X-Men not the cash cow it once was.

The Only X-Men cast we want

I recently visited CBR and noticed a forum that included a podcast by Rob Liefeld. In the podcast it explains that thanks to Fox X-Men can't get it's recognition it once had in back in the 90's. The podcast explains that because of the botched contract Fox made with Marvel, The X-men are basically the adopted child looking for their parents. In the contract it states that Marvel has no Intellectual property over the X-Men Movies; Hence the outrageous storyline and characterization that was First Class. It also states that Marvel only gets 5-10% revenue from any of the X-Men movies which is another strike against the deal.

So in a word Marvel is screwed on any piece of the X-Men franchise out of it's own comic. And because Fox has to make at least a movie every two year will have to be prepared for more rushed out crap not sticking to the material. So this brings us to Marvel the House of Ideas, they're in a rut because their Children of the Atom are all but lost to the clutches of 20th century so they go to there other not so big but a cash cow nonetheless The Avengers; the big new Movie were spending four to twenty dollars on events (or those who bought MVC3 and then screwed over with Ultimate) to fund yes since this is all under Marvel's movie studio they get it all. So like any good businessmen and their ventures they back the hell out of it which is why there are two avenger and an iron man cartoon why Hawkeye is in a fighting game over Juggernaut, Psylocke, or Black panther (you know because he was too much like Taskmaster...yes they actually said that) and why there's so many Avenger titles out. Now don't start running to the comments and calling me some X-Fan boy here to bash on The Avengers no, there are so many X-Titles because as stated earlier Marvel can't get enough out of X-Men like they want so what better way to get back what you put in by pushing out more, now don't quote me on that it's just theory of mine.

Well at least Sony is having a better time...

So this brings me to the final point on why Fox is evil, because it has kept the franchise and it looks like there's no sight of it letting loose it's grip, Marvel really doesn't want to consider anything new to the X-men now I'm not sure if Liefeld meant this Movie-wise or Comic-wise either way were going to have to settle in to the continued ridiculousness that is the current X-Men meaning no new mutants, Big bads being thrown here or there and not where they need to be (in big events or at least long drawn out story-arcs dammit) to sell issues, and worst of all X-Movies not making a lick of sense to comic continuity. So to conclude the Children of The Atom are going to be pushed to the side for Earth's Mightiest for awhile.


The Schism so far....

Needs to be filled and never brought up again I sat and read the story arc and found myself disgusted, confused, and more or less disturbed at how much i wanted the little bastards to die. I'm sorry but this seems like a long way to say Wolverine Good Scott Bad which has been said for so long. It basically plays like this; Surgeon General:Hey everyone you know cigarettes are bad for you Everyone: Yeah I heard about that but do you see how cool I am smoking it... (5 years later) my mothers been diagnosed with cancer from prolonged cigarette use, OMG cigarettes are dangerous did you know this, we have to tell everyone with a nationwide stance to america.( And that's how the TRUTH campaign was formed and basically were the hispter lemmings following them by doing stupid awkward stunts to raise awareness and take the problem to the company that makes them not the government that taxes them for new highways,). Only here there are geeky lemmings who feel the need to blindly forget everything they've already known about Scott and been told the same thing but instead throwing money at another unnecessary X-Event where you've seen it anyway your just paying for extra fluff and uh-oh I hear talk of another death in the family! I'm so glad I don't buy these things, but borrow them from a friend who is just a skeptical about how things (aside from another book) will change big time I wish they would spare us and if not you, me.

