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I know why the toyline failed, because most the screen time was hogged by Sam and his human associates. Every Michael Bay movie revolves around what is going on with the humans and how they are vital to aiding the Autobots. It was years before the Autobots let military individuals know about them. I remember it was mainly Spike and a few one time only humans assisting them on Transformers Generation 1's early days. True story, I went around college whenever the movies came out and asked people to name transformers besides Optimus, Bumblebee, and Megatron. It was heartbreaking how many deer in the head-light looks I got. The movie series has done a horrible job presenting the Transformers. I hope this all new cast is primarily autobots and deceptons....and heralds of Unicron. The fact it is revealed there will be off world elements is exciting for me. I hope this gets taken to Cyberton at last where the battle between transformers should be fought. I can see Grimlock and the dinobots gaining fame if they are introduced. I never cared too much for Rodimus Prime but if the Autobots are changing he will most likely be the new leader with Ultra-Magnus as his second in command. Anyway here's hoping for the better once the series gets a new director.

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@Kavahaden: I didn't mean for looking at Tula's grave to equate to him being good. I believe he might still be good, but the more he thinks about Tula's death he may go darkside. He hesitated to blow up the lair, and seemingly gave Robin intel (might be useless info), he also has Artemis watching him. So to me that indicates he is still good for now.

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@gerrylum: Oops her mom was the original Tigress in the comics. You're right she's called Huntress in Young Justice.

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Giving Artemis the codename Tigress isn't the smartest move. What if they run into Sportsmaster. He is bound to recall his ex-wife's old villainess identity. You also have Kaldur pausing to look at Tula's memorial, he hasn't turned now but there is room for change while working with his father. Also what's up with the Terror Twins, I thought they were in custody. The whole supervillains escaping is so annoying.

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@LLZ69: They are working towards putting Thanos in the live action avengers and i think they showed the infinity gauntlet in asgard during Thor's movie. So you might get your wish far as the infinity gauntlet saga.

I'd like a better adaptation for the Death of Superman that is closer to the comics and involves Booster Gold, Maxima, and the others when Doomsday first emerged (they keep remaking marvel movies why not remake animated ones for DC) I know a lot of people disliked it but I want to see the Ultimate Spiderman Clone Saga animated, I liked it better than the mainstream version. The Avengers Disassembled when Scarlet Witch went crazy would be good too since the US is all hyped on Avengers juice right now. World War Hulk would be awesome since they already did Planet Hulk. The fight with Sentry would look awesome animated.

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@sora_thekey said:

I miss Spectacular Spider-Man, Wolverine and the X-Men and (although I haven't finished watching Season 2) Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. I really tried to like Ultimate Spider-Man but... it's hard!

I know right they were really awesome. I was sooooo looking forward to seeing Age of Apocalypse animated at last and Spectacular Spiderman had Gwen as Peter's main girl with MJ showing interest while in his inner circle of friends. EMH had a great relationship formed between the characters and interesting storylines. I feel it's selfish that Loeb left this out of Ultimate Spiderman because he personally didn't like shows that had a story arc. It isn't about what he wants, but what fans want to see. The upbeat Spidey theme is okay but the randomness of the episodes and whacky adventures (thor the frog, spiderman 4th wall monolouges) have to go. I for one love shows with continuation and that's the main thing Ultimate Spiderman lacks. More than likely the new Avengers animation and Hulk Agents of SMASH might be in the same format of Ultimate Spiderman in attempts to reach younger viewers ages 5-13

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@blackair9: yeah i agree that Cap wouldn't be the best choice. I think the power would corrupt. It would be the American way or the high way. He would be quick to target immigrants that aren't US citizens. I believe Beast would be idle since he is more well rounded and has looked at life through different perspectives.

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@SandMan_: I think M'gann was kept out the loop because she gets into battles with Psimon and he normally peeps in to her thoughts while fighting and relays intel back to Queen Bee like when they discovered her true form. Conner had most of the programming done by Lex erased, but Dick is cautious as Bruce and probably believes there is a chance Conner can still be influenced by Lex. I think Dick wants to cause conflict within members of the Light. He picked Artemis not because she's the weakest but because she is Chesire's sister and Sportsmaster's daughter. They both receive assignments from the Light. Sportsmaster is ready to kill Black Mantra a newly seated Light member and it's probably what Dick wanted.

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It was but only Dick, Wally, Artemis and Kaldur/Aqualad know about it. It's the team's way of getting back at the Light for putting a mole among them. Now Kaldur is the mole but his loyalties remains with the Team.

On another note anyone curious how Wendy isn't aware Conner is Superboy. I mean everyone knows about the sidekicks forming their own team and they were on the news helping fight evil at one point. I mean he doesn't wear glasses or change his shirt.

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@Vance Astro: It doesn't help when she's known for sleeping around alot. That makes it hard for any male writer and some female writers to give her a vital storlyline. Everyone wants to play around with her backstory of being flirtatious and I haven't seen her 4th wall ability for some time. I smell a death arc coming for her to make Hulk rage again.