Gilda Dent last appeared in... the Marvel Universe?

I imagine that most comic fans would assume that Gilda Dent's most recent appearance in comics was in Batman: The Long Halloween, and that's technically true. While she's been in comics since Two-Face's first appearance way back in 1942, the character was defined (for good or ill) for most comic readers in B:TLH, after which she completely dropped off the map. However, I wonder how many fans of B:TLH took note of the mysterious woman who appeared in Loeb and Sale's Marvel Comics miniseries, Daredevil: Yellow?

As if all the hints about her husband weren't enough, she's named Grace, which Gilda was mistakenly renamed in Secret Origins Special, which is incidentally the best Gilda story of all time, and which she was renamed for Batman: The Animated Series. To top it off, that's "You don't understand" panel is a pure recreation of the page in TLH which is used in her profile page. So yeah, that's Gilda, all right. Considering what's happening in comics this week, I'm guessing that a certain writer/artist noticed that too. 
Posted by elayem98

I agree,good observation, but it was probably just an easter egg

Posted by Icarusflies

Haha, cool!

Posted by about_faces
@elayem98: Perhaps, but it's a pretty huge one at that. I'd usually consider easter eggs to be hidden in a panel or two. This was more like a full-on guest appearance so secret and subtle that most didn't even notice! Not unless, y'know, they're huge damn nerds like me. :)