Her fight could have ended just as quick with those brats

I just don't get why X writers feel the need to go all out about just adding another book by doing a full five book spawned event that will have no meaning past the next issue where nothing will get mentioned aside from how it started and how it's changed feelings on character. So anyway by the second issue I have a I smell sh*t face on my mug at how little Wilhelmina is in a good need of a quick jump in boiling acid full of acid armored anal rupturing spiders, while the European kid (forgot his name I think it was Henry) could stand to use a couple of swift nut shots followed by a Johnny Cage uppercut I am so sorry for the coarse language folks but these children are really bastards they don't come off "Oh awesome kids with bad-ass written on there knuckles" these are brats not even worth the

New X-Men's time and by just having the muscled X-Men being taken out by them (especially Namor and Magneto) is something of a Fanfic's paradise and no amount of "Well the boy did read up on all of them" "The girl was a karate master all her life" will excuse this injustice I don't care how bad ass you need to set out to make someone the number one rules is to never Frick with the original and to even have Emma laid out by that beautiful mind psycopathic little girl is just asinine and unbelievable. But my opinion isn't all bad the thought put into the overarching plot of Mutants being feared and hated again could speak volumes about the future. I especially love Iran's malfunctioning Sentinel (parallels to our own world HA! the comic thinks he's people). So thats my opinion so far the issues even feel like a tired Uncanny X-men plot device arc; Big threat A shows up and does something bad, Big Threat B shows up and X-Men go into action until Big Threat A gets bold and goes into action, Big Threat B gets wrapped up in a little bow while Big Threat Attacks the X-Men. Only this time its chock-full of Unecessary (Or could have been filled in the awful anthology) Melodrama! I have two words for the Schism!


Are writers these days selfish

So I pick up the recent Teen Titans trade, and after being on the edge of my seat from the reveal of my new favorite titans being lost at sea I run here to learn of the fate of the two girls (I found no answers so I went to wikipedia...). I found out the two girls have been thrown off the team due to "inexperience" I was and still am appauled by this, how can someone just up and write off someone's hard work. I liked what Henderson had done to the series aside from the cheesy dialogue and the Conner and Cassie thing. Then I asked myself are new writers (specifically to new series) selfish? I know they're trying to envision the book they wanted but when you come in and start changing things to your liking and when those changes have to deal with messing up important set-ups or just outright changing things before leaving for the

Pictured Left: J.T Krul

hell of it, just seems like the writers are being class A jerks.  

One writer that comes to mind is Joss Whedon's run on Astonishing X-men now don't jump down my throat but what he did to Kitty before leaving seemed like a brat who takes a ball and pops when they up and lose their turn. It's just like here with J.T Krul after all these things Henderson had hoped someone would pick up and run with (This being her first stint into Comic writing), Krul just up and says "oh yeah that was cute now step aside let the men handle this" as he knocks off her hard work off the table with issue 88's statement "I kicked them off because they were inexperienced". So your telling me Krul after 30+ issues combined they're not good enough I call nuttyfudgekins you might as well put an editors note saying "I basically couldn't stand them so nyah nyah---the writer". Although for all these problems I'm not saying some good things haven't appeared from it. One example being from the controversial issues of Grant Morrisons X-Men, In which because of the death of Colossus he couldn't use him so he opted for secondary evolving Emma Frost with the her diamond. Granted it did bring about that dreadful Kitty Cat Beast evolution but hey at least he worked with what he got and didn't just up and screw over character back...ok nevermind but you know where I'm going.


 It seems these days writers are feeling more inclined or privileged to just up and change whatever don't see fit just because of who they are and that's awful. Even with Uncanny during the terror of Fraction and his faithful sidekick chimpsy aka Pixie or Greg Lands they went and changed the status quo and story elements. (Status quo wise by completely disbanding the team and only setting up a bunch of stock wallpaper characters Storm, Colossus, Angel, etc. to fight whenever needed, and story element wise by making everyone one note sarcastic spewing wannabe hipsters all while to the tune of upcoming events that boast about changing everything when actuality just changing how the crap comes out!) So what do you think is it just me or do you feel the same way?


X-23 More like Wolverine then we realize


X-23 how I'm to soon to grow tired of you let me count the ways.

