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I don't mind the Bruce/Lois pairing, but Batman/Lois pairing is just corny from what they are showing. Its like Batman has a schoolboy crush on her right here. Plus Batman does not smile while in costume. He stays in character at all times...well Pre 52 Batman did. And last I saw Superman and Wonder Woman were a couple. So I dont think Superman cares who Lois is with right now.

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I am all for diversity in comics. Most comics are basically set on Earth and we all know there is more than one ethnic background to us humans. Still there is a right way and a wrong way to implement diversity in comics it seems. The right way introducing a new character with his own story for fans to grow and love. The wrong way is changing a beloved character because you are afraid to try something new. Batwing didn't do well with DC yes, so instead of trying another new character lets just change the skin of an already popular character (that had to be their mentality.) Personally I've been leaning more to Marvel because they aren't shy at all about introducing new characters (movies are a different matter Heimdall *cough* Human Torch *cough cough*) My favorite character right now is Blue Marvel, but I know it will be long time before he gets a live action counterpart sadly. Hopefully the movie producers and directors will follow suite with their source material. Allow more comic characters of different colors on the big screen. I hate to say it but look at the Avengers and the new Justice League movie doesnt seem like it will be any better unless its the new 52 version they are doing.

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You know i hate how stupid they make people in comics. I mean if Dick Grayson was revealed to be a superhero/vigilante. You would have to wonder who trained him and look in his background. Hey wasn't Nightwing originally Robin and partnered with Batman. I would be putting two an two together. Basically if Dick's identity is revealed it should be that much easier to figure out who Batman is but nooooooooooo

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I am personally loving this event. I have been longing for more content on evil counterparts (that aren't mentally challenged) to heroes since I saw Justice League: Crisis of Two Earths. It is interesting to see how the regular rogues are responding to the Crime Syndicate. You get to see the hardcore killers separated from the misguided individuals. Weather Wizard, Mirror Master, Trickster, and Heat Wave have promise in my eyes. I hope to see more of that group during this story. Naturally I am turned off by how its all up to Batman and insert background characters to save the day. I was pissed with Atomica's betrayal and hoped she would be a key figure in saving the day. The Justice League does need more pivotal females in the group besides Wonder Woman who is the only female that really stands out. Anyway I can't wait to see where this is going. Its like a fight to rule the world in my eyes. Also wonder if some of the lesser villains might turn good upon seeing what real evil tyranny is like. I know its not likely but stranger things have happened.

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Spectacular Spiderman was canceled so disney could pump out Ultimate Spiderman

Avengers Earth's Mightest Heroes was canceled for Avengers Assemble

Now Clone Wars is ending so Star Wars: Rebels can take its place.

I don't know about anyone else, but this is getting a little annoying. So far the rebooted shows are not as interesting as the shows they replace. The only saving grace is the same studio appears to be involved and Greg Weisman is being brought into the loop. Plus I am also hoping for the return of Star Killer's clone. It will also be interesting if Ahsoka is brought back, will she try to encounter Darth Vader upon learning he's Anakin.

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I was hoping for some unknown person. Its going to be like Robert Downy Jr. as Ironman. Ben Affleck is going to want more screen time since he's more well known than Henry Cavill ast this point. I always thought Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf would be a decent Batman/Bruce Wayne. http://24.media.tumblr.com/c278bf665fbc59d5343891dc582a1da0/tumblr_mskhc5EhsX1rzeofqo2_1280.jpg

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Yeah kill Black Widow so they can make room for Scarlet Witch or Ms. Marvel....(really hoping for Ms. Marvel)

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They should introduce Lex Luthor in the 2nd one but make Brainiac the main villain. Lex could take up the first hour of the movie before Brainiac finds his way to earth for the 2nd hour, and naturally Lex will try to strike a deal with him. It would be awesome to see the Brainiac/Lex fusion used in Justice League Unlimited.

Doomsday should be saved for the beginning of the Justice League movie to critically injure Superman and Darkseid could be the main villain. It would be perfect as Darkseid would capitalize on Superman being in a coma from fighting Doomsday and attack Earth with the army of Apokolips

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@k4tzm4n said:

  • Why did you love the show?
  • What was your favorite episode?
  • Who was your favorite character?
  • What was your favorite scene?
  • What was your favorite fight?
  • What was your favorite line?
  • What was your favorite joke?

For just this moment, try not to be sad the shows are gone. Instead, be happy they happened.

Gregg Katzman is a freelance writer for Comic Vine and IGN Entertainment. He wants to live in an alternate universe where GL:TAS action figures were made and the show was renewed for a second season.

I loved both shows because they focused on a large group of characters from the comics. Green Lantern touched on other corps and shined like on less popular characters. Young Justice did the same thing with having a variety of characters. Young Justice also had backstory with characters that led to future developments like with Garth aka Beastboy.

my favorite episode for Green Lantern was when they were stranded on Mogo. Young Justice I like the episode where the worlds were split from adults and children where Captain Marvel was essential.

favorite character was Captain Marvel and Kilowog

favorite fight was Young Justice Vs Justice League and Hal vs Atrocitus

can't think of a favorite line and joke

Im really going to miss both these shows. It was a perfect blend of action and comedy. That is rare in cartoons these days. I also like the storyline format as opposed to random episodes that aren't connected. I don't get why Cartoon Network seems intent to get rid of quality shows in favor of cheap laughs and fan favorite characters. Batman is played out with me. I am tired of seeing Batman shows, especially after seeing characters like Captain Marvel, Icon, and others animated. I liked Teen Titans years ago because it knew how to blend action and comedy as well. Now they're bringing it back as a sole comedy. I don't think i will be watching it.

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1) Destroy all kryptonite on earth, it gives off a certain radiation. I can heat vision it from a long range and do the same for idle chunks of kryptonite floating in space. (Not wearing some hot lead suit everywhere I go)

2) Since Im faster than a speeding bullet I would become a track star as my civilian career. And slowly dominate all other fields to gain favoritism from people.

3)Go to a woman's soccer team and use X-ray vision on them while they practice. (Would go to Themiscyra but Wonder Woman would try to kill me)

4)I'd use the fortress of solitude as a prison for my rogue gallery with superman robots as guards (so they can see my pretty face everyday for trying to kill me)

5)I'd discretely disarm all the nukes in the world while they are still in their missile silo. That way countries still think they have them and won't be quick to go to war.

6)I'd force all soldiers and terrorist to stop fighting. And put all the leaders giving order on the battlefield since they want minions killing each other so bad.

7)Push the world of Apokolips into the nearest star

8)Stop petty crime when I'm in the mood

9)Get drunk at a bar as a civilian and fly around the building saying the alcohol gave me flight powers and people should try it. Then laugh as drunk people jump up expecting to fly just to fall on their faces.

10)Cause a tornado at the home of every ex-girlfriend except one

11)Bring a toilet to the side of a plane and go there right on one of the wings

12)Use super voice to make it seem like the president is farting at every conference addressing the country

13)Go to every drug house to shut them down so I can steal their products for myself and dance away ganam style

14)falcon punch justin beiber while dressed as batman

15)flirt with Alicia Keys

16)Carve 'Money grows on tree here' on saturn to mess with astronomers that star gaze

17)Draw moustaches on all the faces of the 'Source Wall'

18)Grow my hair out, put on a robe then go walk on water in Jerusalem, then let myself fall in the water and appear to drown after enough people gather around

19)Gather a bunch of birds and lead them into the batcave after batman gets through washing the batmobile

20)Go bathing in the sun to super charge my powers at the end of every day