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@SC:You sir are right on this whole post, Rogue is a complex character and her powers reflect that. 80's Rogue had the power to topple buildings but she was still humble enough to put on the kid gloves with her enemies. With her Ms. Marvel power gone she sort of faded in and out of the X-Men and when appearing she was just their to state her history and regrets basically as someone stated a dull character. Now with her power under control she's just as good but she has some of the better qualities of the recent incarnations namely her humbleness of power (because honestly whats stopping her from snatching everyone's power and running off with the avengers) and her been there done that attitude that's being put to better use with the students.

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: To be fair They only took up a lot of space because they already had two games that were mixed together in MVC2. I also don't think Capcom gave a damn about slots because Nitsuma had already stated Juggernaut was in the final stages of development when they went to go take the roster Marvel who said no because he wasn't irrelevant to any storylines that would get money, and gave us the utter bull-crap that was Taskmaster, because you know he's been a Marvel villain front runner for decades now.

To answer the question at hand yes, Rogue was Japan's favorite character because of the power drain and her easy to pick up combos, she would have been guaranteed in had she not lost the Ms. Marvel powers. On another note having Ms. Marvel in Lew of Rogue would not be the same, Rogue was a rush-down character who couldn't fly and would probably be given a better power drain aspect (Probably H&H Cards type effects) while Ms. Marvel would have been a keep away zoning character with her beam attacks and given a defensive super where she absorbs damage and counters.

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But what kind of sense does that make it doesn't respect the characters source or writing style its just saying hey Jean hasn't done anything in a while might as well kill her.

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@BlackArmor: Honestly are you reading the posts or running straight to the comments?

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Let me start off by saying to those who want Jean to stay dead really I mean seriously what actual reason can you come up with for Jean to stay dead other than continuity reasons or some lame marvel treats death like a revolving door comic snob response. I know I keep bringing it up but there are Jean Grey fans around here (you're posting on there turf) and they want to see there favorite character in comic as much as you would want yours even if they were dead, frankly if Jean doesn't come back it would be senseless because she is the phoenix that's like a wolf character not being rabid. This is a comic and like a comic things will change they will always change just like when Jean comes back whose to say she's going to come back and things are going to go back to the way the were no my fellow nerds were far past getting the same ol' same ol' back and she's going to evolve into a role just as every other character has. Yes she probably will have a phoenix death but it only will reflect the writers lack of idea on what to do with the character which brings me to the point of OP's post will Jean get retconned, I highly doubt it Jean Grey's story is too set in the marvel universe so retconning it any further than her time in the white hot room and any other Phoenix nonsense that went unanswered will really have me asking how dumb marvel thinks we are.

TL/DR: Jean haters go away, Jean grey enthusiasts never fear your Phoenix is near.

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@coolbeans:I agree, I just don't see Falcon as salvageable as Luke Cage was. The only way I could see anybody take him seriously would be if he took over Cap's mantle, get better powers, or see him take down (or at least wear down) Thor, Hulk, Thing or Juggernaut 1-on-1 then maybe, but until then he won't be anymore cooler then Ken the Eagle for more on that reference seek Tatsunoko V.s Capcom and play as him...

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As I've stated before when Jean comes back the Phoenix should be expunged from her record. I want Jean Grey to return and it's obvious Marvel does too by how they're always throwing her into the media (Clothes, Games, Merchandise) but if there going to utilize her for her old team Phoenix needs to be a finite entity. Jean Grey is the first X-Woman and she needs to show this just as much as Sue shows her cred or how Scarlet Witch has shown or reason for being one of the female avenger lieutenants. All the Phoenix has done for her is how much of a crutch she uses out of the Phoenix. Jean's return should be done subtle yet exciting and the story-lines that follow should be; her adapting to the changes in the marvel universe, mending bridges with the X-Men, and joining a team (I nominate her for New Avengers she just seems right for that team) and sitting down somewhere. I also should add that once she comes back they should put at least a five year hold on her before they try and start killing her once she's up for grabs it's like open season on Phoenix (it actually mirrors her game-play style in MVC3 if you put her in the front of the team. Jean Grey Public enemy #1)

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@lorex: Exactly i don't know what it is but it's like Fox goes deliberately out of it's way to screw up the storyline either that or their paid lackey. I felt First Class was cool action-wise (which is why most moviegoers loved it) but continuity and character wise it's utter crap. I also agree Civil war was trying to be painted as this deep storyline but it was the X-Men's entire lives rehashed (In an Ironic twist they were pushed to the neutral standpoint) with a promise of Captain American and Ironman duking it out at the center, seriously did anyone at Marvel not notice this. I don't think Marvel would put someone in the Fox corp and sabotage the movie because they wouldn't risk losing money over a contract lawsuit, but i suggest getting there money together (preferably from the sales of The Avengers movie) and hire a junkyard lawyer to destroy the contract.

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@SuperAquaMan:This is very much true after X-Men Last Stand came out there was already talk of a Magneto origin's movie and like many they questioned how it could work with the first film filling in most of the blanks so they said how about we just add other mutants in and put the most emphasis on Magneto's journey to becoming a villain.

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The way Heroes burned threw money on pointless Special Effects I don't see why Fox can't make some use out of the X-Men movies money and try to keep that contract all the while trying to stay true to the source. Like someone stated make a New X-Men, X-23 being the main character of course because anything Wolverine sells and have the original X-Men make cameo appearances not really doing too much Jubilee being their Mentor and for each season finale they go all out with a full battle scenario. All I can say is stow the full out romantic crap and play it coy for the love interest I don't know what is with Fox and CW's need for romance as their go to plot-lines but honestly it's getting old. And If all else fails go back to animation just don't try to be gimmicky (Weird 3D CGI, Team member's name getting top billing over team, wacky antics) The Avengers and Young Justice pulled it off X-Men could probably do better.