Ah X-23 a tragic hero from an amazing X-Cartoon . Yes my rant today is at dear X-23 the poor Wolverine clone who was robbed at childhood because like Marvel Weapon X wanted to see more of the insufferable Wolverine. Well for those of you who don't know the gaming world will be apart of X-23's introduction into Video games MVC3 (The luster is lost on me so I'm not going to go into too many details about that). No my beef is with X-23's inclusion over more eligible X-Men, now don't jump down my throat yet hear me out X-23 was an awesome idea but it would've been even greater had she been downloadable content. I say this because characters like her (read clone) should not be too focused unless it's crucial to the story, the capcom VS series having no main story  so you see where I'm going here.          


Now I'm not going to sit here listing characters who would have been better additions thats your job as the commentators, but now I learn she'll be in an episode of the avengers alongside her double daddy! It's becoming rather apparent to me that our dear Laura is being pimped off to any appearance where Wolverine will be or just the fact of who she is. This is not a a good way to flesh out a character any new comic reader or capcom fan-boy will see X-23 and say "oh so she's Wolverine's female clone cool wheres Wolverine?" So where will new fans look for her outside of her solo comic where she still emo about her killer background? Now don't get me wrong X-23 is one of my favorites out of the new x-men (Anybody who can blind my vision of the hex pixie I'm all for it) its just bugs me that she's getting this undeserved attention just because who she is. Wolverine I'll let slide to a point about this because his uppance will come but I say this because X-23 has potential and slinging her in a game as big as MVC3 is just squandering it. I'm forced to bad mouth a good character because Marvel's idea of "more appearances is good" puts her in a negative light. Well i have to tend to a 3 day old psp while i'm out give me your thoughts.

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Mystique; what are her overall motives?

A mother can dream
Well I'm back after a long hiatus mainly from lack of ideas but I'm back for how long who knows. Well just as my title states my query is about Raven "Mystique" "Mystinky" Darkholmes and I'm questioning the things she's been doing ever since well since she took in Rogue maybe not even then maybe as far back as the Kurt Abandonment thing. It's like when ever Mystique is doing anything really outrageous or just nuts she claims its always for her family's benefit like she's doing them a favor by killing, poisoning, or just bullying anyone they come into contact. It's really annoying she remembers something Destiny said or wrote and she runs out there and tries to half-ass fix it, but then It's like Mystique do you ever stop think that all the problems and doom and gloom Destiny predicts you're the cause behind all of it I mean odds are thats how most future predictions work, unless you're from the future and then that's your cue to change it so unless you have access to a time machine you really should just sit down let what happens happen and do what you can.  
"Now..that I've learn to corrupt them at young ages"

All the lying and tricks you do just complicate things and then this whole thing and stalking Wolverine further constrews her character. Does the feral look turn her on enough for her to acutally stalk him in almost all his series and for that matter how did she get lumped in with Wolverine last I checked they're as much as acquaintaned as she is with Magneto (not very). And what really kills me about Mystique and all her dastardly deeds for unproven prophecies is when fans want answers she (and writers) finds that it's so easier just for her to keep saying I have my reasons and disappear into character limbo until another Marvel resident starts to act out of character or she finds potential in an X-Missions that can be plundered for her agenda. One things for sure Mystique still hasn't brought her reign of "you did its, your ideaology will never work and looks where it leads my son, or an occasional Rogue come back to me " so it's pretty clear this will give her an excuse to keep close to her Destiny-prophecy-fulfilled watch. Speaking of which it has been stated by one of the writers that she still hasn't forgot about Necrosha and with Selene not around for her to try and torture we could be looking at a Hellfire club revenge tatic, Emma and Shaw hired her and brought her in this crazy world of X they're just as responsible.

