Are writers these days selfish

So I pick up the recent Teen Titans trade, and after being on the edge of my seat from the reveal of my new favorite titans being lost at sea I run here to learn of the fate of the two girls (I found no answers so I went to wikipedia...). I found out the two girls have been thrown off the team due to "inexperience" I was and still am appauled by this, how can someone just up and write off someone's hard work. I liked what Henderson had done to the series aside from the cheesy dialogue and the Conner and Cassie thing. Then I asked myself are new writers (specifically to new series) selfish? I know they're trying to envision the book they wanted but when you come in and start changing things to your liking and when those changes have to deal with messing up important set-ups or just outright changing things before leaving for the

Pictured Left: J.T Krul

hell of it, just seems like the writers are being class A jerks.  

One writer that comes to mind is Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-men now don't jump down my throat but what he did to Kitty before leaving seemed like a brat who takes a ball and pops when they up and lose their turn. It's just like here with J.T Krul after all these things Henderson had hoped someone would pick up and run with (This being her first stint into Comic writing), Krul just up and says "oh yeah that was cute now step aside let the men handle this" as he knocks off her hard work off the table with issue 88's statement "I kicked them off because they were inexperienced". So your telling me Krul after 30+ issues combined they're not good enough I call nuttyfudgekins you might as well put an editors note saying "I basically couldn't stand them so nyah nyah---the writer". Although for all these problems I'm not saying some good things haven't appeared from it. One example being from the controversial issues of Grant Morrisons X-Men, In which because of the death of Colossus he couldn't use him so he opted for secondary evolving Emma Frost with the her diamond. Granted it did bring about that dreadful Kitty Cat Beast evolution but hey at least he worked with what he got and didn't just up and screw over character back...ok nevermind but you know where I'm going.


 It seems these days writers are feeling more inclined or privileged to just up and change whatever don't see fit just because of who they are and that's awful. Even with Uncanny during the terror of Fraction and his faithful sidekick chimpsy aka Pixie or Greg Lands they went and changed the status quo and story elements. (Status quo wise by completely disbanding the team and only setting up a bunch of stock wallpaper characters Storm, Colossus, Angel, etc. to fight whenever needed, and story element wise by making everyone one note sarcastic spewing wannabe hipsters all while to the tune of upcoming events that boast about changing everything when actuality just changing how the crap comes out!) So what do you think is it just me or do you feel the same way?

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Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

I think you aren't looking backward enough. All writers at some point make a change or a story that is unique to them and effect the characters long after.  Some people won't like the changes, but without it everything would become horribly stale and stories would never progress.

Take Dick Grayson, for example. I'm sure many writers still had lots of stories they wanted to tell with him still as Robin, and even more fans probably hated the new direction, but because of Wolfram's own "selfishness" he brought the character to something it never could be had he stayed Robin.  And so many stories and new characters came from it.

You might like Emma's secondary mutation (I'm quite fond of it too) but there are planty of fans who still insist it doesn't make sense for her character and her power set. And tho you don't like Beast's current cat form, many Fans of the character (myself at the top of the list) really enjoyed Hanks cat features being brought further.

I can definately sympathize with you for your favorite characters being removed from the title, but I wouldn't blame Krul.  It was Hendersen, who had them lost at sea and it was her who decided to have Cassie hook up with Conner one last time instead of sending the team out to find them.  Hendersen also pulled Miss Martian out of the action by almost breaking her at the end of the last arch.  Not to mention all the character damage she did to Cassie, Gar and Raven.

Unfortunately, Krul couldn't pretend that all of Hendersen's run didn't happen, but he did the best he could by tieing up all the loose ends she left about.  It dose suck that Aquagirl and Bombshell had to leave for now, but from that void other equally deserving characters (new or pre-existing) can come about.  If anyone is really to blame, I'd blame the uppers at DC for not having places for the lesser appreciated characters to go while Bats, Supers and Lanterns have half a dozen titles a peice.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

writers are every bit as selfish as the fans. writers cant please everyone, and sometimes stupid shit has to happen in order to move the character and or team forward
Edited by A-Strondinaire

This is true but my complaint is with how the writer makes these changes (Not saying it's written in stone its after all a comic) and other writers just come in and changes it as fast as they publish it.


