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@billy_batson: Cool? Yes. Silly? No. Comics present a story in the art style of its artist and are a direct collaboration between art and literature. This graphic style of storytelling which has depth, intellectual meaning, with a philosophical edge appeals to many people. I will say this again, Comics have proved they can be MORE than that. If you limit your mind to just that way of thinking, how can you possibly think past that barrier.

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You guys are missing the point, for this person in general, If he thinks Comic characters in general are absurd people in tights, then I really question If he is a fan or not. Tell me when did comics have to be stuck to one formula of movie making to be good?

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Today I was scrolling through a IGN article about DC & Marvel, usually there are always Fanboy wars over anything particular on IGN. But this one debate caught my eye, one DC fan stated that he does not enjoy Marvel movies as well as DC, because of the poor depth, overly flashy action & kiddy comedy. He feels DC is more adult oriented. This is what the Marvel fan replied him with.

"Wouldn't say DC is more for adults, just takes itself too seriously. Marvel knows superheroes are absurd and has more fun with it. Don't always need real stuff hitting you hard when you're watching a movie about dudes in tights"

I was thinking to myself how can you even label yourself as a Fan after a statement like that? Comics have proved they can be more than just the hero saving the day. But it got me thinking how far some people go to like something.

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It was "ok", but not one of DC's best. I'm a huge Superman fan, and aside from him outclassing Batman in that little duel, his character could have dwelled deeper, he came off as a bully, very arrogant, & inconsiderate. Basically his character was WAY off, not even on point. I hated his romance with WW, Superman's lover is Lois Lane, she is who he saves all the time & is pretty much a big part of his universe. Why redirect that into a meaningless WW fling? Batman, was Batman. Had to get adjusted to his voice, but other than that I enjoyed his 'bromance' with Hal. I didn't find GL as annoying as other's did, infact I enjoyed his jokes, he was comedic relief, but maybe that's just me. Wonder Woman's voice just wasn't right, and she came off as a dumb, fight lovin bimbo, who had nothing smart or interesting to say other than swinging her sword all over the place. Captain Marvel or Shazam was too childish for someone who was suppose to have the wisdom of Solomon, I could have delt with alot less "she digs me" lines. Flash was great, I loved how they intergrated his smarts into his character (referencing how he avoided Darkseid's omega beams), instead of just being the league clown. Last but not least is Cyborg, I felt he had the most depth out of all characters, and fit in quite well with the league, alot better than I thought. I did not like this version of Darksied (or Hulkseid) at all. He had none of the qualities that made him Darkseid. he was just a raging Brute. Darkseid is a devious, relentless conqueror with a twisted philosophical edge. This Darkseid was only good for smashing through builds yelling "I will destroy you." Aside from that, the movie had nice action and animation, and I don't have to see it a second time. When it was over, I was thinking thank god all DC animated films are in different universes.

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They are in character, both retain full powers and feats shown from the movie(s), also Zod is adjusted to Earth's atmosphere. Battle takes place in the desert canyons of New Mexico. Who comes out on top?

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Overall the tone of DC animations fits that of a mature audience, nothing too childish. Art production is that of a higher grate, voice acting is good, superb writing and dialogue, character development relating to certain situations is great, not to mention DC has more constancy with rolling them out.

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@ImTheDamnBatman: I know I'm late in this. But Thor thrashes WW. Since you guys were on the topic of speed. Here is something to chew on. Thor is pretty fast.

Plus he has alot of other feats to his disposal, to stomp WW.

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No holds barred. Demon King vs Demon King, who takes the crown?

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Please excuse me If I sound noobish, I'm new here.

My friend and I are having a debate about Thor vs Iron Man (movie version's) My argument is that Thor could create a Tornado sucking Iron Man in, putting pressure on his lungs and possibly knock him out. His says Iron Man can out perform most top-notch airforce jets, escape out the tornado. Plus last under water with limited air supplies.

So my question is, the strongest recorded Tornado is 300 mph, going off of worldly feats. Since Thor can control base elements, couldn't he create one even stronger? I know the one is his movie was not that strong according to some, but I also feel that the movie wasn't a true testament to his powers. Also, If Iron Man could escape a 300 mph+ Tornado unscathed, how and why?