Women Of Comics in the movies


So I look around my room for ideas and I spy the only Marvel woman to get her own Movie of course I'm talking about Elektra. The Elektra movie was less than great.... ok it was half past terrible but it was great actress choice aside from her being brunette but the script was just awful the key, those weird reject villians, the desperate lesbian kiss it was just so awful. This failure got me to thinking could this really affect the entertainment departments decision on giving Comic Book Women their own movie? The question is reminscent of the Wonder Woman scandal if you didn't know Warner Brothers decided to pull back on giving money to DC for just any movie (I.E Women in the lead) all because of Wonder Woman's movie not doing so hot in sales so the proposed Batgirl The Killing Joke idea was scrapped. Will this soon happen after The Black Widow movie? Although Marvel is helming the movie who will actually take this seriously I say this because even Elektra was subjected to a objectifying lesbian kiss will Marvel stray from using cheap fan service tricks? 
Can anyone make a real comic movie for women A Ms. Marvel Movie against Mystique with A Rogue Cameo, A Vixen Movie before the Justice League, A Non Campy Huntress Movie with The other Birds of Prey? With Comic Movies Hollywood tends to try to make the movie better then it is and try to do something stunning or epic and just comes out crap like the Superman Returns thing where he has a son there was no need for that, just follow the script from when he came back after doomsday or any other time he left and thats what most of these movies need to do just follow the basic mythos or don't bother. So my request what is a good way to write comic women movies give me your ideas or even a pitch something that will give me hope for the future of comic movies either that or continue reliving the Horror that is




Falcon a public service announcement

Even his costume and poses look lame

Ah Falcon where do I begin ok how about the fact that your powers aren't that cool you'll never be as cool as any Avengers X-Men or even a random Shield agent for that matter and I don't know you personality-wise but from what i've seen you're a bore. I will respect him as the first African American superhero of marvel but I will absolutely not be happy about it. With no disrespect to the 6 Falcon fans I just have say this I despies Falcon, he is the poster child for affirmative action. It's just something about him that screams forced creation he's like scrappy doo he was good in theory but on paper he's just crap. I'm so sick of everyone pointing out he's African american so what? I'm all for black power but in his case I would rather start a racial draft (for more info see Dave Chapelle) I'm tired of people acting as if he's such a credit to the race he's not. 
Random Civilian: Uh wheres Spider-Man?

 Do you think with heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Hulk I would want to be a guy whose highest claim to fame is he talks to birds and has wings? no it is so lame, I know Superheroes are suppoused to be more amazing then humans but having wings and talking to a bird are less sought after to a crawling on walls or Super strength. I write this in response the Spider-Man/Donald Glover fiasco where they said there were other parts for him to play in the Marvel universe and everyone started suggesting Falcon. When I heard this I yelled no not even Falcon would want to play Falcon,  although I realized the boy could never pull off his own movie.  No self-respecting African American child would want to look up to that as a hero I know I didn't. The point of this rant is stop naming off Falcon as some african american comic messiah the boy is a token, even quit the team because he realized it.

