I could be quite happy being damned if Stan were Satan.

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I was so worried that TB&TB would get canceled by now. Yay for at least one more season!

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