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Even with preparation time, Doctor Doom would be at a loss against Sise-Neg. For one thing, his magic power would be immediately drained. Secondly, that prep time could not help him against someone infinitely more powerful and with much wider capabilities at his disposal.

The instance of Beyonder getting his power drained by Doctor Doom with prep time is often brought up, but it is usually not understood correctly. Beyonder was defeated by a prepped Doctor Doom in a reality where Beyonder himself subconsciously gave everyone anything they desired. Additionally, the concept of Death itself was skewed so that all the inhabitants in that reality were particularly hard to kill.

Doctor Doom in that reality wanted Beyonder's power more than the Beyonder wanted his own power, which is what enabled Doom to absorb them. There is also the plot that stipulated that Beyonder had to be limited - lose his power - so that he may become curious about the feeling of desire - wanting his power returned to him - in his weakened state, which paved the way for Beyonder's visitation in Secret Wars II, which was a quest for Beyonder to understand desire.

So... Beyonder gave everybody the power to make their desires turn to reality. Even when Beyonder returned back to his Beyond realm, his leftover power was still turning everyone's desires into reality.

Here's an example of Captain America controlling atoms just by his will alone due to Beyonder.

So the reason Doom was able to take Beyonder's power was simply because he wanted them, meaning anyone that wanted Beyonder's powers could have taken them. We even see Captain America turning into a manipulator of matter all just because he wanted his shield back.

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The Backstreet Boys are actually fantastic vocalists and made some pretty great music. Their Millennium album is a total classic. They still make albums these days and play live. I plan to see them if they do a show nearby.

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@Aiden Cross said:

I keep the 'Indian Love Call' on my MP3 player at all time, just in case.

(points for who got the reference).

Slim Whitman is a hero. Without him we'd surely be doomed from the Martian invasion :-0

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@JediXMan:Yeah I kept hitting the walls and wouldn't even make it in the top 5 during races, but it was kind of like playing in an arcade which I already miss - they all went out of business where I'm located and I imagine it's the same in a lot of places.

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@JediXMan:I should give it a try then. I think the only wii game I played was that newer Mario Kart, but it was at a friend's house and he had one of those wii steering wheels for the racing games. That was actually kind of neat.

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@wario1988 said:

Ya i know his team is struggling right now, but Kobe is the greatest and yes he beats MJ he beats LJ he beats who ever played in nba ever!

Kobe and his team will make the playoffs and i hope the Lakers will win it all!

I think he has yet to show that he is on Michael Jordan's level.

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@JediXMan: Haha, the PS Move as well as the Kinect (and even the wii) never really seemed appealing. I don't want to exercise when I play a console game, I want to relax. If I'm moving I'd rather go outside and play basketball or something.

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I have a feeling the case has been discussed extensively in a prior topic. But I'll just say that I'm thankful that we have a system of justice like we do in the USA, because if it were up to public opinion this guy could possibly have been unfairly imprisoned due to the way the media fabricated aspects of the situation (like NBC editing Zimmerman's conversation with the cop to make it seem like he said 'he looks black' out of nowhere whereas the unedited version shows that Zimmerman was responding to the question of what the guy's ethnicity was). Then again, Zimmerman did follow Martin when he was advised not to and the whole situation could have been avoided. There are so many things to consider that I cannot say for certain whether the fault was mainly Zimmerman's or Martin's. I do think, however, that Zimmerman did not kill Martin out of 'racism' as some would want you to think.

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What I like about the PS4 is the ability to play games you purchase as they are downloading and not having to wait for a long install to complete. I'm not all that interested in playing games in a cloud though. The cameras being included also worry me.

1984 anyone?

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A good battle. I'll give the edge to Team 1, however.