Forever? Pointless endeavor



So I was reading a blog by Jordama and his rant about Images from the forever universe popping up in 616 and it got me to thinking as you know X-Men Forever is the spin-off of X-Men vol.2 after Asteroid M collapses and Cortez escapes written by the "great" Chris Claremont, it's like a timeline tangent or a glorified What-If comic. Now there are 2 other comics in the forever series X-Factor and New Mutants I really didn't follow either comic way back when so I can't comment too much on that all I know is it's being written by the series' former writers, in no way are either one connected to the other, and they are all where most of the writers left off. Now I've picked up 6 or 7 of X-Men Forever because it got interesting for a minute and I was looking for a 90's Rogue fix it would be on my next imaginary pull list then things got terrible, then great, then weird. My opinion of this book has rised and wained first its good to have stories of early X-Men caliber although Claremont's heavy handed writing is off putting and it's good for them to focus on most of the original team but so many fan favorites are written off (Psylocke's deported, Colossus is back in russia not sure if he stayed, and Jubilee is usually mentioned as off panel). Just think of the comic as The X-Men animated series just replace Wolverine with Nightcrawler and Jubilee with a spunkier and specific narrator Kitty. 
  Everytime I think of picking up I stop because it won't make any sense I always get the feeling it will be explained in the long run but it's just really hard to follow. From Jean sleeping with Beast, Scott and his secret family, the revealation that they would die from burnout of they're powers, to Rogue and Nightcrawlers powerswitch (which is where I left off) and so much else.This series is like he's trying so hard to seperate himself from his original story so he's throwing everything that he can in and knowing no one can call him on it. Ok this isn't a review of the series but an opinion why in the world did this series get made I know you want to relive the glory days but if you want to live so bad why'd you leave in the first place? it's like TV 101 he see's someone else enjoying the book more then he did so he wants it back and does it so arrogantly. Not to mention the way he's putting so many of his characters through these trials it's like dude what are you trying to tell us. In all I don't know what to think of this series what role does it play why pick it up; he doesn't bring in too many familiar faces, he's already stated these are the stories he wanted to tell but these stories seem so out there just to say this is "how i wanted the excalibur members to come back" or "this is what I really wanted to do with Psylocke". He's already stated he's not going back through his drafts of old X-Men stories so really is he just throwing things at the wall and seeing what outlandish thing sticks,  thats why I come to you the readers what do you think about this series or any of the Forever series for that matter, what do you get out of it, what keeps you going back or not liking it and before you answer hear this rumor: Early on during the Forever craze Chuck Austen was consdering writing an Uncanny X-Men forever...


Recent Marvel cartoon cancellations (should they come back)




So if you have heard or seen 2 of Marvel's recent actually good cartoon have been cancelled, Wolverine and the X-Men and the (not trying to start a riot but) highly overrated Spectacular Spider-Man now before I start this blog off let me defend my position on Spectacular Spider-Man. You know how when you go out to eat and your so hungry anything taste good and your like "man that was so good" and the next time you eat there it's gross, that's how I feel what people are doing with series the fans haven't had a Spider-Man show in so long so they'll take whatever they can get and then it's considered the best thing, but im sure when the next one comes out it will pale in comparison. I caught 2 or 3 of the episodes I believe they were entertaining but not something to put so high on a pedastool the art was sub-par, the voice acting not terrible, and the witty one liners bland at best and I'm not saying "oh the Fox version was so great" because I didn't like that one much either I especially hate the story format (too long and the way fox switched episode around to hard to follow). but I'm just now getting back into Spidey so with a new one I'll really pay close attention.     
Anyway there are petiton groups out there trying to bring them back; my 2 cents; Why? With the recent cancellations we probably will get the full Marvel cooperation to the show e.g. better Marvel shows heck even movie caliber quality! why would you want to go mess with a good thing Marvel finally gets we like epicness with our comic cartoons and with this they'll learn from it's flaws for example ; Wolverine and The X-Men, let's start with the name, last time I checked Wolverine is in the X-Men he's not a featured member who holds them all his own that's like saying Black Bolt and the Inhumans no BB is in the inhumans, when you say X-Men you'll always assume no, Know Wolverine is in the X-Men another problem it was on A lesser known Nick Channel that catered to boys while the main channel girled it up to the bank, I assume most probably had  it but I didn't for all it's entirety and I only caught it on special occasions when the cable network felt I deserved it. and when I finally did get it Nick up and cancels it and rarely showed it. One last thing was contiunity for the longest I thought this was a evolved X-Men Evolution which I didn't have a problem with but I just want one similar to the 90's Cartoon where it's an exact replica of the Comic, that's what we all really want a cartoon very based on the comic. And don't get me started on Iron Man Armored adventures that show just...anyway So we shouldn't look back at these cartoons or petition for their return we should hope for a better predecessor that is on a more hyped channel. Hopefully with The New Avengers Cartoon airing on CN they'll remember how Teen Titans and JL brought in the ratings.