For Henderson she wanted to do something with the search for these characters (basically creating a bond between the two which kills the tension the they had the whole series) most writers leave these dangling plot holes for other writers to work out and Krul just bumps it for the "good old days". This goes back to my point about writers just changing things just for the sake of change, which is pretty slimy especially how it was done as stated Cassie had kicked them off because of their inexperience Aquagirl I might be able to believe, but Bombshell was a Titan before her and not to mention not to long ago Cassie herself said that she's earned her position. Also lets not forget that Bombshell was there under direct orders from the military to stay low after her attempted assassination so her getting kicked off created another plot hole, because writers aren't even attempting to read the previous writers bible, notes, or even the story they're just saying "screw it this is what i want to do to get noticed so I can write Batman" there is no logic behind the change. 


As for Emma's I rarely come across a fan who didn't like Emma's diamond form while Beast's cat form I hear alot of hate, but these changes came off as something that could be written off as change with motive Morrison wanted to show the reader hey being a mutant is cool and that Mutants are taking over but without taking too much away from the main mutants so he mutates some to make them stand out.


Posted by kingoftheworld

Amen brother.
Posted by Doctor Damn

I haven't paid attention to Teen Titans...who did he kick off the team?

And I expect writers to tell the story they want with the roster they want. I know from a personal standpoint I wouldn't want to be offered a team book or want to write a team book and have to be forced to write someone I have no inspiration to write.

This actually reminds of Grant Morrison [someone you mentioned in your opening post]. Before his run on Doom Patrol DC offered him the book, it was Grant Morrison's decision to have most of the Doom Patrol either killed off or seriously injured in the run before his because he didn't really feel like writing them. At the same time he began introducing characters of his own such as Crazy Jane and Mr. Nobody. All of this was done in a way which if anybody actually bothered to care about those characters that they'd be upset, but it was the Doom Patrol and no one gave a crap and he went on to write the definitive run of the entire's team history.

Do I personally think what he did was a horrible thing? No. But when compared to what J.T. Krul did--which was remove those characters from the team it's nothing. Because Grant Morrison's solution to not wanting to write them was very much permanent whereas there's still potential for whoever to be written in another book or in another run on Teen Titans. 

I'd rather have a writer be selfish and tell the story he wants with the characters he wants than have him write someone he has no vision for. Because that can lead to a number of things such as killing the character off in an arc because they're expendable in that writer's eyes, butchering their character or taking that character in a direction that's completely wrong for them.
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

I don't think they're selfish, a lot of them are just incompetent.

Posted by Jake Fury

I think that most writers just want their own spin on the characters they're using.
Posted by brc2000

This has been happening for decades now. I'm sure there are people who didn't care for FH's take on the Teen Titans either.

Posted by A-Strondinaire

@Doctor Damn:
They had kicked off Bombshell and Aquagirl But i completely understand your point if I was given a team of ex World War II heroes (Heroes that tried to capture the same thunder of Captain America) I wouldn't really want to write it either and probably would do what the hell I wanted which is most of the fun of writers changing. Although if you had given me the same team and had told me the previous writer had a recently revived wife that needed to be dealt with (the how, why, and the effects of it on said character) I would think it's the job as a writer to give fans this kind of closure done in a respectable manner not just oh this is what happened recently.


As far as the Henderson's it really doesn't matter about the run just the outcomes of the run.

Posted by Squares

Well, isn't everyone? It sounds a bit catty, I know, but it's a bit of a hard question to answer properly.
First off, writers are (or at least usually are) people with (hopefully new) ideas- a vision, if you will. Like a painter envisions what he's about to paint, a writer has this concept of what they intend to create. One of the greatest things about the world of comics, in my opinion, is the fact that there's so many different people with so many different ideas all end up getting to leave their mark on an already established topic (like a character, or team), allowing for new takes on old themes. However, it also means that, inevitably, at some point someone's ideas are going to end up conflicting with that of another, and this can result in those last-minute retcons we all know and love (Like Morrison's idea to make Wolverine Weapon 10, or the people at Marvels' decision to retcon Magneto marching people into ovens by saying Xorn did it). But look at it this way- changes to a series one is already comfortable with can be exciting as well as frustrating. And for what it's worth, it could be worse- one staple of mediocre writing is to introduce a lot of underdeveloped characters all at once, with little explanation, in order to avoid depicting a pre-existing character improperly. That's just kind of lazy.